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    Name: Kookee
    E-mail: scarface2k1 (AT) msn (DOT) com
    IRC/AIM: Same as email

    PBEMing since: now :\
    PBEM skill level: depends
    Average Turn Rate: active games or inactive games (by turn x day)
    Interested in TCP/IP? YES
    Hours available: depends whats going on, ask me more likely nothing much
    Favorite Faction: Spartans, Uni, Hive
    Notes: any1 still active!?


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      Name: Lord_Icewind
      E-mail: dmon007 AT yahoo DOT com
      MSN: alvaromaniaco AT hotmail DOT com

      PBEMing since: 5 years ago, recently re-started
      PBEM skill level: Fair
      Average Turn Rate: 1-2per day
      Interested in TCP/IP? Yes!
      Hours available: Evening on weekdays, all on weekends
      Favorite Faction: Pirates, Gaians, University, Cyborg

      I own both SMAC and SMAX, but dont mind if its only SMAC game

      I'm really eager for a big IP game, with the full 7 factions...its been ages since the last one

      That's it.

      PS: This is a re-post to show that I am active again. In case I have to erase the original one, do tell ^^
      "Too much ambition is a sin...only if you fail"
      Yoritomo Kumiko


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        active player

        Name: greyknight

        PBEMing since: not
        PBEM skill level: none
        Average Turn Rate:
        Interested in TCP/IP? YES
        Hours available: weekends mainly
        Favorite Faction: peacekeepers, Uni, gaia's
        Notes: would like to play a big game aswell lord :P


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          Name: Dan
          E-mail: Daniel.Gloyd (AT) Yahoo (DOT) com
          Yahoo IM: Daniel.Gloyd

          PBEMing since: Never Have

          PBEM skill level: Not sure I can beat ai on transcend, would probably get creamed by a skilled online player though.

          Average Turn Rate: As many as are available to me during the weekdays, weekend I tend to do more social activities which would limit my play time.

          Interested in TCP/IP? More so than PBEM

          Hours available: The whole day basically for weekdays, weekends Not sure as I do not really keep a schedule of what I plan to do

          Favorite Factions: Gaian, Pirate, Hive

          Notes: Would love to play a Live game over IP, I have never played versus another human before so don't expect greatness from me until I get some experience with it
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            Name: Friendly Fire
            E-mail: jonathanDOTfurdererATliveDOTcoDOTuk
            ICQ: See my profile, also have Skype and Yahoo(never really use it) No MSN
            PBEMing since: PBEM started.
            PBEM skill level: Used to be OK but so rusty probably a walkover now
            Average Turn Rate: 1 a day - faster weekends
            Interested in TCP/IP?: Only weekends.Bank holidays - not my favourite option
            Hours available: Weekday 19.00 - 23.00//Weekends 11.00-03.00
            Favorite Factions: Morgan, Gaian, University
            Notes: Have only played SMACX PBEM once so much more familiar with SMAC. Very out of practice
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            - Anon


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              Name: Élian
              E-mail: orcbienvert AT msn DOT com
              Eldramatico AT yahoo DOT com
              PBEMing since: One year 1/2

              PBEM skill level: Great (or Expert?)

              Average Turn Rate: 1 turn/week per game or sooner

              Interested in TCP/IP? Not yet, PBEM for now

              Favorite Factions: Gaians, Spartans, Hive, Morganites, Drones, University, Angels

              Notes: I am still very interested in gaming SMACX, althougt i might not have as much time as I would like. I prefer a lot Pbem because I need more time for my studies + jobs. Still, I will play at least 1 turn per game/week, except in games where there are teams and when we need to discuss strategy (wich is really uneasy to discuss with other players anywhere in the world).

              I would really appreciate if anyone starting a game with me just engage to advise if they want to surrender or stop sending the turns, because it's somehow stressing to wonder if the game will stop anytime or when somebody leaves at one of the greatest moments but doesn't tell anyone. In the case one player leaves, please just post your password or allow to switch your human control to a computer control (i don't know exactly if the password is needed for that, maybe just the program for replacing players is enough). I will do the same if I'd stop playing a game or surrender.

