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    Originally posted by krait23
    Well personally I think word of mouth is pretty important. I was the first one who got MoO3 in my community, and everyone was envious when I advertised that.

    Regrettably, everyone was similarly disappointed when I pointed out all the flaws. I didn't say outright 'do not buy it' but I pointed out why it didnt meet my expectations. (Yes, we probably DID expect MoO 2,5... so what?)

    Roughly 10 people who are great MoO2 fans and more than just casual gamers decided not to buy it on my input. Some got Space Empires IV instead. Thats the one good thing MoO3 did, I never would have discovered that pearl without it.

    As for amazon reviews, at we got exactly the same thing. Lots of good reviews before release ('reviewing' before release is pretty stupid imo anyway) and 90% 1 and 2 ratings with texts expressing disappointment after release... So I don't think its trolling, its just a fact that many people ARE seriously disappointed with it. And apparently NOT many people like it enough to bother to go and post good reviews...

    Btw, that TechTV interview is interesting... Its bashing the game pretty hard, and down at the bottom thers a link... 'Buy it now at'...
    Anyone else think that funny?

    Well I didnot want MOO 2.5 at all an I than happy they are doing thing which no other game did before. I love EU2 as it is than grand strategic game alot like MOO 3.
    CIV 2 was too much live CIV 1 and someone told me they put in CIV 2 everything their have to leave out of CIV 1 so than 286 or 386 could be able to run it. I than not saying they dumb down CIV 1 there where hardware limitment that have to be consider. I than happy they make CIV 3 unlike CIV 1 or CIV 2.
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      You know, Civ3, while strictly not a strategy game, since the number of successful strategies is so very limited, is still a fun game if you're into the Sim mindset. At least for the first age or so.

      SimOrion, on the other hand, is highly unsatifactory, because even after you've resigned yourself to be the Imperial Voyeur rather than play the game, you still ain't getting enough feedback to see what's actually happening.
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        I happened to enjoy playing moo3 I guess that makes me odd.