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  • Yikes! This gets brutal once Mordor mobilises. I screwed up a couple things - didn't realise the Dead were air units and lost them all, so I backed up to the last save to regain them. And Frodo, Sam and Gollum are stuck in the marshes ...should have been moving on the surface and then dropping down rather than trying to move on the lower map. The galley I had waiting to transport them got wiped out and threw a monkey wrench in my plans.
    I don't see how I can get them across to Cirith Ungol as things stand.

    Pelargir almost fell, as I'd forgotten to reinforce it .. stripped my interior defenses and some spearmen from Osgiliath and got reserves there in the nick of time - with only one damaged knight remaining. Before Mordor mobilises, i thought i was doing well enough to mount some offensives (and this is where my only complaint with the scenario is) I sent my fleet of galleys south to try and deal with the black ships, and sent a combined force southeast from Lonely Mountain to attack Rhun .. in both cases enemy units appeared BEHIND my skirmish lines. That is pretty frustrating when mass amounts of units spawn behind you - makes any sort of strategic attack useless.

    I pulled both forces back and under heavy attack, I realised I forgot to build a barracks in dale. Ouch.
    My galleys took a beating from the teleporting black ships, but 2/3 of them limped back into Belfalas.

    On the Shire front, things are better - as soon as Mordor mobilised, i took the Fornost Ruins, and then sent my Hobbit Coalition southeast towards Tharbad. Look at this and tell me this isn't the absolute coolest scenario ever!:
    ***** I have a really cool screen capture that i can't post here. ***
    Check it out at:

    ************************************************** ******************************

    I still haven't taken Isengard, but I'm poised to do so - used the Eagles to pick off most of the enemy units in the vicinity. Gandalf and a hoard of Gondor Knights, the Riders of Rohan, and the Grey Company are at Isen Ford waiting for a couple catapaults to move up, with the Ents and Eagles ready to support the attack. perhaps i was overcautious here, but after losing so many knights earlier, i wanted to make sure i had the forces to take isengard - Rohan being useless with them constantly sending every unit they have off to fight the stream of orcs coming down the Anduin.

    In Gondor, things look grim. My fleet has been wiped out and black ships are landing troops near Belfalas. My stripped interior cities lay ripe for the plucking. Pelargir is barely hanging on - darned mumaks are tearing up my defenses there. Even with Boromir, Farimir and Legolas in Osgiliath, I fear i may not survive Grond ... I may have to pull back to Minas Tirith and try to hold on until help arrives. Aragorn is up near Lamedon after rousing the Dead - who i've split into two groups which are just about to arrive in Pelargir and Osgiliath respectively.

    Gimli, for some reason, is wandering around on the east bank of the Anduin - I had sent him over to help Frodo, but had to retreat from the flying Nazgul that stopped to destroy my galley. Stupid mistake, sending the slowest companion after the Hobbits. he may arrive in Minas Tirith about the same time as Gandalf and company (assuming Isengard falls easily)

    Lorien still holds under a brutal, constant assault. i suspect they may be as depleted as i am in Gondor. With Frodo cowering in the marshes, i fear the destruction of the ring, if it becomes possible at all, may be rather anticlimactic. The battle seems likely to be won or lost before they can even attempt to traverse Cirith Ungol.

    I certainly could have done better, and will likely replay this. it's by far THE best Civ2 scenario i have ever played. Well worth acquiring TOT just to play it.


    • Well, that was fast ... had to fall back from Osgiliath, hopiing for better results from the vaunted Minas Tirith ...but with Osgiliath immediately cranking out dozens of siege towers and catapults, my 20 defenders lasted 2 turns ... with a solitaire spearman remaining to defend the corpses of Faramir, Boromir and Legolas .. Gandalf's command (sans the injured Gandalf) arrived in the nick of time ---- to die under the same onslaught of siege towers and catapults and trolls. Gimli held on at Cair Andros one turn longer and then the tidal wave swept over all ... Esgaroth and Dale fell in the following two turns ... an Elf lord died at Lorien (so I suspect they have little remaining either). Rhadogast the Brown fell under a swarm of wolves. Only two defenders remain at Carrock ... black ships sail at will in the south but Aragorn and a dozen defenders at Palargir can hardly hope to stem the tide ...a desperate attempt by the Eagles and the remainder of Gandalf's command to retake Minas Tirith bled out far from the city walls.

      Despite an army of Ents and Hobbits in South Dunland, I threw in the towel. I think Gollum probably ate Frodo and Sam out in the swamps as well.

      I don't see how it's possible to hold Minas Tirith once you've abandoned Osgiliad ... losing one or two defenders to every siege tower means it's not a matter of if, but when .... maybe Gandalf being present would make a difference? nd i was playing a level below default difficulty ....


      • I don't like this


        • This is really awesome... crazy, but awesome!


          • I still enjoy playing this scenario.


            • Wow, long time no see, WV
              Indifference is Bliss


              • I am going to take a look ASAP.

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