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Has something changed in How Apolyton is coded?

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    Another example:

    Seriously. Kung freaking fu.


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      I too have the "attachment.php" problem, using IE 6 and have not had the problem ever (I last time downloaded something ~ 2 weeks ago).
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        I have nothing more to add. My self-proclaimed network technicianship only goes so far
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          the issues were casued by the page-compression mechanism which has been disabled...
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            Originally posted by MarkG
            the issues were casued by the page-compression mechanism which has been disabled...
            Thanks Markos. But in the spirit of "trust, but verify", a test of the PBEM download produced the same problem, a file named "attachment.php". However, knowing Apolyton had taken action, I decide to clean the dreck out of my browser, and that did solve the problem. So.....for those still experiencing the "file name problem" (which, nod to Zoidberg, is probably an IE-only issue), here's how to solve it:

            1) Tools, Internet Options opens the configuration box.

            2) Click the "Clear History" button and then "OK".

            3) Close the browser, open up and try to download a file. If the problem persists, repeat Step #1.

            4) Now click the "Delete Cookies" and "Delete Files" buttons and then "OK".

            5) Close the browser, reopen, login to Apolyton, and you'll have no problem.

            (NOTE: I did all three of those at once and that solved the problem, but I think only one of the buttons is actually necessary.....but I'm not sure which!)
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              Ok good -- glad to get an answer and I think this thread can die now
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                I'd first like to thank MarkG for solving the issue.
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