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  • Originally posted by Adagio View Post

    Instead of removing religion they should just fix it. I would love that religions could change the gameplay a lot.

    What? They're dumping religion? Please tell me you are kidding. If this is true then the whole Civ franchise is just moving backward and sinking into a deep pit of stupid.

    Keep religion, dump scoring (I mean who cares about this anyway? Its about the journey right, not how many "points" you got versus the AI).

    Seriously, if there's no religion I'm going back to CTP2 and working on the source code again. That game rocked!


    • There Is No Religion.*jedi hand waving*
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      • Oh Dear Lord! Hmm, guess I can't say that in Civ anymore.

        To whom will my foes plead for salavation as I mercilessly steamroll through their cities? They can't even cry out for Crom, By Crom!


        On a more productive note. Civ needs much better events. The current events in Civ IV are pretty uneventful. Most of them have only 1 choice and they have little real effect on the game.

        Also, Civ V needs to add religion. Religion is an important, indeed foundational aspect of all civilization. There is no civilization or society that exists or has existed without some form of religion. More importantly, it is a basis of friendship and enmity between nations, which is what this game is supposed to be about.


        • I didn't like religion much personally because it was, to me, a mechanism for beakers and happy, which can be replaced, but also largely just one more way of gaming the AI. I would prefer it if the AI would act more in its own interest.
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          • Agree with previous. Religion became too much of a means to an end for achieving your own goals. Religion isn't supposed to be driving your economy, which it usually did for me, supposing I could get that one GP to found the shrine. It also shouldn't be a total make-or-break issue for people hating you in the game, and became a ridiculous matter for universally determining diplomacy...not that some of that didn't exist, but we didn't have the Crusades for *all* of history.