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Grand Overlord of Trolldom: Forging Forth a new Hope, a new Horizon

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    Screenies = good; story = even better. Nice developments, but don't get carried away with pictures. While they may be worth a thousand words each, I'd rather read those words in addition to the visual aid they provide.
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      A sloemn day has overtaken the Victory of the Roman Provinces. Our Son Markus Maximus Trollius has been over ran in Trollian by an aggressive Persian Army in the year on 1375. They provoked us and were unable to turn the tide. No word of where our son is or his status. We have given up current plans to occupy that land and when we sought a possible pact with Spain, we were refused an audience. On my knee I begged for a moment and would have sworn allegiance to assure my Sons fate. However, Spain would only close its gates to my emissary. We hope word will find him ok. As for this desperate hour and a deaf ear, well Spain has chosen what it wants to hear, Persian Power.

      When I attack Spain, I will require an ear for each citizen. Then Persian leaders will dine on them prior to burning at the stakes I am now building. My son has but one life and if a sparse hair is harmed, no time will be permitted passage prior to carnage being wrought on those responsible!

      Grand Overlord Troll
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        This is last report we had, Persian occupation

        My Son, your father is coming for you!

        This I swear!

        Now, I must tell Queen Lindonia......
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          Gloom and doom!

          My son is missing; his outpost has been overrun and ransacked by Persia!

          My troops have fought well and we are now at peace with Rome. We had a major fight with Persia and Rome, found peaceable alternatives with Rome. Persia attacked like a wolfhound from Hades! Pillaging and pirating, attacking and enslaving! I was amazed at their military might, and if it were not for my great military leaders, of which my two are destined to go down in the annuals of history as two of the best, from Roman Victory days we offer General Pattonius and from Persian fame Sire Bernardo Law Montgomerious! I have never seen two more brilliant strategists go at it at once, however, I fear I may only be able to chain up one big dog in my yard at once, so I am glad a great land mass divides the two!

          I enticed the Romans into a declaration of war as well as Spain against the Persians, which bought me precious time to fortify my borders!

          My legions of Crusaders, Knights, spearmen and Javelin Throwers, even unto the mighty warriors fought hard and diligently. After 350 days worth of battles Persia came offering a peace treaty!

          Now, we have Peace again, but those lousy whores defile my land with settlements.

          I am not at all overwhelmed Military wise, but am at a loss, me Grand Overlord of Trolldom as to why we have lost so much money and are now starving? Rioting and loss of income, I am searching and my people are grumbling. I decided to institute governors over my provincial settlements. I fear though, greed has lined their pockets while my people suffer?

          My Queen is not eating, distraught over the unknown plight of our son!
          I am losing to rioters and looters alike and fear Trolldom is in the belly of Times darkest hours!

          I see battles waging in the fertile countryside at every turn. News of great inventions throughout the world come with merchant ships docking at my backdoor. My Knights roam the country side and return downcast with stories and reportings of newer settlements and many ships visible from high on the mountain tips supplying them. What am I to do as leader?

          Reports do say we are considered a respectable race, for we have shown our mettle against the worlds leaders and survived. I say survived, for we did not turn the battle toward the enemy but tucked our tail and covered up and at the moment we wondered what may soon become of us, the skies parted and the sun shown favor on us!

          I have dispatched many workers to help rebuild the infrastructure and again we get sad news of yet more looting and we hemorrhage gold and our coffers are empty!

          My Queen, where has my Queen gone off? Last I saw she was wrought with pain and anguish!

          I see clearly once day and now, my vision is clouded with uncertainty and fear. Am I strong enough to overcome the toils and pain of failures we are currently experiencing? Am I able to reach down and turn dirt to wealth? I will find the answers! My people will survive, yes even unto victory!

          I will find the way. I must form alliances and yes sign treaties; I cannot take on the scourge of the world and survive. My Son, My Son I pray for the safe return to us soon if it be so, I seek the safe return of you to your home!

          Now, I must pull my people together, reassuring them of prosperity!

          Perhaps, Governors must be shown the way, Trolllian ways, to have my people purged of Political Pollution!

          I will go and lead, I will meet head-on this Time and have it work for us, my soul is rent, my soul thirst for survival and my soul belongs not to I but to the people of Trolldom!

          Viva La Trolldom!

          Viva La Trolldom!
          Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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            much better to have some good developments there
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              What Chris said. Good developments there.
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                I am Heavy with burden as my Love, My Queen, is missing. What’s more I am besieged with reports of garrisoned troops leaving en-masse from necessary posts! What can be going on with my troops? I summons my fabled Gaurde El Denente’, which prevents intruders from entering my complex. I am missing a key member of my cabinet. That would be Commodore Lesarde. He is usually never away from his post? I search myself as rumors reach my ears that a rider approaches from the west.

