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    I'm not suggesting that you should build a dip or spy, but rather that you have one in your city all the time in case one of the neighbouring civs gets mardy. By bribing one of their units, then you can try to kill as many nearby as you can. This is obviously a last-ditch effort, as you should hopefully never nd up at war with the other civs until the end, but MGE being what it is then you can find yourself in trouble if you make contact and don't have anything to gift them. [muttering about extortionate Carthaginian b*stards from the last game].
    I like to use dips to defend when I've got Shakespeare's because they don't have a shield cost and can buy barb horsies to then turn on their former leaders!


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      Originally posted by duke o' york
      I'm fairly sure that the stealth fighter is the preferred defender of choice in Liverpool, ...
      Yup - that's right!

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        Re: Landing 1925

        Originally posted by rjmatsleepers
        However, nothing very exciting happened anyway.

        Monarchy. Trade. Collossus. Shakes. Aqueduct. Sanitation. Republic and celebrate to size 21. Copes. Ikes. Darwin.
        Well done RJM. I really like your summary!

        We´ll see about the earliest, but you sure had the fastest landing!

        I have not much time to play at the moment but I´ll find a weekend for this OCC Thanks for posting it, Elephant.



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          I might try it. Not only will it be my first OCC Comp. game here, but it'll also be my first serious attempt at Deity level for any Civ2 game...


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            Originally posted by duke o' york
            I'm not suggesting that you should build a dip or spy, but rather that you have one in your city all the time in case one of the neighbouring civs gets mardy.
            That's a good point. I'm afraid the early landing games have got me into the habit of only building the diplo as the need arises. I should have changed the strategy for OCC.

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              If you're in the bizarre position of having Writing before Trade then I suppose you could have been using the dip-as-van technique, but if this is the case then something has gone very wrong with your tech path. Maybe you shouldn't have popped all those huts at the start?

              I sometimes build a dip if I'm pushed for time to build a wonder, have enough caravans ready to complete it and am just waiting for the tech. The extra turns it would take to build (well, rushbuild) an extra caravan could mean losing out on the wonder.


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                In this game I chose Writing as my off-tech, but then traded for CB when I found the Germans, which made Monarchy unavailable. So I took Literacy instead and early Republic, thus getting Writing way before Trade.


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                  Originally posted by duke o' york
                  Maybe you shouldn't have popped all those huts at the start?

                  I sometimes build a dip if I'm pushed for time to build a wonder, have enough caravans ready to complete it and am just waiting for the tech. The extra turns it would take to build (well, rushbuild) an extra caravan could mean losing out on the wonder.
                  I'm not sure who this comment was addressed to. In my game I didn't pop very many huts. By the time I got a unit passed Berlin, all of the huts in that direction had been popped and I never built a sea going unit.

                  As far as building a dip while waiting for the tech needed for a wonder is concerned - surely it takes the same number of turns to rush build a dip as it does to rush build a van. It just costs more money.

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                    That depends upon how much you want to spend and how many shields you get per turn.

                    Sorry about the general comment - it wasn't addressed to anyone I'm afraid.

                    Can you not mention importatn things like which direction other civs are in please - I have to wait until 10th October before I can get my teeth into this one.


