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Advanced Hellenistic Era NES - Part 2

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    Rome to Macedonia

    Greetings! Congratiulations for your military victories over the barbarians. We are happy to see the Adriatic sea shores to be pacified by such a civilised and courageous people. Our own offensive against the Aquileans and other barbarians are nearing their completition too.

    So, theres a chance that our trade ships may pass from Italy to Macedonia and vice versa soon without having to fear pirates attacking them. We are defending your other Greek brothers as well and I hope we 3 great nations have a bright and profitable future!

    On another note, If you or your Greek brothers need any economic or military support in dealing with some 3rd nation please let us know, we will be on your side. I suggest we hold joint military exercises sometime...


    Que l’Univers n’est qu’un défaut dans la pureté de Non-être.

    - Paul Valery


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      Rome to Egypt

      Greetings, from the infant and semi-barbaric people of Rome. We recently heard about some changes in the Egyptian government and are happy to deal with the new Pharao of your famous land. We wish to commence trading with you and hope our relations will be prosperious.

      If theres anything you need. Let us know.


      Que l’Univers n’est qu’un défaut dans la pureté de Non-être.

      - Paul Valery


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        Roman Republic

        a.d II Kal. februarius. 470 ab Urbe Condita(283 bc)

        Ice, ice, baby


        *cough, cough*

        "Shall I add some coal to the hypocaust, sir?"

        Please do so and could you ask Poppea to come here for a second.

        "Yes, sir"

        The female slave closed the library door and Aelius was alone again.


        It had been the coldest winter in as long as anyone could remember. Freezing for over two months already and for the inhabitants of Rome the life grew harder day by day. Already there had been reports of people freezing to death because of the shortages of wood to use for warming. The Senate and Comitium were of course alerted by this and the state was supposed to start giving out free wood next week. But that was of course, the next week..

        The doors of the temple of Vesta were open again, meaning Rome was still at war. After the news about the sack of Genua spread people openly demonstrated in support for the troops to quell these savages once and for all.

        Senate had declared a week long National mourning but many people were wearing black already. Mars had been reasonably hard on the Romans in the last few years and there were many sad eyed mothers walking on the streets of Rome these days.

        Back with a vengeance...

        A chilling wind howled in the porticoes as Aelius stepped of his carriage. The late meeting with the Senate took place in the temple of Juppiter Optimo Maximo on the Capitoline hill, wich was the windiest place in the city as well. The Senate had already begun hearing the five Ligurian elders who had managed to escape from Genua.

        Aemilius was no wimp but shivers went down his spine when he listened to the detailed description of the atrocities the barbarians were found guilty of. When the formal charges against the Celts had been read couple of motions were passed 180-0. Among these was the commitment to recapture Genua as well as the formal recognition of Ligurians as part of the Republic. As a sign of solidarity every Ligurian was now given full Roman citizenship.

        Majority of the funds and annual income were then used to train new legionaries, horsemen and archers. This was due to the change in "joint legion battle doctrine" wich now recognised not only the hastati and velites but archers and other auxaliares as well as dividing the horsemen into a flank supporting unit as well as a stealthy strike force attacking the enemy from behind.

        Also the Ligurian army was now reorganised into a new Roman Legion V "Liguria"

        Furthermore it was decided that the alliance between the Magna Graecian and Macedonians was to be further strenghtened. But that the Greek Poli' in the Northend of the Mediterranean were given a chance for even closer cooperation with Rome since it was the Romans who were providing the security for them. In this way mobilising the locals a regional defence was being built, leaving the other Roman legions free to operate somewhere else.

        The Senate agreed to send an envoy to Egypt due to the news of a new farao. Not only was the Egyptian hairstyle currently hip among the Roman women but scholars admired this "oldest civilization" on earth. Strangely there had been no Carthagian wheat trading vessels at Rome this year and the Senate wanted to explore the possibility of importing wheat from Egypt.

        It was later decided to build a network of stone paved roads to connect all the major Northern cities in case the legions would need to speed march from Rome to there.

        Whats the place to be in the Winter?

