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    Now, tell me is the game RTS (real-time strategy), TBS(turn-based strategy), FPS (first-person shooter) or TPS (third-person shooter)? Or a mixture of some of those? The website looked so horrible that I didn't want to look any further...
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      Glad to see you share the same views as I do for MOHAA. That mission in the U-boat was cool. The details of the interior I think were pretty accurate and yes you don't get the feel of having to rush around killing or being killed. The only time I got really stressed out was the Omaha beach landing and sniper town scenarios.


      I would consider MOHAA a FPS type game, but not one where you mindlessly go around killing everything in sight. There's plenty of time to just go around exploring the game world too. Give it a try!
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        Originally posted by Juggernaut
        I was thinking of buying it, but the demo severely insulted my comp - it suggested I should play with 16 colours and 640x480 res.
        16 colours. Think this is something Win 3.1 was capable of. I've read this a loooooong time ago in the manual of my graphic card:

        16 colours the newest feature ever...or something like this. They really bragged with it
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          Interesting. How would you compare it to Deus Ex? I'm not a FPS fan but if it is more about stealth and acting intelligently than mowing down hordes of Nazi's with a dozen silly weapons then I may get it.
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            Played moh on playstation 2 - liked it very much!

            Played mohaa on the computer - boring.


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              Originally posted by Haupt. Dietrich
              I think that if you're into WW2 and are not that fussy about realistic physics modelling ala WW2 Online than you will enjoy MOHAA.
              That's also one of the reasons I don't like MOHAA, I don't like WW2 in games... For me, games should be: "Present time, future or long time ago (about 1900 AD - BC)" The time between 1900 and 1990, is a boring time in computer games...
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                Well, everyone can't like everything. I just happen to be interested in the WWII.
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