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                      It seemed to escape me that the essential feature of an OCC is that you only have OC.
                      Conquering cities after launch is not strictly forbidden, at least the way we did these challenges before.
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                        4000BC, pop the hut, get a horse. found Mexico, begin researching Alpha (leave the options open for Republic should the off tech make sense…)
                        3950 switch the citizen from the whale to the gold.
                        3850 -- discover alpha, on to Code (cit back to whale)
                        3750 -- cit back to gold.
                        3550 -- discover code, opt for BW
                        3400 -- hut = archer.
                        3100 -- discover BW, opt for CB
                        2850 -- hut = Map (ARGH -- major delay for Monarchy!) should have waited for the last hut too, but didn’t recognize that.
                        2800 -- now at size 2
                        2700 -- silk available.
                        2550 -- switch to Colossus
                        2300 -- discover CB, opt for Write
                        1850 -- Peasant is now a buffalo
                        1400 -- discover Write, opt for Monarchy
                        1250 size = 3.
                        1150 -- meet the Germans (4 spears) trade map for myst & stop there (they have two more techs.)
                        875 BC -- complete Col. (start temple)
                        575 -- discover Mon, now size 4 & opt for Lit.
                        550 revolt -- Germans come to talk -- they now have one spear, & are receptive; hmmm methinks they have bad times elsewhere…they want 50 in coin (OK), now cordial, they ask Me for an Alliance! Duh, OK. How about a gift? Get my 50 coins back.
                        525 -- Monarchy. -- We think we’re behind so we desperately try something new -- toggle to 0.3.7 -- we love.
                        500 -- Buy a library
                        475 -- What a difference a few turns make. Was running 5 beakers per turn before the Colossus, 8 after up to about 5 turns ago. Fifteen Beakers due to Monarchy & the growth of another pop. Now we’re at 27 with We love & a library.
                        400 -- Lit -- onto Phil.
                        300 -- Complete a road to Berlin (trying Elephant’s great ploy)
                        250 -- Discover Phil, learn Republic, opt for Curr; revolt.
                        225BC, Republic (I feel that I’m still Waaaaay behind.)
                        175 -- We love ends at size 5.
                        150 -- Get Sea from a hut; trade away Phil & Rep to the Germs & get Mas, WC & 100 coins.
                        (50 BC -- My Settler, helping Berlin with roads & irrigation is now hemmed in.)
                        1 AD -- discover currency; opt for Trade.
                        20 AD -- need 323 beakers, collect 30 on the turn, toggle to 1.1.8; buy a market.
                        180 -- meet the Romans, give away Phil & Myst & get IW.; (Americans are now three turns towards MPE.)
                        200 -- get 50 from the Germs.
                        220 -- discover Trade -- opt for Con 1
                        260 -- first camel completed (silver) now at size 6
                        280 (Settler now on way home) now at size 7
                        300 -- PRB another camel -- treasury down to 11 coins.
                        360 -- Aerks build Marco’s (Rats.)
                        380 -- Harbor sold for 60 coins (Rats again.)
                        400 -- Silver Camel (d) to Leipzig nets 215 coins (1st trade route)
                        420 -- Discover con1, opt for Math
                        460 -- Silk Camel (d) to Leipzig nets 276 (2nd trade route)
                        480 -- Gold Camel to Berlin (n) nets 76 of fun & profit (3rd trade route.), size = 8
                        500 -- discover math, opt for Med; need about 600 beakers, am getting 67 per turn. (Germans have no spears? I’m not on bottom?)
                        620 -- Dye (d) to Hamburg (Roman -- 5 spears) nets 208
                        640 -- Discover Med, opt for Astro (660 beakers required.)
                        720 -- Wine (d) to Hamburg = 270
                        760 -- Discover Astro, opt for Uni
                        800 -- Complete Shakes.
                        840 -- Complete aqueduct, give away Astro, get Bank & 50 from Germs, who start Copes.
                        860 -- Size = 9; Romans (who have GL) start Copes
                        880 -- Size = 10
                        900 -- Size = 11, toggle to 6.3.1 -- Romans discover Uni, but they won’t talk to us
                        920 -- Size = 12
                        940 -- Sell Temple (of all the mistakes, this may be the smallest so far.)
                        1020 -- Complete Copes (Germans & Romans abandon)
                        1060 -- RB a Bank, conversation gets Uni (switch research to BB) Wine (d) to Hamburg nets 404
                        1080 -- Discover BB, opt for TG; give Uni, BB to Germs for 25
                        1160 -- buy a University
                        1180 -- Discover TG, opt for Nav
                        1260 -- Discover Nav, opt for Phy -- trade for Romans & get Eng.
                        1280 -- Meet the Americans (6 Arrows) as they land on our shore with a settler & cat; Give away Nav, Astro, Uni, Get a Map, Inv & Alliance (if we give Uni Again -- no problemo there.) Buy the Amerk boat for our first sea going vessel. Wool to Berlin = 112
                        1340 -- Discover Phy, opt for Dem.
                        1380 -- Embassy with England.
                        1400 -- Buy a barb Crux (None)
                        1420 -- Americans discover Dem, (we trade Phy for their tech & switch to San; establish embassy with Americans.)