        Thermae Aemiliae? Where is that?

        "The Emilian baths are the most modern baths in the whole Italy, they have just been build near Lavinium couple of miles from Rome." The driver explained.

        Okay, take me and my wife there, I could really need some hot bath at caldarium followed by steam bath at laconicum afterwards.

        The carriage speeded towards Lavinium in the darkening evening.

        Its starting to snow again. These snowflakes are beautiful but becoming increasingly arrogant in trying to slow down the Roman legions. Imagine If we could someday control the weather too Poppea.

        "Ha! If we could at least bring some order to the North."

        Yeah. Aelius sighted. One thing I'm sure of though.

        "Whats that?"

        That eventually, justice will be done.

        A Gallian celt committing suicide after killing his wife in the face of upcoming annihilation from vengeful Ligurians and Romans.


        - Spend 42 talents to train 2940 legionaries.
        Add 1267 men to Legion I, 504 to Legion II, 870 to Legion III and 299 ment to Legion IV.

        - Spend 20 talents to 1400 horsemen.
        Add 500 horsemen to Legions II and III each and add the rest 400 to Legion IV.

        - Spend 20 talents to train 2500 foot soldiers(bowmen).
        Add 500 to Legion I, 700 to Legions II and III each and add the rest 400 to Legion IV.

        - Spend 10 talents to build roads from Rome to Adria through Peruasia-Florentia-Bononia.
        Spend additional 5 talents to continue it from Bononia through Placentia and the Ligurian lands into Genua, complete it if possible.

        Send Roman standards to the Ligurians and grant them Roman citizenship. Rename the Army to Legion V "Ligurica" and appoint their best commander Vappa Monterus to command it together with Lucius Maximus who will train the foot soldiers the basic Roman tactics and battle orders.

        After the reinforcements have arrived move the armies West to capture Placentia thus preventing the Celts from getting reinforcements from the Celtian Horde in the North.

        Use some of the horsemen to scout in advance to spy on enemy movements.

        Use pioneers to build pontone briges over River Po.

        If Celtic troops encountered have the legionaries form a 3 line strong formations with foot soldiers (bowmen) behind them. Start the battle with "iron rain" from the bowmen. Protect the flanks with strong horsemen from Legions II and III while using horsemen from Legions I and IV to attack enemy from behind. Put Scipio in charge of these extraordinary movements and give him temporary command of the auxaliares(Apuleans) and Legion V while of course consulting Vappa Monterus if necessary. Use these non-Roman troops to attack the Celtic flanks in order to make them bend and break easily thus making the victory easier and more decisive.

        Issue an ultimatum to the Placentians to surrender, if answer negative call the siege army from Rome and Siege the city with catapults onagers and such.

        Capture Placentia and rebuild its walls. Leave Legion III to guard Placentia and have the other 4 Legions march to Genua using the same tactics as before.

        If Genua captured:

        Fortify all troops for 1 year to regroup and get some rest.

        The Legion II and the Apulean Guards swap places with Legion III that is ordered to guard Liguria with newly formed Legion V.

        Annex Ligurian terrotories to Rome and ask if the Nicaeans would be interested in helping to maintain their city secure from the Celtic barbarians. Use agitators to tell horror stories about the plunder of Genua and spread good word about the Romans, the "Guardians of Italy" Try to negotiate an alliance or let them join Rome if they wish so.

        The Legions I and IV are to be moved to the the South due to some chariot racing-related riots in the Capua-Beneventum area.

        - Move Legion I to Neapolis and Legion IV to the Castra whateveritnamewas near Rome.

        - Move the Roman fleet to Ostia to guide the trade ships getting to Rome via river Tiber.

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        Que l’Univers n’est qu’un défaut dans la pureté de Non-être.

        - Paul Valery


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          Egypt to Rome:
          We are happy to begin our relationship on such good terms and are very interested trade between our two nations. Does the government of Rome desire trade of anything in particular, or should we simply open up our cities to your merchants and let them begin stimulating our economies?

          Egypt to Persia: We have reason to believe that Carthage is planning an invasion of our lands, and in the interests of our alliance, we request your assistance in our defense.

