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Grand Overlord of Trolldom: Forging Forth a new Hope, a new Horizon

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  • Grand Overlord of Trolldom: Forging Forth a new Hope, a new Horizon

    Sensations from my ancestors past surge within my beating heart. All taunting past failures of would be dictators, free wheeling men whom self destructed with blind ambitions and self denials with deaf ears to the passing wind, The Wind...I know better than to close off wisdom from those whom have gone before me, I know what has happened!

    Slow methodic tightening as my body struggles against the constraints which bind my soul. Yes, although other would disagree, I do have a soul. A soul that searches for a better outlay of fortunes than the mindless decadent fools whom wouldnt listen to reason.

    Why cant I be released? I struggle as I now face the inevitable:

    I am the Overlord of Trolldom.

    I must forge forth.

    I must be strong! I will be strong. Our people will depend upon wisdom. Valor. Indomitable Spirit. Tenets which we will use as a guide, yes, a guide for we know not what or whom or when temptations shall try to pierce our dreams..

    I suddenly awake. I have never seen it so clear in my soul. In my visions. Today is a new Hope. A new Horizon.

    I step into a dawning of a new day, a New Life.

    Yes, today Trolldom will live and today is the first step in the conquest of the worlds which lay before us.

    I, Grand Overlord of Trolldom will lead us to victory!

    Now to establish our first settlement and then to find our warriors from near and far, we will seek to bring others unto our cause!

    For now plans have to be made!

    Grand Overlord Troll
    Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah

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    Ahh it is good to be awake and watch the unfolding of predestination!

    The winds swirl about aloft and then asunder until entwining again bearing yet another herald all bearing edicts.....

    This is what I have seen in yet a few years

    our people have founded Trolldom and sent forth workers and warriors, mighty warriors to seek out others to join in the cause!

    We found a near village that wanted badly to taste the fruits of our mighty tree and we agreed to join arms and people. TrollVerona was founded close by and now we combines our resources and skills,talents and goods!

    The winds swirling around fleeting dreams cast upon the nearby sea..sea...which will bring fortune? Fame? Formidable opponents? Hmm..time will tell...time..How much and how quick will time be on our side?

    The winds calm and are doves spring forth bearing you see doves are peaceful and tell of secrets we now possess....

    We are gifted with Pottery Masonry Bronze working and the wheel!

    My chest heaves as it is filled with a cold chill from yet an unseen breeze..Startling it stops me as I realize we are to expand and also Industrious will be our foundational strength!

    The pigeon I earler sent out returns with an offering of gold..75 gold pieces from spiritual tribes of which have come back to life to honor the start of a Great Birth of tyhe Glorious and Proud Nation, Trolldom!

    Trolldom shouts forth the earth as plowshares and oxen irrigate our cities to grow strong and quickly..spreading forth to establish and determine the future path of what our World will play out to be.....

    smoke from a mountain..why does this trouble me..why..does it spew heat and brilliant orange?

    I will find the cause and what it means to our Glorious people!

    As I walk about I am embraced with that warm wind again whispering how pleased my ancestors are and offer ceremonial burial as a token of appreciation.....

    The skies thunder...boom out in an almsot deafening tone..REGENT! R-E-G-E-N-T..REEEGGEEENNNTTT

    I must forge forthward...and will embrace all whom I encounter..unless a hard heart cause me to break them down!

    I will lead on to Victory...

    Be cautious..all victory is fleeting..all victory is fleeting....

    Grand Overlord Troll
    Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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      Clearing the oak table my workers have made for me from which i will set plans forth on, my son approaches..

      "Grand Overlord, seekest out to the great expanse across the sea I pray; allow me to take forth a contingent of brave souls and see if we may settle an outpost to alert of friend and foe alike!"

      I smile broadly and give him a hug embracing him with my right arm..while producing my seal on several scrolls of wisdom and direction......

      "Take son..go forth build up to the north and move by northeast..I will watch to the south for signs of new villagers and travelling tribes that we may take in.."

      I peer across the scrolls and maps that have been afforded my new Kingdom.....noticing the natural defensive barrier of this breath taking range..of mountains..spreading like many camels and elephants..

      I know my place and am optimistic that we will forge Kingdom will be abounding in treasure and bounty...

      What will tommorrow bringeth?


      I must promote Opportunity as the key to our survival..

      The Doves are now off...going ahead of the one in whom i am well son..our future...

      "Troll...TROLL.." my sweetheart wifes calls from with our chambers.."come hither..for a Kingdom's leader must not depart without his jewels in their proper place..."

      Smiling, warmly, I close the outer hut door and turn to the radiant Queen Lindonia of Trolldom..whom waits yet again to serve her King...and her Kingdom's desire.......

