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    I have fond memories of playing pirates on my C64.
    Try for discussion and debate.


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      Originally posted by Frozzy
      Such as...

      Dinosaurs being the most obvious.

      We also don't need the Classic Games forum- Other Games fills that in quite well.

      Civ Boardgame forum is dead.

      The Civ MAC forums could be condensed into one.

      The GalCiv forums need looking it. I can literally count the total threads on one hand in some of those.

      No Clue what the Trade Wars forum is doing. Same with Courts of Candle'Bre. (But whatever. Those are somebody's pet projects.)

      Clash of Civilizations looks like Other Games content. Merge.

      The Various Multiplayer and PBEM threads 'might' be able to be merged. I say might, because from what I can tell, a good number of the threads are just 'general' discussions in those anyway, so that would deflate those forums for merger.

      Civ3 Files and Creation threads could be merged.

      And others..

      I actually have to commend whoever took the time to organize the CTP2 threads.
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        The original was a fun game, the next step should be very interesting, considering how far technology has come sincc then.

        I do like that this can be discussed in the other games area
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          That's just it though.........can Pirates be translated to modern technology? I guess it can in principle, but it will need a whole new game.


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            It will be interesting to see where they take it.
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            I am of the Horde.


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              I wonder if "taking it to a modern standard" will still leave it as an addictive and more importantly, fun game.
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                Such attemps seldom succeeds unfortunately...
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                  Yeah, but look how much "Royalties" they have to throw at the game... thus allowing such great quaility in graphics, design and playability.....

                  orrhhh bugger... your right, it will probably be crap, which is a real shame.
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                  I am of the Horde.


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                    Now that discussion has turned more towards the game itself as opposed to the issue of Apolyton's coverage or not of the game, this thread is closed.

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