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  • Sorry, DD. I broke no rules. I made no error. Yet, under the proposed 'solution', I pay the most severe penalty, while the perpetrators of errors pay none. That is Baloney!

    RIP SDA.


    • I really don't know where the problem was. I agreed to play what ever penalties you had given me. Of course light sanctions would have been ok, but INCREDIBLY stiff sanctions against me would have been ok for me too.

      Well, it's RIP then if that is what you want. I just wanted to say that it wasn't the only solution.

      Thanks for the game anyway.


      • Not the way I wanted it. I have written reams on what I wanted. Claw wants out, smhfan wants out, DD thinks it's all my fault and KK won't accept the solution I proposed. The alternative offered was to replay from before my sneak attack was launched. That's unacceptable to me.

        Anyone who can split the difference on these issues has my blessing. If you all wish, I'll withdraw in favor of somebody else who can accept replaying from that too early point.


        • I thought we agreed on playing from 2205 onwards, but perhaps I was wrong.

          - I would have been happy
          - Mongoose would have been happy (he had already taken the towns)

          Someone then was unhappy with that solution, but I just missed who it was and why.


          • Guys, seriously, let's just let it all go. We're only going to end up with "NO, *I* didn't say that, YOU said THIS!" ", that was you - you're being silly", etc ad infinitum. It'll only cause people to be pissed at each other.

            Besides, even if we do start up again, 1/2 of the players don't really want to, and it'll only seem like "well, it shouldn't be happening this way, if only.." the entire game.

            Everyone should go and join the new tournament Tau Ceti is putting together. That's a nicely moderated, structured, monitored tournament.