          Egypt to Macedonia: Do you want to jepordize the fertile lands that your grain suppliers buy from? Please consider lending your Hoplites stationed in Alexandrograd to the defense of Egypt in the event of a Carthagian invasion. Remember, war is lousy for the farmers in the warzone, and our farmers feed your cities.

          Egyptian Orders: Move all troops to the general area of the "g" in Egypt. Use horsemen as scouts to look for the advance of the Carthagian army.
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            Rome to Carthage

            Greetings! We are particularly interested in trading fine Egyptian wheat to amber and amber jewellery. A general trading of goods is of course most welcome too.

            Vale bene!
            Que l’Univers n’est qu’un défaut dans la pureté de Non-être.

            - Paul Valery


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              Macedonia to Rome :

              Greetings. Yes, we look forward to when our regions can be free of marauding borders, and we can establish secure common borders that will ease trade and travel.
              Indeed, our alliance of arms and natural affinity of culture and values is very strong, and we are confident that together, nothing may threaten us. Likewise we extend an offer of help to you, should you ever need it.
              And if those pirates become too much of a problem, we will send out sorties to help hunt them down.

              Macedonia to Egypt :

              The garrison must for now remain to keep Alexandrograd secure, but we assure you that we would take measures to prevent any ill fate from befalling Egypt..
              Those walls are absent of glory as they always have been. The people of tents will inherit this land.


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                Rome to Sparta

                Greetings! We, the Romans invite the Spartans to show their courage and strenght against barbarians. Your honour and valiance is famous throught the world and now after a long time your warriors will have the chance to train in combat situation. A share of the spoils is of course yours, and the eternal gratitude of the people comes as a bonus. Hope to hear from you soon.


                Que l’Univers n’est qu’un défaut dans la pureté de Non-être.

                - Paul Valery


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                  To: Egypt
                  From: Carthage

                  We are shocked, for this is not the case. We are still want an alliance with you, if you are willing. We sent a messenger to the Nubians to see if they would trade their ivory to add some nice things to the "Guardian of the West," that will soon be complete. We apologize if you thought we wanted to be aggressive with your nation. To make up for it, we invite the Pharaoh to the Guardian of the West, to see it finally completed.


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                    Sparta to Rome
                    To achieve honour is the true purpose of life! We are pleased to hear that at least the Romans have accepted this eternal truth.
                    We are always up for a challenge, if the pay is good. We could send the "Spartan Elites" for 20 talents...
                    Heinrich, King of Germany, Duke of Saxony in Cyclotron's amazing Holy Roman Empire NES
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                      I have worked on a better trade system for the past four hours, and I think it finally works now.
                      Basically your lands now have different goods, which either just generate money, increase military effectiveness or decrease dissent. Some can even be used to improve certain units.
                      These goods may be traded for or away, generating money or draining money from your treasuries...
                      With this model many events can be modelled much better (and trade in general can now commence).

                      I will include the new system in the next update, which I shall start in about 9 hours. We´ll see if it works then, if not, it can be easily removed.

                      Looking forward to the next update!
                      Heinrich, King of Germany, Duke of Saxony in Cyclotron's amazing Holy Roman Empire NES
                      Let me eat your yummy brain!
                      "be like Micha!" - Cyclotron


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                        This update sounds really cool.


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                          Rome to Spartans

                          Those are truely wise words. This will only further your appearance as the greatest warriors in our time. We will keep that in mind. Train hard and eat lot of zomos because we will only ask you to participate in battles challenging enough for you, anything less would be an insult ot you.
                          Que l’Univers n’est qu’un défaut dans la pureté de Non-être.

                          - Paul Valery


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                            The trade system is a great improvement indeed
                            Que l’Univers n’est qu’un défaut dans la pureté de Non-être.

                            - Paul Valery


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                              laurentius, do you have any IM clients that we can chat on?


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                                I have msn. search for laurentius99 at
                                Que l’Univers n’est qu’un défaut dans la pureté de Non-être.

                                - Paul Valery