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  • kali laegaue sign up

    Hey lets get the ball rolling on getting the league up and running again with a sign up to see how many would like to join and join a race.
    The league had a number of player for each race in the game, then each week races would compeat in games for a victory points. there were team games and free for alls it was very fun.

    I would like to start the ball roling by starting this off by enlistinging into the Elerain race.

    So select a race you like and hop on board lets get these games on kali running back on the league there are lots of players now lets get do this =)

    This is also posted on the kali league site I the league was a lot of fun just realy would like to get it back on it's feet again there seems to be enough players out there now =)

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    Hi Step!

    heh.....20 hours moo in a row....yesterday.....and you even more. Cool like stone....

    Count me in: Silicoids
    "Football is like chess, only without the dice." Lukas Podolski


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      I'm in as well, but undecided about my race. I tried looking in the mirror, but I still couldn't tell...

      BTW, I wonder who the hell will pick the Gnolams.


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        Your friend Zircon will surely do this.....he plays them all the time....
        "Football is like chess, only without the dice." Lukas Podolski


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          4way League ? Good Idea .

          IŽll take Mrrshans !


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            mrrshan of course

            count me in...purrrr


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              The race selection is just what team you want to be on.
              It is not a stock race to play, use your favorite custom races to compeate against other racer (teams) and get victory points for your team/race.


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                  Hmm You Really Wanna Suffer Step?

                  Sakkra... or the Vicious Barney's a s the Empire was... fleet Admiral's Dimitry and Romulan requested to re join the service :P

                  Emperor Barnius
                  "purple is pretty..."


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                    I was thrilled at the prospect of stock races - merely to see how well people would cope.

                    Anyhow, I still can't tell what my face is when I look in the mirror.

                    Anyway, sign me up and I'll probably pick a race nobody else picks or something like that. I guess it will depend on how many people sign up.
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                      Hi Step!

                      Of course, I'm in.....

                      With Silicoids by my side !!!


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                        Egad, this would be fun. Would we need to a) re-elect a new president, b) ask Cybersaber to take it on until new elections (given that he was teh most recent president), c) none of the above, no leadership necessary? I'm just thinking that an acknowledged head-honcho might be a good idea when pulling something like this together. Biggest requirement in such a person: that it NOT be me!

                        Also, what about infrastructure? In the old days there was a section of the site devoted to keeping track of the races, does such stuff still exist?

                        And one final concern, can we count on veteran players to distribute themselves fairly amongst the races, or would some players need to choose races by putting names in a hat to avoid having the top ladder players on the same team? (ie kinda like a Kali MOO2 version of free agency/salary cap rules)

                        All that said, sign me up as a Trilarian...



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                          this is just my signing up for the liga


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                            @ gusset

                            I saw cybersaber yesterday on icq and gave him link. But he hasn't answered yet.

                            I dont think that a president has priority. But we should discuss:

                            a) the rules here. I guess the old rules ( ) could be slightly modified. (fe. just 1wait for attacker or even no wait for attacker in 4ways)

                            b) the score. I propose some elo-score. Otherwise huge differences in the rating might become frustrating.

                            And about the teams. I think we should wait a bit....let us look how this will develop. So far we have:

                            Elerians: Step Zealot seppel
                            Mrrshan: alex d jb-bigkat
                            Sakkra: Kutuzov
                            Silicoids: siron Giant
                            Trilarians: Gusset

                            and Brutal plays everywhere.

                            I think we should stop with 3 players per team. (any counter proposals?!) Elerians team is full in this case.
                            "Football is like chess, only without the dice." Lukas Podolski


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                              Will this Ladder also support 1on1 Games ?

                              We hav already a 1on1 Ladder.