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    I thought that I could maintain a list here of player profiles if people want to PM me their information. It would give newbies a sense of the community and let people like me who have only been around a short time be able to stop sending e-mails to my Pactmates asking "What's this guy like?"

    It might also encourage newbies to sign up with the basic info and start the game seeking process.

    If you have interest, and want to be listed, PM me with:

    (to be posted as name AT domain DOT com)

    PBEMing since:
    PBEM skill level: *
    Average Turn Rate:
    Interested in TCP/IP?
    Hours available:
    Favorite Faction:

    I'm open to suggestions of additional information to include, or anything at all.

    * (I need some feedback here. Newbie, experienced, veteran? Someone who can cream the AI at Transcend might get whipped by a not-very-skilled PBEMer. Ideas from long time PBEMers for a way to rank people would be appreciated)

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      Name: Lazerus
      E-mail: Kris_no1 AT hotmail DOT com
      IRC/AIM: mainly msn (same as email), 325817637 on icq if requested to logon

      PBEMing since: 2002
      PBEM skill level: Average
      Average Turn Rate: 1 a day normally weekdays, several on weekends.
      Interested in TCP/IP? Yes
      Hours available: Evenings GMT during the week i'll play turns for pbems, occasional checks throughout day at weekends. Weekends or holidays for IP
      Favorite Faction: Hive
      Notes: Glory to the Chairman !

      thought i'd help get you started
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        Topped. This can prove to be useful for the active players.
        Solver, WePlayCiv Co-Administrator
        Contact: solver-at-weplayciv-dot-com
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          Name: Bill Cirillo
          PBEMing since: approx mid '03
          PBEM skill level: fair to middlin
          Average Turn Rate: <24hrs unless I've ICSed when I'll need 48hrs
          Interested in TCP/IP?: No
          Favorite Faction: Gaians, PK, and Drones
          Perfer SMAC over SMAX but will play either

          Notes: I'm getting better each game I play . I just can't waste my time anymore on SP.

          BTW, good idea Fosse. I hope this thread catches on.
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            I hope so too. Thanks for the topping, Solver. Once there are a few more I'll experiment with a table to put all the info in the first posts.


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              : Googlie
              E-mail: linfrew AT AOL DOT com
              IRC/AIM: N/A

              PBEMing since: 1999
              PBEM skill level: veteran, experienced, but really just average (see CMN comment below)
              Average Turn Rate: multiple daily
              Interested in TCP/IP?: yes
              Hours available: mainly afternoons, Pacific Standard Time (GMT - 8)
              Favorite Faction: None, really - will play them all
              • CMN experience, which sometimes colours my playstyle (wanting everyone to enjoy the game)
              • Builder first, then Hybrid - reluctant Momentum player - even with classic momentum factions, still prefer trying to turn them into researchers/builders
              • Unless coerced, prefer playing at Transcend level
              • Don't mind playing in games with odd factions or alpha(x).txt tweaks


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                what the hell, i've been away from apolyton for a few years but a game over the summer might be fun

                Name: Nick
                E-mail: AT NEU DOT EDU
                IRC/AIM: forumemail on aim

                PBEMing since: since smac came out
                PBEM skill level: Experienced
                Average Turn Rate: I could do a few a day
                Interested in TCP/IP? no
                Hours available: evenings eastern standard time
                Favorite Faction: morgan or believers

                give me an IM if there's a game starting up, I'd like to get back into this
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                  Name: binTravkin
                  E-mail: binTravkin TA gmail TOD com
                  IRC/AIM: -
                  ICQ: 339500616

                  PBEMing since: Feb 2004
                  PBEM skill level: expierenced (not a vet, but a good player generally)
                  Average Turn Rate: practically none (don't count on me)
                  Interested in TCP/IP: nope, behind a FireWall
                  Hours available: 08:00 - 20:00 GMT+2
                  Favorite Faction: Now, this is a question. I'd go "none", but won't play Aliens.
                  Notes: Mr. ILikeToKnowMyEnemy, A CMN.
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                    Name: 'maia'
                    E-mail: gaiainst AT gmail DOT com
                    IRC/AIM: -

