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  • Originally posted by Sarsstock
    Here's an idea for the demsel in distress unit inclusion Harry. If you could set the events so that if the damsel unit is attacked and destroyed by any Evil Robot, the Black Drone unit is spawned with said damsel in his arms, and it would be up to the human civ to free her in return for some sort of incentive (a free tech, gold etc).

    Thats my two cents, I also think I'll make a slightly upgraded version of the title graphic for the final release version as well if thats all right.
    Sorry, forgot to respond to this! Well, my event space is all used up. Maybe, if I get the time, or if someone else wants to, it can be included in a ToT version.

    An upgrade sounds great!


    • Originally posted by Smiley
      the graphics are looking excellent on this one!

      I'd do something to break up the monotony of those brown grids though.
      Well the thing is that the terrain bonuses are shared by the base and the robot ship. It'd have to be something equally befitting each area. Thanks for the compliment. Most of the graphics are from Curt really, I just lumped them together.


      • Looking to take this up again this week.


        • Some last minute sound editing and the scenario should be done!


          • DLing off the other thread now!