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    No Problem
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      Well, I have some more ideas besides the refugees.

      first off, I've made a world map scenario for WAW with all the cities in place, but building a military is up to you.

      I have cast the Romans, Americans, Chinese, Brazilians, Nigerians, Austrailians, Indians and the Russians.

      There are some changes to the units, and the Railroad Bridge is available. It's the undersea tunnel, but i'm, trying to make a bridge that doesn't resemble the one from "The Magnificent Samurai". Can only build on shallow water.

      Unit changes are:

      There are three types of Machine Gunners,

      Communist M.G. brown uniform
      Democratic M.G. blue uniform
      Fascist M.G. gray uniform

      If you like, i've pulled some sprites from the Official WWII scenario for the Red Army, Infantry, and Stormtrooper.

      Red Army Corp: brown fascist
      Infantry Regiment: Blue Fascist
      Stormtrooper: Gray Fascist

      New feature: Machine Gunner and Mass production infantry have their Attack and Defense values inverted:


      Stormtrooper Attack=100 Defense=75
      Fascist M.G. Attack=75 Defense 100

      More information will be included in the readme that will get more into detail.

      Will be ready today or tomorrow depending how bad "Fish Bait" (my sister) nags me.
      Emperor Matthew I

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        World Map - WAW

        the file I promised yesterday i am uploading today to Files section of ctp2.
        Emperor Matthew I

        Patience is an asset, if your plan is world conquest.


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          That's cool What files section?
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            Cool! :b Will have to give it a go.


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              Nice additions to WaW, Dale. Great work


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                Hey there!!

                LOVE the intro movie! Well edited and truly adds to the WaW experience. :-)

                I do have one question... According to the readmes and such the game is supposed to run from 1900-1950 (1949), but when I start up the MOD the start date is shown as 1 AD and counts from there. Is this correct?

                Also, has anyone else have this happen... Upon first starting WaW, if I build a city with the very first settler that is selected by the program the last settler that is selected will "run home to momma" no matter where you order it to go (I seem to remember reading about this happening somewhere around the forums, but can find it again). If you move that first settler and found the first city with the second settler (or third or fourth) then this running home syndrome does not appear.

                I would appreciate any input on this... thanks a bunch!



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                  Yes, from what I've read and played, WAW is about the era between 1900-1950. The units, techs, etc are from that era. The problem with the start date being 1 AD, can easilly be fixed by changing the turnlength.txt, to fit those dates. I haven't looked into this, so maybe Dale has it start at 1AD for a reason, or maybe it was just an oversight.

                  The problem with the settler is also present in the Super Apolyton Pack, and from what I've read in this forum, a fix for this bug is currently being worked on.


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                    Hey there, Centrifuge!

                    Thanks for the quick reply... I was tempted to change the date in turnlength.txt too, but didn't for the same reason you mentioned... I wasn't sure if there were other connections to the 1 AD date that might cause problems. I may back up the file, try the change and see what happens.

                    THAT'S where I remember reading about that Settler problem! :-) Thank you... that was really stating to bug me. Gled to hear there is a fix in the works.

                    Thanks a bunch!



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                      No Problem. I'm always glad to help if I can. The posters on the CTP2 forum are always quite diligent in answering my questions, so it's only fair to return the favor once in a while.

                      Arktiem, after you change the turnlength.txt, let me know how it works. I don't remember any events in WAW that should be assosciated with dates via SLIC, so I'm assuming that changing the text file is all that should be necessary. Let me know either way, I've been to busy to delve into any CTP2 lately, and I'm kind've curious about the outcome.



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                        AFAIK, turnlength.txt only works in scenarios. You probably need to be looking in WAW_const.txt for the beginning and end dates, and the increments between them.
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                          Hey there

                          Originally posted by Immortal Wombat
                          AFAIK, turnlength.txt only works in scenarios. You probably need to be looking in WAW_const.txt for the beginning and end dates, and the increments between them.
                          It's so cool to come back online and find two responses. :-)

                          You are absolutely correct... well partially, I think. I was looking at the WaW map/scenario and wound up thinking turnlength.txt which is only a part of a scenario. But if I am thinking clear again (which is probably not very likely) the const.txt file lists the game end year and the warning before game end year. Isn't the beginning date (and the year increments between turns) a part of the DiffDB.txt file? (In this case in WAW_DiffDB.txt) I will give that one a shot (after backing it up, of course) and see if that corrects the year problem (without creating new ones)

                          Thanks again, and I will let you know as soon as possible if fiddling with the WAW_DiffDB.txt file does the trick. Probably won't be until tomorrow though as these thunderstorms around here have forced me to keep shutting down. Hopefully they are on their way out for a few days.

                          Take care!!



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                            Yep it is the WAW_DiffDB.txt for sure.
                            If you have problems let me know.
                            I could fix it to you.
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                            Kill thousands and you are a conquer.
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                              Thanks a bunch for the confirmation! I changed the start date to 1900 and it worked... partially. It still shows 1 AD for the first turn, but the next turn shows 1901 and goes one year per turn thereafter (any idea as to where to change the first turn's date from that 1 AD one?).

                              As you may have read above, you need to change the start date to 1900 for each of the difficulty levels in the WAW_DiffDB.txt file.



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                                Thanks for the info guys