                        1440 -- Discover San, on to Mag. Deliver gold camel to the only location demanding it, New Orleans (for 87 coins -- not too bad for something 4 spaces away), the new American city that is now our Very Close Neighbor.
                        1460 -- Dye (d) to York = 232
                        1510 -- trade away San for Feud & 50 with Germans.
                        1520 -- Discover Mag, opt for Chem. RB towards Sewer.
                        1540 -- Size = 13, trade away Mag for Gun & 125 from Amerks (give Phy to Germs.)
                        1580 -- Buy Harbor, size = 17
                        1590 -- Discover Chem, opt for Exp (size = 18)
                        1610 -- Dye (d) to Atl = 684, size = 20.
                        1620 -- Discover Exp, opt for Metal, size = 21 (max for now) Gold (n) to Atl = 406
                        1650 -- Discover Metal, opt for Steam; Revolt
                        1660 -- Democracy build Eng 1; Give Exp to Amerks, get 200
                        1670 -- Build Eng 2, we love a bit
                        1700 -- Discover Steam, opt for Elec 1; back to size 21.
                        1730 -- Build Stock Ex (Rome first discovered this in 1560, we picked it up somewhere along the line.)
                        1740 -- Discover Elec 1, opt for Ref 1; gift of 100 from Germs.
                        1750 -- Amerks discover RR, trade that & 100 to us for Metal
                        1752 -- Complete Isaac Newton; give RR to Germs & get 100
                        1756 -- Discover Ref 1, opt for Con 2. need 1380 beakers can get 738 per turn with 0.0.10
                        1758 -- Gems to Atl (d) for 844 -- now all of my trade routes are with Atl.
                        1760 -- Discover Con 2, opt for Ind. Now need 1410 beakers.
                        1764 -- Amerks come to talk -- we get 100
                        1766 -- They talk again (trying to trage Poly; we decline, give them Elec & get 200)
                        1768 -- Discover Corp, opt for Elec2 (1470 beakers needed) (Mt is now a hill)
                        1774 Elec2
                        1780 Steel
                        1786 AT
                        1792 Ref2 -- “forced” to opt for Chiv; trade Elec2 for chiv, then change to Comb next turn.
                        1800 Comb
                        1806 Auto (1736 beakers needed)
                        1808 -- Buy a super highway (trade routes at max, 25 each)
                        1810 MP
                        1812 -- Do a little We Lovin’
                        1816 NF
                        1822 -- Leadership
                        1824 -- Complete Darwin’s, get Tactics & MT (Romans complete Leadership!)
                        1830 NP
                        1832 -- size = 27, nab our first Barb Leader
                        1834 -- Discover Mini; 2079 beakers required for next advance
                        1836 -- Deliver silk to NY for 1386
                        1838 -- Discover Computer (2112 beakers required) deliver oil (n) to Wash for 747
                        1842 -- Discover Mobil Warfare. (What?? Only 1690 beakers required? Hey We’re MODERATE!!!!! in power Wow! Toggle to enjoy the benefit.)
                        1844 -- Back to Inadequate and no matter what we do, we’ll lose a turn of research -- (2145 beakers required.)
                        1848 Robotics (need 2310b)
                        1851 Laser (need 2345b)
                        1853 Flight (Hmmm trade routes fall to 21 each)
                        1855 Radio deliver dye (n) = 864, silk (d) = 1296 to Bang
                        1856 AF (“forced” to research Commy -- talk to Amerks & trade for the tech, get 150, then talk to them on their turn & get another 150
                        1859 Rocketry (back to Moderate power again, but choose not to toggle the science away)
                        1860 Build a Manufacturing plant
                        1861 Space Flight (back to Inadequate -- beaker jump was 1872 to 2628.)
                        1862 buy an Airport
                        1865 Recyc (cut too fine a line for science & lost yet another turn of research
                        1867 Complete Apollo
                        1868 Learn ESP; SS#1; an SS per turn for the next few turns.
                        1869 Give Corp to Amer, get 200 (I’m not initiating these conversations, but instead choose to talk to maintain the alliance as long as possible -- no trades if I can avoid it.)
                        1871 Env (I want to avoid the pollution & the risk of dropping shields at the wrong time below the magic 80/turn
                        1874 Plastics (“forced’ to opt for GW -- talk to Romans & swap SF for GW) -- It happened -- pollution hit, have 70+ shields towards a SS part -- so we switch & buy a solar plant.
                        1875 complete SS#7
                        1877 Superconductor
                        1880 FP -- toggle down to 4.0.6 -- actually we have a reasonable amount of cash (over 4K, but we don’t need science that much either.
                        1884 Labor
                        1888 Stealth
                        1889 -- The Americans want Super (No) they cancel the alliance. Hmmm I’m defended by an Archer, Crux, a dip & a bunch of trucks -- Have 15 SS parts & 6 SC parts.
                        1890 Build a Stealth fighter -- better to be a little safer, I think.
                        1891 SM 1
                        1892 FT1, SM 2, Amerks sneak attack, three trucks die (having some extra food trucks surrounding the city has blocked a number of dips from “visiting” an Ameriacn Bomber dies due to the Stealth Fighter defense. hey the Germans come to our aid!
                        1893, SM3, LAUNCH
                        Next 15 turns, discover a few more techs, deliver some underwhelming freight payoffs locally, blast away numbers of American units (there are four of their cities on my “lands”), but the Germans never step in…Germans end the alliance as well. Four Roman dips land, talk about alliance, but we choose not to go to war with the Babylonians
                        1908 Land on AC.