      A happy King is one well sought after by His family....

      Thus unfolds the opening folds of the Story of Trolldoms's meek beginnings......
      Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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        Very nice beginning, Grand Overlord. Hope to see more from you.
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          Originally posted by vovan
          Very nice beginning, Grand Overlord. Hope to see more from you.

          I am a wee bit rusty and with some help and practice, hope to make at least "entertaining" this story and recollections from my earlier ancestors..

          Ok..Ill post more as time goes by!


          Grand Overlord Troll of Trolldom!
          Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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            This is the best story about trolls I've ever read!

            Aren't trolls big green monsters with clubs who we are supposed to run away from whilst engaging in panic? Or is this like the Shrek troll and his wife? Is Mr. Troll going to stomp some bad guys? I hope so.
            Here is an interesting scenario to check out. The Vietnam war is cool.


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              (Murmurrings from my head murmurrings from my heart)

              Gazing across the Red early morning sky..I have been foretold of a warning that dawning is a disaster yet unfolded terrors yet unseen..

              Then a Black-bellied Warpum Snail eases ever so undetectable from my empty boot..

              Ahhh..I scratch my chiseled chin as Firth Hair has now embedded itself between my lower chin and my El Gulpe...

              Clearly I detect an urgent matter as Harvest Hawks..Broad wingspan of nearly 2 cubits descend into my courtyard...

              Off drops a millicent how would I describe this to though??..oh yes..a shrew a fieldmouse with a long pointed snout reddish auburn hair about 2 pounds in weight talons for claws...but ever so dedicated to my ancestral family as we at once both sought refuge from predators..

              Now we are the preying type..and will take charge.!!

              I listened intently as my new air gaurds post the latest happenings from around our new found world....

              I am glowing with boastful pride to hear of countless findings of advancements given over to us...tales that we are the chosen and thus by birthright belongs to us..

              Chirpervaks scurry up my table with minimaps of the new tribe settlements..amazing how quickly we have set in..looking as the Mazamites translate for the Chirpervaks..Mazamites are very hard on the eyes but even more deadly as venomous in nature with a mere pinch of their oozing slime..but yet able to communicate easily with Trollians..

              naming off our cities spreading like wild vines..why there is Lindonia named after my Queen...Cameroon after my Grandson and Markton after my son whom has gone out to spread our Kingdom...South Trollium and then theere is Harbour Devoute..and more yes more but the Mazamites flee quickly as they came...

              Chirpervaks part with a pleasant hummy.....

              Then a low snarl..Gleemandorsal a horned lip..five legged beast that offers no harm within our camp..but anti-social outside..snarls as it drools blood doused sinew from its latest victim..a loser in this carnavours survival of the 75 stone and 4 cubit long..I am puzzled as his message but then it hits an inferior group of beings called..Mayans have completed a wonder called Collosus..

              Then meandering off..the Gleemandorsal turns and tells of someone named Herodotus and that he has named the Trollians as a Mediocre people group..

              I turn and ponder the vast array of information and admire the opportunities as I recount..8 cities is a good start..and soon...more..but...I have been forming work crews and soon I too shall have my very own wonder...Pyramids as I know only too well...Us Troll need to eat..perhaps these Mayans will be found to be a tasty Morsel....

              Until next my scribes record how the World is unfolding in our favor......

              Grand Overlord of Trolldom
              Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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                Most interesting story, please keep it coming
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                  Why does a Kingdom's leader feel pain when its people experience pleasures?

                  I am pondering this quizzical quandry as I summons my scribes for a hasty report.....

                  "Come ye now forth and report as it seems necessary unto Grand Overlord of Trolldom" flies my unnecessary but yet required decree....

                  Scribes spew forth excellent reports..

                  "From the Southeast we have encountered a nonviolent yet uncooperative group..known as the Mayans"

                  "How so you report this then?..for if they are non-violent why they resist our encounter to assimilate?" ask I...imploring for yet a further description of this futile attempt at diplomacy..Trollian Style..

                  "Sire oh Grand Overlord..we offered some advancements and thrice gold each folded increasingly but laughed at by some Smoke Jaguar Mayan Chief as he is called??"

                  I am not pleased and the scribes sense such...

                  "Sire..they trouble our coastal waters but yet have not shown Testoserone flowage.." a term we Trollians not only see but yet sense and smell..which gives us superior reaction to an eminence front by a future enemy...

                  "They simply sail by..not attacking..not looting nor pillaging..just sail by for now.." humbly reporting the southeast affairs..

