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  • The Sweetness and Light Game

    The Rules as laid down by the Dean of The Academy

    This is a Giga map - therefore MGE.
    Victory by conquest, but the AI can build spaceships

    At all times:

    * Spotless Reputation
    * No bribing - except Barb units
    * No nukes

    Before 1850AD and Hard Fundamentalism

    * No attacking except on Holy Home Continent - may repulse invasions
    * No military land units or Settlers or Engineers may leave the Holy Home Continent
    * Any goverment at any time, BUT once Fundamentalism is discovered we MUST take it at the next oedo year and stay in it thereafter
    * All Wonders except SoL - only the except SoL part is mandatory

    After 1850 and Fundamentalism

    * The gloves are off boys - but remember the first 3 rules

    The SGs in concert

    We give the 4000BC start below and are starting off - will post the next save in an hour or three
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    "Our words are backed by empty wine bottles! - SG(2)
    "One of our Scouse Gits is missing." - -Jrabbit

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    We played 15 turns each to take us to BC2500...

    Play Order

    The log ...

    4000 = hut (94, 224) Archer;
    3400 = Mean City founded;
    3350 = Begarsville founded;
    3200 = Alphabet -> Code of Laws;
    2750 = Code of Laws -> Writing;

    The SGs now well down the second
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    "Our words are backed by empty wine bottles! - SG(2)
    "One of our Scouse Gits is missing." - -Jrabbit


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      I presume you left out the word allow in

      (Allow) All Wonders except SoL

      I have the save and will play now if that is agreeable. Pretty, LITTLE Island could have been the name for this I think.

      so long and thanks for all the fish


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        Made some roads, explored the rest of the island, built two cities, got us about 40% to Monarchy.


        2150 Heaven's Gate at (100, 218) with hidden special at ( 103, 217)

        2100 Temple in the Mean City...still mean

        1950 Writing discovered --> Monarchy

        1800 Pool of Grace at (107,227) with hidden special and something in the sea.

        My vision is to build a few more cities, link up the roads, explore with dips, do some trade and grow to our fulfillment.

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        so long and thanks for all the fish


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          Play Order

          Bloody Monk
          La Fayette

          This will be a long game so one or two more players are welcome

          Go for it guys....

          The SGs quaffing coffee
          "Our words are backed by empty wine bottles! - SG(2)
          "One of our Scouse Gits is missing." - -Jrabbit


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            couple of questions? are diplomats considered land military units? if not, that means we can explore with them and use as appropriate and allowed once we get mapmaking. Also, we get a hut with a diplomat that finds something other than gold, science or barbs.

            Also, if we are confined to our home continent city wise I'm curious as to reasoning behind the placement of our first 4 cities. since we are on a continent other than #1, we know the boundaries and could probably have planned out the layout beforehand - or maybe we did and i just don't understand it?

            *ponders whether he should jump in and actually play *
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              I want to wait for the Fundy gov't,

              But I'll give this a shot, likely tomorrow depending on my schedule.

              Join the crowd.
              If you want to play, go ahead of me.
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                well, i have the game, and have been analyzing it might as well take slot #4 and get us into monarchy
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                  Due home from Austin tomorrow.
                  This sounds fun. Sign me up.
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                    thoughts: not especially happy with city placement, 22/60 beakers, max 9 beakers atm - 5 turns by 1 beaker, doesn't matter as we are 6 turns from first viable oedo year. 1 city that can grow in 3 turns, so should be able to get by with 6 beakers right now. can't argue with the build choices atm (3 settlers and 1 warrior)

                    1750: realize that workers are set for 6 beakers at the start, and wind up putting workers back where they started
                    1600: Thucydidies says we are 2nd happiest - must be the despotism we have corrupted shields in Heaven's Gate. (40/60)
                    1550: settler in Mean City (46/60), need to average 7 beakers now, rearrange workers
                    1500: none of the advisors are happy
                    1450: Germans build palace in Leipzig, Monarchy, choose Currency (Horseback Riding, Literacy and Mapmaking) revolt, crown first Small Meanie!, Berlin (German) #1 city in the world - go figure (followed by Rome, Madrid, Delhi, and New York, all size 3), tidy workers, rush settlers in Beggarsville to avoid food waste.
                    1400: settlers emerge from Beggarsville
                    1300: Babylonians build palace in Nineveh? looks like its going to be one of those games
                    1200: settlers decend in Heaven's gate.
                    1150: diplomat in Mean city. ponder between settlers, library or colossus. Decide on colossus start.
                    1050: Romans build Palace in Veii? yep, one of those games
                    1000: Currency choose Literacy (struggled between pottery, masonry and mysticism)

                    final thoughts - didn't have any real goal in mind other than monarchy and connectivity. We should be able to get 4 cities on the western half of the island with minimal overlap, allowing us to develop several large cities while we work towards our goal of (did i really sign up for a fundy game???) fundamentalism. We'd have to bypass a small canal to do that, but we don't have an especially large island so shouldn't be a big deal - especially with every city likely to be a port city.

                    anyway, the save
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                      and of course the zip for the rabbitfolk
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                        I'd like to try this game, if you all don't mind , it seems we have a shortage of players in this one(perhaps the 2+ other games in progress... )
                        I'm not a Diety player(yet), but there's only one way to learn , right? Right?? Hello??? Anyone?????
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                          We are moving right along. I can't speak for the Scousers, but, I chose my two city sites on the basis of getting the most cities in our tight space, while working the most specials. Each of them has a hidden special to be revealed. Later, two more cities can be added, if needed, SW and SE of Beggersville.

                          Note should be taken of two more hidden specials at the southern end of the western half of the island, at (92, 226) and (94, 230), where two more cities can be established. Two more can fill in the space in the west without crowding. That should give us 8 (or 10) cities in our home world, that we can "perfect" until we go Fundy. A good base, I think.

                          As for the exploring dip/hut tipping thing, perhaps our hosts will clarify for us. As it stands now, dips are not proscribed in bullet 5, so exploring with dips is probably going to pass muster. But, I think huts must be passed over until we are Fundy. Otherwise, we will have units/nomads/ advanced tribes offshore before they are allowed. We need a ruling I think.

                          so long and thanks for all the fish


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                            Hello Bob_Smurf42!
                            I am fairly sure that you are welcome.

                            (I shall play if there's room left and nobody else will have a try; since 2 gits is enough to provide most of the robust constructive criticism required ).
                            Aux bords mystérieux du monde occidental


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                              I meant 2 Gits + 1 Monk + probably a few more Deans from The Institute
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