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    Best regards Bruce!

    Im very happy to see your message and good form. Thank you for remembering my efforts. Luckly im not alone in them! New players come and begun to teach younger ones. We still fight for the future of MOOII

    Im not a fan of 4 ways these days. But im happy to join your new league under Alkari Forces. STRENGTH and HONOR!



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      Step: limitations on ships won't work. That is, it's not a good solution. Granted we all know the problem of long battles, but hmm.. I usually have a book next to me when I'm playing.

      Since you asked for feedback on "presiding the league". A small group of 3 people is perhaps a good way to go about it. Three individuals who are well versed with MOO2 to decide on any controversial situations or in general any decisions that would need to be taken.

      Maybe you could start from that. I believe you should be one of those three since you started this whole thing and ask for people who you can work with and believe they are good for the job and ... want to be in the group of three. Then those three can get together and finalyse everything. Don't worry the rest will follow.


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        I want to be Elerians like I was before. umm....I guess stick me with Meklars.
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          The northern hemisphere's temperate zone is in daylight savings time, yes? 2 p.m. US EDT = 4 a.m. here (AU EST). Hmm.

          How many Asian, Australian and western Pacific MOO2 players frequent here? I know there are a number at the SMAC forum.

          Zoe Trope


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            Hi, my 1st time doing this, I suppose I will play the Humans. Thanks for having me


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              There used to be some AUS players and a player from Samoa but not any currently. It would be great to see em come back for some moo2 games.
              Inver was a verry good Ausie player, I havent seen Inver seen him in online moo in a long time.

              There is a good number of European players and I din't want to push starts games to late for them but 4am is pretty damn early to get up yo play moo2. If there are playeres in AUS time zone that wish to play perhaps games with AUS players could be scheduled starting at 10pm Germany is 6am your time, 4pm east US, 1 pm West US does this work. for everyone? This is open for all reply alternate time tables. so let rip lets get some feedback on this.


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                I'm in . Human of course


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                  I disagree with limiting teams at 3. I think fewer more larger teams is better for getting scedualed games and future tournaments, inteam training 4 ways, just making sure 2 vets per team, for games/tournaments. Filling every race seems more for asthetics then fairness and practicality.

                  With this said you can put cyber in my spot but im pushing for fewer races and more people per team. I don't see why we need every race covered fully. Im sure the league of old had a much larger and active community base. If we cant end up filling them all maybe we could merge the smaller races with the weaker larger races, in the form of an allience or two.

                  The only team that is a bit strong right now is the Mrrshan with three strong players as long as any fourth that joins them is a noobie the teams will still be on par.

                  The majority seem to wan't 3 max for now. Just stick me in the undesided column and give cyber my spot.



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                    Count me in too...

                    I know I never have time, but I'd be happy to contribute in whatever way possible. I can throw in any existing code, or whatever, and can host if needed. I would also be happy to perform programming tasks - I just don't have time to do it all.

                    The Star League was maintained completely by hand, and the burden of doing so was one of the reasons it collapsed. When Elron didn't feel like doing it anymore, there was noone else that would either.

                    BTW - I can't play until I find a machine I can dedicate to Moo2.... All my current machines hate VESA.... I thought VirtualPC would work, but I get the same issues from using Win98 under VirtualPC....


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                      Wow real nice offers Marius!
                      I am certain when a ruling body is selected they will be make us of your contribution.

                      Marius have you tried useing LB's (LordBrazen) patch?
                      Many XP players are running DOS moo now. there are some other folks in kali server 206 that are pretty good at helping with XP setup PK, Siron to name a couple off the top of my head. I seen 1st&the17th helping SuperChad for long time the other day. So give it a try and stop by kali moo server 206 and ask arround.

                      Patch site


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                        I was using his patch, but it isn't a software issue. I PK and I even worked on it together in Kali one night. I am going to have to pull an old machine out of my graveyard and build it for MoO...

                        I was thinking about it today, and I think that the suggestion to limit the number of races and have a few large teams is probably a good one. Even when TSL was in its prime the smaller teams had a more difficult time fielding enough players to keep up with the tournament schedule.

                        Four teams should allow for a meaningful tournament schedule... A "Best of" series could help to make it more interesting...


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                          Guys, why not first get all the players interested and thend ecide on the numebr of teams. If there are quite a few people, it would be nice to have more teams so that everyone plays... Otherwise, i feel the less important players might get brushed aside and it will be a shame if that happens.

                          Marius: I'm willing to undertake the website for the league. Email me at I also use icq #4506289 - but as of late my comp has been crashing a lot so i don't log on too often


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                            Well, I certainly don't think we should decide on a fixed race number, nostly I just think that it is a mistake to limit each race to 3 in order to spread players out.

                            I remember that during the TSL tournaments we had races ranging from 9 players to 20 or more, and it was very common for the officer scheduling the tournaments to scrape together a racial team because only 1 member of that race was available to play that night.

                            On the other hand, it was also common for another race to field 2 or 3 teams on tournament night.

                            I realize it sounds disorganized, but it was the only way we could get tournament games to be finished in a timely manner...


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                              lets get some games rolling soon it would be nice to get games going June 4th.

                              Lets begin by getting some of the folks makeing decesions nominated and voted for. as there are 3 slots I think it's ok that each person can nnominate 3 people.
                              So with that I nominate Siron, GrayLord, PK.

                              After the nominations are all in then the council can finalize the team structure and make migrations players or what ever theyy think is best. I think Glimers idea of team captians (strong players) picking there team mates.

                              Once that is accomplished structure up some games.
                              Get the most accomidating time zone.
                              Set up with players withing team for availability.
                              Record results.

                              Game records can be kept in text format if need be until a web site is up and running. I know Siron has been working on an ELO formula.

                              OK well submit your nominations for 3 council members.
                              I would hope that the structure would be that every year or every 6 months 2 council members step odwn and 2 fresh ones step up. and no player hold the position for longer than 2 consecutive terms. anyway thats just my 2 cents. nominat some people so we can get a vote going.


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                                Well couple things, been between locations and still moving around. But... the better of the leagues MOO II was played under was not Elrons TSL half the membership was gone in a very short time... ladders became the thing and the prodution race the norm. Some may disagree but he was an autocrate. I was no angel either but personal disagreements with individuals didn't become league policy.

                                I suggested then the council should be made up of rotating team leaders or there appopintee for 3 mo. periods... they settle disputes w/o appeal. The deterant to impropriety is the 3 month term. The nuts and bolts administartion should not be burdened with daily game issues.

                                From that time technology has greatly improved... I recommend anyone that has the resource to get it play it DOS via Windows XP... it works beautifly. I have can be of assitence in helping set it up (Cudos to PK in particular for understanding what I was asking in relation to the old issues) There are some issues if you have more than one CD/DVD drive is the only weird thing here and just remembering. (settings in DOS game) The updates mentioned above in this thread I reccomemed.

                                I would tell people that you don't have to be the best player to be a good leader/administrator... having done it with a degree of succes for 4 years then it's more about babysitting than flying.(Team issues not league issues) Our forces were small but they showed up.

                                I'll nominate graylord ... you step and gusset