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Can We At Least Talk About Who Will Run Leagues For NFL?

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  • Nice to see you back, DD. I saw the waiver moves so knew you were around.

    So sorry to hear about the RL setbacks. Hang in there, man. Thoughts and prayers, all positive, to you and yours...
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    • Originally posted by Berzerker View Post
      I wouldn't want to wish you further pain, but if you were an innocent bystander were they insured?
      This was in one of the worst areas of Detroit (Davison and Livernois for you Detroiters) and I believe the car was stolen or certainly involved in something illegal (perhaps a robbery of some sort). Amazingly the way Detroit is nobody gave me any info. The cop after it was over asked me if I wanted to pursue restitution then kinda chuckled. And under the circumstances I didn't think this guy was gonna have a lot of legal money or insurance to pay for my vehicle. The cop took my info but gave me none. I guess I should have asked for something but I was pretty stunned at the time.

      The guy clipped my car and lost control and totally nailed the one behind me. Then about 2-3 secs later there were a bunch of police cars lights ablazing. I started to open my door a little stunned and someone yelled stay in the car head down. I did so and about 5 mins later a cop came to my car told me it was over, move my car over here and sit down at the curb.

      Then he took my Drivers license, asked me about restitution as I stated above, asked me a couple other questions (One being did I see a firearm?) Then told me to go and they'd be in touch. Haven't heard anything since.


      • Sorry, mate. Do you work in that area?

        At some point I have to take the wife around town to get some more ideas for her novel, but I'm planning on staying in the downtown/Woodward/DIA area...
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        • Originally posted by Guynemer View Post
          Sorry, mate. Do you work in that area?

          I used to. Currently looking for work. So I have lots of free time now.