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    Re: Thank you

    Originally posted by GordonF
    I finished up a Cradle 1.32 game, and found it strategically challenging (with interesting improvements that make a great game better), but long.Gordon
    Actually, if yoy want to make a Cradle game faster, all you need to do is go into CRA_Advances and reduce the cost of all the advances to your own preferences. (-33% is a good starting point) At most, it takes 15 minutes with a calculator. (Be sure to make a backup of the file beforehand)

    Originally posted by GordonF
    I am sure that you know that Hexagonian named one of the cities for the Hexagonian race after you in Cradle. I found it hard to go against the Hexagonians and to conquer the city of Dale;
    My little touch to honor a great Modder...
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