                    PBEMing since: May 2005
                    PBEM skill level: newbie
                    Average Turn Rate: once a day, a little more on weekends
                    Interested in TCP/IP? Need the small daily routine as opposed to a long online one. Maybe at X-mas. That's when I'm allowed to be locked away for 3 or so days straight.
                    Hours available: Would love 6-8 p.m. EST. Hours are wild right now. Still.. one-a-day.
                    Favorite Faction: Gaian (SMAC)
                    Notes: Play CPU quite handily. In 'transcend' no one is interested in exchanging tech. Er..oh.. thats because I choose 'aggressive' mode. Love the tech. Gotta have the tech. Looking for new pbem as of this post.
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                      Name: AndiD
                      E-mail: smac TA andreas-drechsler TOD de Funny sidenote: TOD in German means DEATH.
                      AIM/ICQ: see small links above / in my profile

                      PBEMing since: Apr 2004
                      PBEM skill level: decent (Morgan), lousy (all others)
                      Average Turn Rate: one turn per day, more on weekends
                      Interested in TCP/IP: no time
                      Hours available: GMT+1 mornings and evenings are generally good, lots of exceptions to this rule though in both ways
                      Favorite Faction: Morgan. Haven't tried others much.

                      - Tried PKs for the first time in a PBEM
                      - Often start playing immediately when I'm in front of the computer and get a PBEM email


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                        Re: Active Player Profiles

                        Name: Chaos Theory
                        E-mail: bblyyyaha at umr dot eyyydu (remove y's)
                        IRC/AIM: Check profile

                        PBEMing since: 22 March 2003
                        PBEM skill level: Apparently good, and if one game is any evidence, about as good as Flubber. I crush Transcend AIs, FWIW.
                        Average Turn Rate: Less than 1 day typical turnaround, but with interruptions such as holidays or moving
                        Interested in TCP/IP? Sometimes; these take all day though
                        Hours available: For TCP/IP, weekends only, ~1300-0200. For PBEM responses, about 1100 and 2200-0200 during the week.
                        Favorite Faction: Most of them. I can't stand fungboy though, and the aliens bore me.
                        Notes: I like banter and aggressive play, and expect to get the same back. I also tend to do random, arbitrary, or otherwise confusing things in and out of game.
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                          Name: Liam Pomfret, a.k.a. Archaic
                          E-mail: archaic.mukashi AT gmail DOT com
                          AIM: ArchaicEternal

                          PBEMing since: November 2001~ish
                          PBEM skill level: Experienced (Builders); Pathetic (Momentum)
                          Average Turn Rate: 1 turn per game per day when healthy
                          Interested in TCP/IP: Not currently
                          Favorite Faction: University. PK's, Angels and Morgan get also-rans.

                          • Can sub-MY2200 Transcend on Huge in SP with my beloved Uni, for what little it's worth in MP
                          • Like Googlie, primarily a Builder, though I'm often forced into Hybrid by the simple fact of playing more aggressive humans in MP - pathetic as a Momentum player, can't help but use my same old and tired builder strategies with those factions
                          • Prefer playing at Transcend level, and with experienced opponents
                          • Have been in-active for some time, and would appreciate a few "regular" games to get me back into the swing of things
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                            Name: Barinthus
                            E-mail: aeolusdata AT yahoo DOT com
                            AIM: unikornus

                            PBEMing since: January 2004~ish
                            PBEM skill level: that newbie that all other newbies love to mock
                            Average Turn Rate: 4-6 turns per game per week
                            Interested in TCP/IP: Sure, never done it.
                            Hours available: Weekends mostly. From mid June to late Aug, am more free
                            Favorite Faction: No favorite, will play any.

                            Am up for anything basically

                            Always wanted to play a game in which the entire surface of the world is completely covered with xenofungus
                            Who is Barinthus?


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                              Name: Daniel Cole
                              Email: Dacole AT wfubmc DOT edu

                              PBEMing since: 1999 or so off and on
                              PBEM skill level: experienced
                              Average Turn Rate: 1 a day
                              Interested in TCP/IP: eh perhaps
                              Hours available: weekends only for TCP/IP
                              Favorite Faction: Gians or university

                              Notes: Only have smac so limited by that (would love to get smacx if I could find it not overpriced...)
                              A university faculty is 500 egoists with a common parking problem