                        Score = 290, Montezuma the Cruel, 37%, Pop = 3.78M
                        Those with lower expectations face fewer disappointments


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                          Looking for some RCC, I think that the lesser challenge will be to simply count the blunders.

                          On the other hand, I'm wondering if tech gifting is really great (some extreme jumps in my log are noted) or if one may also want to play some sort of power game -- can an OCC player nab enough None Units (do trucks count? (Dips/Spies?) I notice a drop off in the power graph as I cash in the trucks in the late/end game)

                          Although the tech change bounced a few hundred beaker's worth late in the game, it didn't mean much -- techs were coming every other turn regardless -- meaning the "cost" was a few coins (but by that time I was rather rich -- over 7K in coins. In the very late game, the techs were slowed to 1 per three turns, but after SF, one needs 20+ turns to build SS stuff anyway, so that speed isn't so critical.

                          Biggest blunder was the extra hut (wasn't burned by the first extra hut, but it only takes one) -- might have cost me a dozen turns.

                          2nd biggest blunder was to delay Apollo & the SS building -- I wanted some spies for defense of technology -- too careful there I think.
                          Those with lower expectations face fewer disappointments


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                            I won't begin to criticize your late game, but in the beginning I think you missed a bet by not trying the Size 1 settler strategy. I was able to work the gold mine and build a settler in 3400 still size 1, then use it to mine the gold and the hidden special and finally fold it in to get to size 3 in 2800BC. I had Republican government in 1650, and Trade in 1300, so that was a pretty good start.

                            Of course, from that point I totally squandered it, and I was only a couple of techs ahead of you at 1AD.


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                              I thought of using the size one settler trick myself, but the OCC players discussed its use a few years back in the strategy forum and the consensus then was to no longer allow it in comparison games.

                              However, I guess it would be perfectly legit to use it in this game, which is being played by the standard set of rules. You did get off to a great start by using it. I did not reach Republic until 525 BC, which was long after you did.

                              I have bumped the relevant size one settler thread in the strategy forum in case you or others would like to check it.


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                                I didn't remember much discussion of the size1 settler technique.
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