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    August 1. Just because
    (\__/) 07/07/1937 - Never forget
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      Joncha, Plato, Ming, Tuberski, Gramphos, Skanky, Harry Seldon, Alex, Static Universe, Ixnay, War of Art, jdd2007, War of Art

      If I'm not mistaken, War of Art = Trokair eugh Jamski.

      august the 2nd please

      Edit: must have been influenced by UR's choice...
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        July 30th for me please
        Welcome to earth, my name is Tia and I'll be your tour guide for this trip.
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          Originally posted by Skanky Burns
          A: 64 | D: 99 | M: 24 | HP: 94
          With my higher hit-points, I would beat Spikie if the Civ3 RNG was used.
          Nah, I can move faster and fortify on a hill, so I'm safe.


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            IIRC, the first time an exact date has been named. Also, I think I said May 23rd last time around....

            OK, so I take July 12th.
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              July 20, please. I'm going to be a winner this time!!!!
              Haven't been here for ages....


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                Just 2 days short of mine.

                I hoped I'd win.

                July 7th.
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                  A: 32 | D: 20 | M: 4 | HP: 27

                  I can't run away and I'll get trampelled by the big elephants. Can I join someone's army??? PLEASE?
                  Haven't been here for ages....


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                    I just realized that I picked May 22 (TWO DAYS FROM NOW)
                    Haven't been here for ages....


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                      Don't pick anything in the next couple of weeks, since this thread will be around until then, and in the event of an actual genuine question appearing nonetheless it will be ignored.

                      In fact Ming told me an amusing story about how he got abuse for deleting someone's post stats thread. He pointed them to the still active post stats thread, and suddenly they were quite relieved.


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                        Nah, I can move faster and fortify on a hill, so I'm safe.
                        And I'm the fastest yet. Stats don't matter if I can run behind your lines and eat all your formers and crawlers

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                          I win!

                          I'm just on my break now... so I'll post my guess and a new list when I get home later tonight.

                          Thanks, Last Conformist!
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                            June 27 please.
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                              Originally posted by DrSpike
                              My vote goes for September 2nd
                              Take my birthday, will you!!!!!

                              Oh well, August 30 then.

                              And Last Conformist, did you get your answer at any point?

                              Back to the ROOTS of addiction. My first missed poll!