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The Foundation Principle: Empires should die

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    This game is for people who have an interest in
    1. strategy
    2. sci-fi
    3. history

    It goes without saying that we would like concepts from some of our favorite books/movies incorporated into this game.
    As the consumer, it is for us to request all the options we want in a game. Not to worry about how hard it is do.
    It is the job of the designer’s(Seller) to get as many options as possible into the game and make it balanced, playable and enjoyable.
    What can make a nigga wanna fight a whole night club/Figure that he ought to maybe be a pimp simply 'cause he don't like love/What can make a nigga wanna achy, break all rules/In a book when it took a lot to get you hooked up to this volume/
    What can make a nigga wanna loose all faith in/Anything that he can't feel through his chest wit sensation


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      I too think that the fact that you can reach a critical mass after which you are unstoppable is a disappointing attribute of these games. I would like to mention though that I see a single fundamental reason for this: the AI is lame.

      At least this has been my experience with Civ3. If you play PtW against 3 humans, and you have say 50% of the land, while the other 3 have significantly smaller but well developed empires, there is no way you are going to win by sheer military power. In fact you will have a hell of a time to win at all, unless you have a very loyal ally.

      Let me also add that corruption goes a long way in ensuring this, therefore I think it is an excellent feature in the game.
      Care for some gopher?

      Did you know that in GalCiv, the AI makes you think you are playing against humans? Stop laughing, they mean it!!!


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        I hate to say that the contant roman cival war in the 3rd century cause roman to debase their coinage system of gold
        and silver by putting less gold and silver in their coins. This lead to inflation which weakness the ecomony. One roman emporue try to fight this inflation with fix prices and cost on everything under the penly of death and that didnot work.
        Then he pass than law saying you have to stay at your familty occupation or job even it you where loseing money doing so under the pently of death. The tax burdon and the debase money utter destory the backbone of any empire of
        civilateion the middle class.
        By the year 2100 AD over half of the world population will be follower of Islam.