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  • What Brought You Here and To [Enter Favorite Civilization Game Here]

    I honestly can't remember when or why I first started playing Civ 2... I think I had seen a few screenshots and heard from a couple people it was cool so I decided to check it out. The rest is history.

    As to what brought me to Apolyton, I was over at the Infogrames forums, when a female by the name of Moonsinger talked about how there was a big ol' Civ community over here. I checked it out (the first thread I ever saw was one on a custom community world map for Civ 3) spending a 'voluntary' day off () looking at it and poking around the rest of the site.

    So what brought you guys here/to the game that made you come here?

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    Alpha Centauri came with my computer. I played it for a few weeks, went on the Internet and searched for stuff about it, found a site called "The Arrival", realized that site was dead, kept searching, and wandered in here.
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      I had heard some vague comments about that "great Civilization game", and saw it in the store one day. Bought it, loved it, was excited some years later when Civ 3 came out. Apolyton was the first site that Firaxis linked to, and here I am today!
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        I got Civ2 for my PC at the beginning of 1999, and after looking around the internet for a while I cam across this place.
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          In 1997, one of my best friends had recently bought Civ2 and told me that I would love the game. I played a few turns one afternoon and got instantly hooked.

          I searched the internet for anything Civ related, in 1998, and I found this link to Apolyton... "What an interesting name", I thought.

          The rest is history.
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            Got civ2 way back.

            looked for tips on web found this site
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              All Greek civ players pride themselves of Apolyton " The first Greek civilization site", and i am no exception.

              When i linked to the Internet 4-5 months ago the first thing i did was to register here.

              I first read about Apolyton on "PC MASTER", a greek computer magazine.

              As for the Civ2 game, i bought it around 1997-8.
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                I bought Civ1 in 1992 for the Amiga and it became far and away my favourite game. I bought Civ2 as soon as it came out (1996 IIRC).

                I registered here in the August of 1998, about 2 weeks after the merger of the two sites. I mainly stuck to the CtP forum.
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                  Back in 1994 we had an extremely lousy computer. While everybody was playing Doom on their 486's, I was stuck with silly platform games. After a little while, I found a friend with a game that did run on my PC: Civilization.

                  About 3 years later, still playing Civ, another friend got a certain game called Civilization II. I copied it from him, loved it, bought it, started surfing the Internet for Civ2 things, and wound up at sites like TFGC2S, Addicted to Civilization and the Glyph Civ2 site.

                  After a lot of lurking and downloading, when TFGC2S turned into Apolyton, I registered... And there you have it.
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                    What brought ol' good Rasb here?

                    Once upon a time there was a sporadic Civ fanatic called "Rasbelin" who registered on the 22nd November 1999 on a site called "Apolyton Civilization Site." The reason why he strolled to Poly was that he was looking for scenarios for Civ II. But as he also noticed that there's exciting forums on this site, he couldn't resist and abstain from creating an account. So that's how I found Poly. Or being more specific, I actually found Poly with AltaVista when I searched for Civ related websites with the keyword: "Civilization II" (could have been Civilization, but I'm quite sure that's how I actually found Poly, even if I have been very unsure since that how I found my way to Poly).

                    What I did get from my first visit to Poly was the user account I still use, but I also invented my Internet nicknames Rasbelin and Rasbey (however Rasbey is newer and it was invented by some fellow Apolytoner by misstake (a very good misstake, BTW )). From my first visit I got a bunch of great Civ II scenarios and also printed Viking Scribes that I read later that day offline.

                    Oh, those days were a golden age of Apolyton.
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                      I saw light and came in.
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                        Originally posted by Pandemoniak
                        I saw light and came in.
                        I watched you fall. I think I pushed.


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                          Played Civ1 at a friend's house...well, back in elementary school. I liked it, but forgot about it. When I saw Civ2 in a store, though, I remembered how good Civ1 was and got it. I found Apolyton while looking for strategies and scenarios for Civ2 but didn't think much about it. I eventually registered on the forums but didn't post much. Once Call to Power was announced, I eagerly followed it on Apolyton, occasionally posting stuff. After CtP came out, I played it for awhile and sold it, but still came to Apolyton to browse the boards. Eventually, at the beginning of 2001, I started posting more regularly in the off topic. Once Civ3 was announced my posting picked up in that section and I haven't looked back since. Oh yeah, I got this RoN job somewhere in there.


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                            civ-> col -> civ2 -> ctp -> civ3

                            came here looking for info about civ3


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                              I got Civ2 Gold for christmas a long time ago. I played it and loved it instantly.

                              Anyway, some years later at the Europa Universalis forums I heard some guy talk about Apolyton and I thought I would check it out. Now you know.
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