                  "It is good for now then..we shall see what their intentions will play out to be..nevertheless..Albatross's posted immediatley..They are to armed with Spiritual Millstones for the Mayan hearts to bear should offensive actions arise..make it so scribes!!" I excuse without a raised eyebrow nor a grumbling or stirring within my soul....

                  "Interior Ministry" I command.."What has thou for our progression?

                  "Sire we have built two Wonders, food with our Pyramid and a Mausoleum for a larger city Happiness..but we near not the lead in such..I beseech thee to consider spreading forth cities..more marvelous and sought after then a few monuments for our Kingdom to rest on!"

                  Chuckling silently..I am well pleased with my Minister of the Interior for he feels the same as i do..Monuments or not make the backbone strong of our Kingdom..but do offer hope to our people..

                  "Yes..we will continue to overtake the world with our cities..make them strong though.." I conclude..

                  I stand peering at the setting Sun..

                  "What of my Son's Journeying's and Crusades?" I implore.....

                  "Grand Overlord" I hear in the wind....He has founded 8 cities..faithfully spreading a new frontier...all encouraged to take a lead in spreading the inevitable..Trollians to Rule the New World Order!!

                  I inhale firmament from the trails of cool breezes and warm air aloft...Yes..he is My Son In whom i am well pleased!

                  I notice we are doing well in dispersing of these fiery mountainous regions..

                  These roadways are going to prove very helpful in supplying troops when we make our move..yes..we make our move

                  "I gathermy scribes after hearing the reports and thank them as faithful servants..addressing them as an encourager.."Tell the people the fertile the productive mountains..miners and farmers..seafarers alike..go ye gather resources..for sleep is for the infidels..sleep is for the weaklings..Let us Rejoice as each block is laid in the foundation of the future of Trolldom..LONG LIVE TROLLIANS!!


                  Keep your sword sheathed..your tongue girded..soon it shall be make our move..Victory is our sayeth Grand Overlord of Trolldom!

                  Victory is ours!!!!!

                  I am encouraged to see the glow as an ember in my cabinet memebrs sould..I yes nly I can see the soul of my people..a gift my gods have given me..the pure proganda has worked for many seasons..

                  Heartily I laugh..booming throughout the a chourus of heartfelt similiar feelins ring only to a True Trollian..infidel fools think Trolls run from a challenge..The running I fear is for the unknowing path we lead our prey toward... as the pursue..we close the snare..and crush them..

                  Like a great shall Trolldom close its hand upon any and all whom rise against us!

                  Now..where is my Queen Lindonia.."Sniffling is how I find my Sweetest of Sweetpea's" I I see her from afar...brushing her long dew covered fur..

                  "Mmm"..I moan and mutter to myself.."Time to again exercise my "Grand" skills.......

                  Muhhhaaa haahaaaa....

                  Grand Overlord Troll shall now ponder what shall be next on our agenda...
                  Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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                    Its good stuff there, but you seem to be making more spelling and gramatical errors as you reach the end of that last post.

                    Are you possibly rushing, and typing this straight to the forum.

                    If you type out your chapters in word or some other thing you can then edit it at your own convenience. It gives you more time to check your work before you post it here, then when your happy with it you can cut and paste it directly to the thread.

                    Other than that Im looking forward to seeing what becomes of the Troll Kingdom
                    A proud member of the "Apolyton Story Writers Guild".There are many great stories at the Civ 3 stories forum, do yourself a favour and visit the forum. Lose yourself in one of many epic tales and be inspired to write yourself, as I was.


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                      Props for the story, it is good. Keep her up.
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                        I will..Thanks for the encouragement

                        and yes..I for a moment thought my 8th grade grammar teachur was posting.."BLAH..BLAH..BLAH..never amount to a hill of beans....BLAH BLAH..ect.ect ect..U dun no how 2 spel and dun no how 2 red..BLAH BLAh BLaH

                        Ok..I will do that and yes work on me grammar my friend!

               stated..need me some work and throughout may indeed come off with at least a half decent piece of commode material


                        Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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                          /me pours another whiskey and continues laughing
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                            The installments are kinda on the short side, though I mustn't criticise anyone for that - mine usually suffer from the same "problem". Though nicely done. Refreshing new style at least. Keep em coming, those goods.
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                              Originally posted by vovan
                              The installments are kinda on the short side, though I mustn't criticise anyone for that - mine usually suffer from the same "problem". Though nicely done. Refreshing new style at least. Keep em coming, those goods.

                              Man..thats great news

                              For in real life I am often accused of being..~ahem~ long winded

                              That being said,I will "enhance the length and move into a more detailed version..NO MORE READERS DIGEST CONDENSED VERSIONS!! "

                              Ok..Ill post again soon..very soon..



                              Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah