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  • Turns of SMACDatAss

    This is the turn reporting thread for SMACDatAss. Please fire off a quick note here once you've sent the turn to the next player.

    If you want to roleplay in here, that's cool - just please START the message with "turn sent to N" so that we can follow it more easily.

    Have fun, and good luck everyone!

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    just please START the message with "turn sent to N" so that we can follow it more easily
    Can we also keep the year number in there ("2102 sent to N" for example) please? Helps to keep track of where the turn is etc.
    Play hangman.


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      Ice Cube has the initial turn, as of 9:00am EST on Thursday, May 2/02.

      Good luck to all!


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        First Turn Complete!

        Turn completed and forwarded to Hive faction.

        File name SDA-Hive-2313

        9:40 AM EST.

        I'm glad I got up early today!


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          The turn is off to the University (2133?)

          10:30 A.M. May 2nd.


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            IceCube, I need an email addy for you.


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              isnt this email address correct?


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                Thanks. I had it spelled with a 'k'.


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                  heh, no problem.

                  I hope the university guy shows up soon though, I am getting quite anxious to start playing.


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                    turn sent to morgan enjoy, accelerated start is interesting, didn't play my faction the way I would have for certain but should make things interesting...morgan with command centers and believers with citizens defense force..sigh)


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                      I have reason to suspect that I'm somewhat too close to another player to make this fair, since my border is already next to my hq. Would like a restart...

                      2131 sent on to sparta.
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                        Turn to the Believers.

                        I'm not totally opposed to a restart, if Chaunk wants and everyone agrees (and everyone pledges that the next start, no matter what, counts).

                        Reasonable assumption, if Chaunk's border is right up against his HQ, that someone else has experienced the same thing with one of their bases.

                        On the other hand, being right next to someone could, conceivably, give you an advantage, depending on who it is. You might be able to walk 5 squares and take a whole new SP.


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                          Or I might be able to walk 5 squares turn arround quickly and run for my life

                          Having said that I do have VERY little room for expansion on this island (maybe one more base ), but if everyone else wants to continue, then i guess I'll have to see how good the command nexus is... lol!
                          Play hangman.


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                            I'd prefer to plow ahead - starting position is, after all, part of the game, and with seven players, SOMEONE'S gotta end up on an island. But, as usual, I'll bow to the consensus of the group.


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                              Turn 2131 to P.K.'s

                              Well Chaunk, (first thing is that your going to have to explain that alias), if your next to me - we'll be able to work somethin' out.

                              To the rest of us ;

                              I dislike accelerated start for all the reasons I've outlined to claw919. However we agreed with the luck of the draw. Just as in real life, we have to play the hand we're dealt... My start position is less than envious myself, coupled with the faction I drew (Believers), it will be double as difficult to achieve a position of much significance in this game. I wonder if a restart would yield better results... probably not, as their will always be someone who will feel that they didn't get a fair starting position...
                              Please... consider the above before making us go through something we may all regret even more...
                              Brother Krysia's Krusader,
                              humble servant of Sister Miriam
                              This is what it means to be a Spartan. It's not the killing or the suffering that matters. It's the purity of focus, without fear of death or pain.