                “Could this be news of my Queen?” I ponder outloud.

                “Perhaps this is truth of my Son, Markus Maximus Trollius” I seek the whereabouts of this mounted rider.

                My most trusted of aids, Colonel Beauregard of the 10th Purple Raiders approaches with what appears to be my sons cloak.

                “Sire” as he kneels before me, “Grand Overlord please accept this with deepest regrets that it is I whom bears this dreadful news” as he continues, opening the cloak, exposing my sons hands, bound but cut off at the elbows along with his scalp.

                “Oh my” as I fall, my heart pierced with anguish. “From where did thou receive this” I press my Colonel on “Tell me where from this rider came?”

                “Sire, he came on a Sumerian Steed along with a message of preparation for a slaughter.”

                I am aghast at what remains of my son. I gather my self and rise up, ordering my trumpeters to sound the alert for all forces to post for war!

                “Where is my Queen?” I seek, hurting and fearing for her whereabouts.

                I order all troops to the ready. A Roman emissary has requested an audience.

                “Grand Overlord Troll, my orders are to have you remove all troops from our borders at once. I bring this seal from Persian Leader Xerxes as one whom along with Queen Isabella of Spain, support this decision.”

                “You trifle me with this nonsense?” I shout looking over this mere shadow of a warrior. “Go back where you came from, tell your leaders and all other I remove nothing but the remnants of your people!” Shouts forth my anger!

                I send forth Knights, Crusaders and Medieval Infantry and we are strong, over 500,000 and more to come fill my roadways. I set forth ransacking and find some strong resistance to my northeast, so summonsing up my rear detachment from the southwest garrisons, my missions of a Roman Crusade fill the countryside.

                As I allow my rage to engulf the settlements of Roman citizenry, word comes that Persia has slaughtered though defiling my Queen and she has been rent from limb to limb by Calvary Mounts!

                I am crushed but searing with an unquenchable fire! I summons all troops from all cities to come forth and attack at the north and northeast. I will show this Roman Empire what I am made of.

                A ruler should be more prepared than that of an emotional fool whom allows his passion for family rule his heart. This is what had has been the downfall of many of my ancestors, pride and arrogance. Eagerness to battle but folly in preparation!

                I take four settlements from the Roman Empire as it is falling; many of my own leaders also perish. My troops are coming forth when a dispatch rider comes from the west.

                “Sire!” he rides toward me, bleeding and spewing forth what assuredly can only be babble from a madman!

                “He falls at my steeds feet, turning upward, continuing, “Sire, the Persians and Sumerians are attacking us and pillaging our sparsely defended cities”

                I see now as we are spread thin with Roman rule under our knife, a trap! It is too late as we are in the valley of Gilmoan descent. Nowhere to defend ourselves, a gauntlet has started closing. I ride hard to the east to gather my troops to engage a wheel maneuver. Then I see it with my own eyes, catapults and Calvary, gunpowder from which we have heard but never possessed.

                I follow my honor guard whom defends our flag and me. We seek refuge but only now see clearly the smoke billowing from many cities as we see the garrisoned troops deserting us.

                “Why” I cry out, “Why is this happening?”

                I seek a defensive line but am mortified that while trying to learn the ways of the advanced, I have miserable failed. My own cities are being burned to the ground. Ruins replace temples and Marketplaces.

                Then I see it, a terrible sight, something my scouts refer to as a tank. Never have I even dreamed of something like this! But the Sumerians are going through us and then from the air, Persian Bombers raze my many southern cities.

                “I try to convey trust and hope” to my people, but alas it is too late. Cries muffled by the over running by millions of foreign troops.

                I am myself backed against the sea. Then I feel it, pain and then coolness as a bayonet pierces my heart. I am slumped over on my steed as I hear these last words: “All Glory is fleeting”

                What happened to the hopes, dreams and desires of our Trollian people?

                Where did I go wrong?

                The heart beats its last as I see the three leaders ride toward me with my flag burning.

                It is sad that a people such as Trollians were snuffed out in a short life.

                Will this dream live on?

                No, for I, Grand Overlord Grandpa Troll was our peoples last hope and alas I failed them.

                I am no more. Trolls die this day forever.

                From one who did try, alas I must now die!
                Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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                  Not that it matters but, this story is done and should be remembered as a CIVIII Cherrypopper and was my indeed honored opportunity to serve and yes i feel I learned alot (LESS SCREENIES! )

                  More words

                  Ok..just kidding..
                  But i am on a learning curve and no The Pullitzer Pulled Away from me years ago and Readers Digest aint interested

                  Maybe..ifin i would have a flashier picture more would have applauded...

                  Ok here is my "Flashy picture" and yeah this one needs a fork stuck in it..its dead!!

                  Off to write more


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                  Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah