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What is your favourite social engineering ?

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    Originally posted by Pandemoniak
    I think +2Research/+2Efficiency is not as good for science as the +2Economy/+2Efficiency/+2 Growth, and the -3 Police is far more annoying than the -2 moral and the risk of excessive growth...

    (but I think there's a SP or a tech that suppress the negative effects on Cybernetic, am I wrong ?)
    eudaimonia is only better for research if you aren't running market. which i do. and if you are running market, then the -3 police doesnt' matter. eudaimonia has +2 industry, not efficiency, and the +2 planet from cyber is good if you're running market. i always beeline for biomachinery for the cloning vats, so i don't worry about the growth.

    assuming you're the PKs with demo, market, knowlege and cyber you get:
    +4 effic
    +2 growth
    +2 economy
    +4 research
    -2 probe (hunter seeker)
    -2 support (get the living refinery)
    -1 planet (0 if manifold nexus)
    -8 police (-5 with network backbone, -4 with virtues, -2 with brood pits)

    whereas you have demo, planned, knowlege, eudaimonia
    0 effic
    +6 growth (pop boom )
    +3 industry
    +2 research
    +2 econ
    -2 morale
    -2 support
    -2 probe

    the police can be taken care of by going 40/20/40. assuming you're also going 40/20/40, then cybernetic is better for research than eudaimonia.

    Note: this is only comparing the research aspect. i know that this combo would be killer as the drones: +5 industry!


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      after doing the counting: playing Spartans with Police State/Green/Knowledge/None or (Eudaimonia) gives you Grand Total of: +2 morale, +3 police, +2 support, +2 planet, +2 research, +1 eff, -2 growth, -2 probe
      (+3 police, +2 support, +2 planet, +2 research, +1 eff, +1 industry, +2 econ, -2 probe)
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        [eudaimonia has +2 industry, not efficiency
        Yeah , you are right, thats what i meant. But imagine that +3 Industry used to get orbital energy or build supply crawlers ?

        Also if Free Drones are a faction for the expansion well I don't have the expansion. So does anyone know where I could get it?
        Argh !
        See thread "another favor is asked to you..." and you will know what Despair looks like...

        But anyway stats for free Drones :
        - 1 Drone on every base
        Base with Drone rebellions will join the Free Drones
        + 2 Industry
        - 2 Research
        I think thats all... which is far enough
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          Originally posted by big_canuk
          You forgot to include "none of the above"

          I don't really have a favourite. My favourite is whatever is required at the time, to get the job done. In builder mode that may be dem/fm/know/cyber. But with certain circumstances or factions, other settings will prevail. I like to change my SE. Often.

          I agree. Completely
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            As you can see on the first message, the question is what is your favorite social engineering to play with, NON-dependant of the game, meaning, usually what kind of game are you trying to make so that you can play your favourite settings, or with which settings do you find the game funnier, etc...

            But its up to you though
            "Just because you're paranoid doesnt mean there's not someone following me..."
            "I shall return and I shall be billions"


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              Efficiency is the Key

              Personal favorites: Democracy Green Knowledge Cybernetic and damn the negatives, full speed ahead! (But I don't always use these settings in the game.)

              aaglo asked:
              BTW... has anyone ever played a smac-game WITHOUT CHANGING THE SOCIAL CHOISES (all of them in their basic modes)? I think this would increase the difficulty of game... or whaddayadink?
              This I haven't tried yet, but in all my I games never go flicking about the settings to finagle‡ the situation. My research is partly directed toward obtaining the technology needed to gain the setting wanted. That is determined by which faction I'm using and how I'm role-playing them. The change is made immediately and it sticks to the end, be it bitter or be it sweet .

              from The American Heritage Dictionary:
              fi·na·gle (fuh-nay'-gul) v. fi·na·gled, fi·na·gling, fi·na·gles. Informal. --tr. 1. To obtain or achieve by indirect, usually deceitful methods: finagle a day off from work. 2. To cheat; swindle: shady stockbrokers who finagle their clients out of fortunes. --intr. To use crafty, deceitful methods. [Probably from dialectal fainaigue, to cheat.] --fi·na'·gler n.
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                Democratic (+2 EFFICIENCY +2 GROWTH -2 SUPPORT)
                Green (+2 PLANET +2 EFFICIENCY -2 GROWTH)
                Knowledge (+2 RESEARCH +1 EFFICIENCY -2 PROBE)
                Cybernetic (+2 EFFICIENCY +2 PLANET +2 RESEARCH -3 POLICE)
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