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  • I have been waiting for the update and responses. I have already made my orders and am waiting on you Specialist290.
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    • will get orders in by the weekend
      Those walls are absent of glory as they always have been. The people of tents will inherit this land.


      • Well, glad to see that's cleared up. Update tomorrow.


        • Update started, though it won't cover too much because of lack of orders from certain players.


          • JULY 1882 Update

            THE GREAT WAR

            American Front
            On the US-Confederate-Mexican front, things remain essentially unchanged. However, the Americans have been able to push the British forces from Canada back a little.

            European Front
            On the front lines, very little progress has been made in either Poland or France. However, Italy has recovered some in Austro-Hungary, while the situation in the Balkans remains essentially the same.

            Other Fronts
            Australian troops have been able to seize the German Marshall Islands with little resistance. These islands will serve as valuable coaling stations, especially considering the loss of Hong Kong to China.

            All other fronts remain unchanged.

            At Sea
            The German High Seas Fleet has returned to port and is in the process of refitting. Meanwhile, small, sporadic naval fighting is taking place between various forces in the Pacific.



            OTHER NEWS

            North America

            The results of a poll in Quebec by British and Canadian officials were unfortunately delayed by excessively large amounts of red tape. However, they have now reached the Crown. Some of the reasons the Quebecois are restless include discrimination against them as opposed to other Canadians and a lack of sufficient representation in the Canadian Parliament. The government in Ottawa is currently addressing both problems.

            Everything else is involved with the war.

            Europe/Asia Minor
            A Scottish inventor working in Kent has discovered how to make heavier-than-air craft fly. Using a newly-developed gasoline engine, he managed to fly a craft named the Winged Steed 700 ft. and sustain flight for about 30 seconds. The British government is working on ways to refine this new technology and find military applications for it.

            Middle East/North Africa
            Nothing of interest.

            East Asia/Orient
            The British government has decided to return Hong Kong to the Chinese government after complaints by Chinese officials.

            Central/South Africa
            Tied up in the war.

            South America
            The Argentinian government has managed to drive out the Brazillian forces, but their counterinvasion of Brazil has met stiff resistance. The Argentine government is attempting to

            Nothing that hasn't been mentioned above.


            NPC Diplomacy


            Technology Research/Upgrade Progress
            This is where I'll be posting info like when tech levels will become available for research, how much progress is made on upgrades, etc.

            The Early Modern Age is now available for research in all areas, and stats will be regarded for air forces. In order to get an air force, you must first research the tech level for it (Low Tech Early-Modern Age), then once that is accomplished, begin construction of one.

            Tech Research
            Great Britain has researched Low-Tech Early Modern Age for the air force and is sharing it with the Ottoman Empire, France, and the CSA.

            Germany: Navy, Industrial Age, LT-->HT, 4 turns

            Germany: Navy, Tiny-->Small, 3 Turns
            GB: Air Force, None-->Tiny, 1 turn


            -I haven't updated the front page stats in a while, so I'll try to work on that during the week. Also, if anyone has any research or upgrading in progress, please post it (or PM me) with the amount of turns you expect it to take once the update is finished and I'll try to get that in. (Note: The amount of turns it actually will take may be adjusted slightly due to economy, etc., as mentioned in the first post).
            -I'm starting to rethink the way I do updates. I'll let you guys tell me how long you think your research and upgrades will take, and I'll adjust them according to economy, size, and other factors.


            • Re: Maps

              WORLD MAP

              MAPS OF THE FRONTS
              Gray- Country borders
              Black (or red in Japanese front)- Front lines





              • Update finished. If I overlooked something... you know the routine.

                I'll try to get the front maps done by Wednesday, and the stuff on the front page before next update.


                • As usual, family and holidays intervene and foil my plans...

                  Anyway, update tomorrow. Get your orders in before then.


                  • Where is the update and the maps of the fronts?


                    • Sorry for my uneplained absence (sickness), but I'm afraid that, unfortunately, I'm going to have to close this NES due to too many conflicts in schedule.

                      I'm sorry if this causes any inconnveniences.


                      • I think it is already dead, so dont worry.
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