              I would really like to start a new free for all game with other players (experienced would be better, but newbies are fine ), as I am already playing 1 - 2 team games now.
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                E-mail: tarvok at gmail dot com
                IRC/AIM:: None, but I am on googletalk

                PBEMing since: I think I tried once a long time ago.
                PBEM skill level: Never really played PBEM, but I play Transcend single player
                Average Turn Rate: No history to base this on, but I can guarantee one turn a day, perhaps more under certain circumstances
                Interested in TCP/IP: Not really.
                Hours available: All day, at the moment. I'll edit this once I'm employed again
                Favorite Faction: The Free Drones
                Notes: I'd really like to get into a game soon, and am willing to take over a non-responsive.
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                  Name: Alinestra Covelia
                  E-mail: amazonian_mage (swirlything) yahoo (dottything) com
                  PBEMing since: 2000, two games on Poly, maybe five games outside of it.
                  PBEMing skill level: Trounced my foes, crushed the opposition, and romped the game... by letting Misotu do all the work and watching her play
                  Average Turn Rate: 1-2/day
                  Interest in TCP/IP: Yes
                  Hours Available: evenings EST
                  Favorite Faction: Human Hive, University of Planet.
                  Fun Fact: in a PBEM thread I misspelled my name as Alienstar, which I thought was rather apt given the subject matter.
                  "lol internet" ~ AAHZ


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                    Name: protobob
                    E-mail: omcdanie AT gmail DOT com
                    AIM: yeastarmada
                    PBEMing since: Not yet.
                    PBEM skill level: Unknown.
                    Average Turn Rate: 1-3, likely many more.
                    Interested in TCP/IP?: yes, lots of free time.
                    Hours available: untill I get a new job: 24/7
                    Favorite Factions: I'll play anything, though I'm probably best at econ/research/probe factions.
                    Notes: New to the game, playing about two weeks. Been playing on Librarian, bet the AI with Data Angles last game. That said, still a lot I'm learning.


                    • Name: nasshi
                      E-mail: johnsontr AT gmail DOT com
                      IRC/AIM: nasshi

                      PBEMing since: Just now.
                      PBEM skill level: Probably average to below average skill.
                      Average Turn Rate: 1x - 5x / day
                      Interested in TCP/IP?: Yes.
                      Hours available: Usually post 8pm CST.
                      Favorite Faction: Human Hive, Morgan Industries
                      Notes: I'm a PhD student whose time precludes me to late night TCP/IP or daily (1-5x) PBEM. I'm brand new to online SMAC and SMAC/X, and would like to start off with a builder group that isn't belligerently hostile.


                      • Name: Mobius1
                        E-mail: gs3_midgar AT hotmail DOT com)
                        AIM:ErwinWhiteTiger (prefer MSN, same email as listed.)

                        PBEMing since: Never
                        Interested in TCP/IP?: Very
                        Hours available: Very flexible.
                        Favorite Faction: Morgan, Usurpers

                        Notes: I've never played against other people before, but I have been playing single player off and on since '98. I've ALWAYS wanted to play against other people, but could never find anyone with the time to do so. I never realized I could play against people online, or I would have been around here a LONG time ago! I don't think I'd be interested in PBEM though.


                        • Name: lesy
                          E-mail: petr.lesak at yahoo dot com
                          IRC/AIM: see profile (not using skype much tho)

                          PBEMing since: never
                          PBEM skill level: none yet
                          Average Turn Rate: <1 turn a day
                          Interested in TCP/IP: mildly
                          Hours available: whole weekends usually
                          Favorite Faction: peacekeepers, but i play all of them
                          Notes: prefer smac to smacx


                          • [b]
                            Name: Stephen (Steven, not Stefan)
                            IRC/AIM: Same as email.

                            PBEMing since: First time attempting anything like this, actually.
                            PBEM skill level: Dunno yet!
                            Average Turn Rate: I'm on every day, so I guess >1 per day?
                            Interested in TCP/IP? Sure!
                            Hours available: Pretty eratic, but I'm on from 5pm-2am almost every day usually.
                            Favorite Faction: Gaians/CyCon
                            Notes: Up for anything really, never played online before, but I figured I'd try posting something since I recently got back into the game after losing the cd for 6 years. <_<; Email me if you're interested!


                            • Profile.

                              Name: mail2345
                              E-mail: gerard.mail2345 AT gmail DOT com
                              IRC/AIM: Ehh not for this network. I'm mail2345 on EsperNet though.

                              PBEMing since: No MP expirence, just SP.
                              PBEM skill level: I assume newbie.
                              Average Turn Rate: > 1
                              Interested in TCP/IP: Yes
                              Hours available: HST 6-9 schooldays, HST 10-9 saturdays and vacation days, HST 2 - 9 sundays
                              Favorite Faction: Slightly leaning towards pirates and the university.
                              Notes: Builder at heart. Preferring transcendence victories. New to the game(1.5 weeks).


                              • Name: DrazharLn
                                E-mail: click on my username, then "Send email to DrazharLn"
                                IRC/AIM: Contact me using steam, username = DrazharLn. MSN available on request
                                PBEMing since: never
                                PBEM skill level: N/A
                                Average Turn Rate: for TCP/IP, depends on latency.
                                Interest in TCP/IP: yes
                                Hours Available TCP/IP: no regular hours, I'll make time for a game if contacted
                                Favorite Faction: Cybernetic Consciousness
                                Notes: I play with scient's unofficial patch installed. I live in the UK and prefer TCP/IP games with Europeans to keep latency low.