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  • World At War! (1900-1950)

    Greetings one 'n all! The World At War! (1900 - 1950) MOD has entered its release phase.

    Current Version 29 April 2002:
    The current version is V1.04.

    If you are running V1.03 then you only need to download from my website, otherwise, you'll need all four files.

    Download site:

    Please read the readme first.

    Will you be the spider or the fly?

    We shall soon see.................
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    excellent, plan to give it a try as soon as I have some free time. Thanx Dale.


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      Dale: Great work. I'm looking forward to a new game with version 1.04.

      From the Readme:

      "I am working on an AI Naval Improver and an AI Army Improver script which will replace frenzy.slc. Though a good script for its time, many bugs and issues have been found with the script."

      I'll be looking forward to this


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        WAW Intro Movie....

        I've made an intro movie specifically for WAW , but unfortunately it looks like you guys won't get to see it.

        The zip file is 17mgs and my website won't allow a file that big. What do people think of downloading 17x1mg files in a self-extracting RAR?


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          Re: WAW Intro Movie....

          Originally posted by Dale
          The zip file is 17mgs and my website won't allow a file that big. What do people think of downloading 17x1mg files in a self-extracting RAR?
          I'd do it, having an intro movie would add a lot IMHO. Not in gameplay, but definitely in ambiance. Downloading mods often takes several downloads anyway. 17 is a little more than usual, but...


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            Oh and I haven't even downloaded V1.04 yet, but I soon will. Just way to busy, to get started with another game right now.


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              Shame the Temp files database wont be able to hold it!(17meg!!).
              I can handle downloading it in bits
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                You'll be glad to know I was able to modify the intro movie down to a 3.4 mg download!!!

                The only downside is the loss of quality. But you can't have everything. So I can now get it to the temp file database.


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                  Tried playing Civ3 for a while...deleted it tuesday night |{will try it again if the add-on fixes things}...downloaded 1.04 last night re-installed CTP2 and have had the best game ever Spies treachery aggression ...Congratulations excellent work how youre able to take a average game and make it so good and a challenge for the first time is beyond me...but Thank you

                  one thing bugs me the movement of Mark1 artill the AI seems to love sending these things to pillage my hard work they move fast and are very very pesky they seem to come from nowhere.

                  But again greatmod.. thanks


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                    I know, the AI loves to use this tactic against me too. Almost like guerilla warfare.


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                      WAW Intro Movie Option Pack!

                      The intro movie for WAW is now available on my site. Follow the link in my sig to get it.

                      - Download all 5 files (including "Unpacker").
                      - Run WAW_intro_pack.bat to reconstruct the install file.
                      - Run WAW_intro_pack.exe to install the intro movie.

                      I'm going to start using Install Maker to cut down on the manual work needed by people to install MODs. It's a good little tool.

                      Anyways, let me know what you think of the movie.



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                        Downloaded WAW 1.04

                        I downloaded WAW 1.04 a few weeks ago, and its pretty good. I will admit that it lacked in some areas. Stormtroopers, Infantry Regiments, and Red Army Corps looked exactly alike. No animation for the new sprites.

                        Do you know where I can find a sprite editor? Cause I want to add on some animations and save Dale the trouble.

                        On a scale of 1-10, I give this MOD an 8.4

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                          Just tried out the WAW mod and enjoyed the quick action and stronger ai. Great work! However, I soon discovered a glaring weakness in the ai's strategy. Once I managed to defend my cities against the constant barrage of stacked forces, I discovered that I could quickly take enemy cities because the ai left them virtually undefended. Once my defenses were adequate, I built an attack force, and ventured out to test the enemies strength. To my surprise, I easily took a nearby city, this continued turn after turn. The ai had plenty of units in my territory and kept me busy defending myself, but at the same time left his own lands vunerable to my puny attacks. Ultimately it weakened the enjoyment of the game. I am not that familiar with how you modders accomplish the changes in the game, but I was curious if this is a fixable problem related to the frenzy slic, goal.txt, or strategy.txt. Any help would be appreciated, would love to play WAW again, but I need the AI to be more responsible with its most precious resource - cities.

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                            Feedback Afterthought

                            Just a thought after I posted the above. What about a defensive unit that doesn't move put into the building lists. Would that help? Thanks again for the response.

                            What profit to gain the whole world?


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                              This problem is currently being worked on, for more info check out this thread: