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    Grigor OCC #2 September 03

    2250BC Library
    1650 Republic
    1300 Trade
    250 Colossus

    Size 8
    Size 12 100AD
    Size 21 840AD (some room for improvement here...)

    Initial position: Pop hut? it might be a NONE horse. Or, it might be Warrior Code. But if I ignore it it might disapper when the Civ II program assigns workers.
    Here are plans:
    NONE unit: explore
    gold: size 1 settler, then add to city
    Tech: open no more huts till Monarchy

    4000 Hut: NONE horse. Ciudad Grigor founded. Working whale. Explore and pop huts until I get 1 tech, then stop? And if not, make size 1 settler, or find them and wait till Monarchy? I can't resist the size 1 settler plan
    3950 research Alph
    3800 hut:Barbs. Horse dispatches them.
    3750 Alph=>CoL
    3650 mining hidden special
    3500* working Gold to get size 1 settler.
    3400 Settlers. Plan: Mine special, Mine gold, fold into city.
    3350 CoL=>Writing
    3250 Germans: CB for CoL. Writing:9/60. no more huts until Monarchy
    3150 A tempting hut. Bravely resist.
    3050 Babylonians destroyed by barbs
    3000 Writing: 35/60
    2800 fold Settler into city, Size 3.
    2650 Writing=>Literacy (78) (no Mon - we will go early Rep)
    2600 1st Dip. for making embassy with Germans
    2450 Zulus destroyed by Barbs. This one is going to be a struggle with no AI help.
    2400 German warrior too close. Hut: NONE Archer (Whew!) Gold Mine Finished.
    2300* Hut: 50g
    2250 Library finished. 12 beakers/turn working gold.
    2200 Embassy with Germans.
    2150 Literacy=Republic (84). Let's make sure to learn it in an Oedo year. Wounded Barbs appear to NE. They must have taken somebody out.
    2000 Diplomat.
    1700* Temple=>Barracks ( for MP)
    1650 Republic=>Bronze. Instant Rev. gov: Republic. Germans: give Rep, Lit for Bronze, Curr.
    1600 WLTCD celebrating. Res Trade (Germans will be too slow).
    1500* Size 5.
    1300* Trade->Bank
    1250 Marketplace=>Caravan. Reconnoiter. Need 3 quick trade routes. Maybe jack up tax for a few turns. Xinning is also possible. 9 techs, res. Banking. Top 5 cities: 1. Ciudad Grigor, 2. Babylon (Barbarian), 3, Washington, 4. Rome, 5. Berlin

    1150 hut: NONE horse.
    1100* Romans: give Lit for peace. Offer alliance - yes for German War. OK, we declare war on Germans. tribute 50g.
    1050 Germans: give Trade for cease-fire.
    975 Banking=>Myst
    900 Americans start Pyr
    875 Germans develop Const. good. hut: NONE horse
    800 Embassy with Romans.
    775 Myst=> Phil
    725 Lux at 30 for celebration ahead of incipient delivery.
    700 Hides to Berlin (u, 68) Silk to Veii (d, 206)
    675 Size 6 Phil,Maps=>Medicine Evaluate. Hides is moving to Rome. We need a WOW. Germans have constr, but they won't give it up. Hides caravans can be built till I drop. Maybe a Trireme?

    650* Size 7, unavoidable red face appears. Lux to 20.
    625 Germans: give Phil, peace, no trade.
    600 American Capital moved to NY.
    500 Medicine=>Pots. Gold to Berlin (d,202) Hides no longer supplied.
    475 Japanese - Hey, I thought restarts were off?? researching Seafaring. Barb leader captured, horse=>vet!!. peace, give rep , maps. exchange maps
    450* Washington (size 5 )now barbarian.
    425 Americans land near home. Demand 50g =>WAR. Seafaring=>Mas. Hides to Rome (d, 208)
    400 Orange Ship offshore.
    350*Masonry=>Const. Harbor
    325 Barbs near Ciudad Grigor. Hut: NONE legion
    250* Colossus. Hides to Veii (u, 118)
    225 Hides to Rome (u, 128)
    175Bank. Construction=>Math Hides to Rome (u, 128)
    25 Math=>Univ. Hides to Kyoto (u, 138)
    1AD WLTCD starts.
    100 Delhi builds Pyr. Ciudad Grigor size 12
    120* Americans: get HB, trade Maps
    160 Romans 100g
    180 English found. Silk to London (d, 429)
    240 Wool to Berlin (d, 376)
    280* ToG=>Wheel
    380 English - demand 50g. no. War
    400 Wheel =>Eng
    440* Cope's. Dye to Boston (u, 372) Americans: IW, Embassy
    460 Japanese develop Feudalism Eng=>San
    560 San=>Bridges.
    580 Sewer. Size 13 Silver to Berlin (d, 494r)
    600 *WLTCD stops. Bridges=>Inv
    640 size 14. WLTCD starts
    680* Inv=>Demo.
    700 Washington builds GL. Germans declare war. Evaluate. Shakes next, allowing massive growth (everything is irrigated. Bank may be necessary. Germans have Chem and Econ, but won't give it. Wish we could find the Indians

    720 Shakes completed. Dye to Boston (u, 228)
    740 Demo=>Nav
    840* Size 21. Revolution
    860 govemo. WLTC starts.
    960 Steal Chem from Germans
    980 Gunpowder=>Expl
    1130 Explosives=>Metallurgy
    1160 Metal=>Phys
    1200 trade Americans for Physice
    1240 Steam Eng->RR
    1280 Dye to London (u, 204) Evalujate. RR next, then Refrig, then celebrate. Rush caravans for INC

    1300 RR=>Ind
    1380 Ind=>Consc
    1540 Consc=>Refrig. It is not clear that I am going to win this game.
    1560 Americans - Ind for Poly to get Corp next.
    1570 Refr=>Corp
    1600 Corp=>Steel
    1620 Steel=> Ref
    1650 Ref=>Elect
    1670 Electr=> Comb
    1700 Comb=> Auto
    1730 Auto=>Mass P
    1740 Superhiway Hides to NY (u, 630)
    1750 Mass P =>Atom Theo
    1752 Gems to Philadelpha (d, 1406r)
    1754 Germans-trade for Leadership! Build Eiffel Tower because my rep sucks.
    1760 fission=>Power
    1764 Power=> Laser
    1770 Laser=>Tactics
    1772 Indians )ginally_ trade maps.
    1774 Tactics- 1780 Mach Tools=>Feud
    1782 Trade with Americans for Feudalism.
    1786 Nin=>Computers
    1790 Computers->Flight
    1794 Research Lab
    1796 Flight cancels Colossus
    1800 Radio
    1804 trade for Mono
    1806 Adv Flight=>Rockets
    1812 Rockets=>Space Flight
    1818 Space Flight=>Plastics
    1865 Launch arr 1901. Now to Stop the Americans

    1901 Land AC. Achievements 140 Citizens 26 Spaceship 79 Peace +6 Barbs +25 Bonus 276
    Montezuma the Cruel


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      It seems like I need some work on my efficiency from 1300 BC (Trade) to 840AD (Demo).


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        I'd say it was the mid-game (500-1500AD) you were weak on. Check out the updated table above.