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    Q-can you have a naval blockade?
    A-yes, position your ships in every square around the city you
    wish to blocade. this only works if you are at war with them

    Q- can you blockade by blocking roads?
    A-not that i can see, but pillaging them would do it

    Q-why do small, weak civilizations attack me randomly?
    A-war is declared when a civ has to pay tribute, but they cannot. war is the way to end a trade deal nonpeacfully

    Q-why is there no culture, or cultural buildings in cities i'v conquered?
    A-when a citie changes control it's old culture is disgarded.All cultural buildings are destroyed.
    E-an Egyptian city with 1000+ culture is captured by the Chinese. the Egyptian culture of 1000+ does not give any bonuses, because you are chinese.

    Q-how do i get cities to celebrate the king?
    A-it most have no unhappy citizens and have more happy citizens than content ones

    Q-what does this do?
    A-it lowers corruption and waste

    Q-do you have any advice on hostile barbarian tribes?
    A-yes, move your unpramoted units near it, but don't attack it. they will attack your unit, thus, maby, promoting it.


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      Q: I'm tired of clicking on the "GoTo" command for my units and/or click/mouse-dragging the unit to it's destination. Is there an easier way to move units, especially for stacks of 'em?

      A: When a unit is activated, place your mousepointer at the destination you want and hit the [G] key and left-click the mouse.

      This works especially well for a stack of units you want to move to the same square. Put the pointer in the square you want all of the units to move then "[G]; Left-click" in quick succession for the entire stack.


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        Q: Is there a faster way to contact another civ than using the foreign advisor screen?

        A: Yes. Hold [Shift] and press the [D] key. Click on the civ you want to contact.


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          Q: I remember reading in one of the threads that workers can be put on pollution clean-up duty only. Is this true? If so, how is it accomplished?

          Q: I've looked for items in the editor that affect pollution, but I don't see any. Is there are way to still include pollution in the game but tone down its effects?


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            Originally posted by Colonel Kraken
            Q: I remember reading in one of the threads that workers can be put on pollution clean-up duty only. Is this true? If so, how is it accomplished?
            A: Yes, it's true, although I found it by mistake... hehehe. Just press Shift-P, and they just keep cleaning pollution.
            I think this question has already been answered before in this thread, but it's never too much to give a little help, is it?
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              How to control all cities disorder at once?

              Q: It kinds of boring to go to each city and change their disorder status one by one. I wonder if there is a way that I can change cities disorder on all disorder cities. Thanks

              A: You can, sorta; just raise the entertainment rate for your civ. Suddenly next turn you will be deluged with reports of disorder ceasing, and WLTKD starting all across your empire.

              (Hurry) Use the governor. Right-click on a city, select "Talk to governor". Select Yes on the first box "Use governor to handle citizen moods" and Yes to "In all cities". Also check the box "Make this the default for new cities".
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                Q: Does anyone know if the AI's get leaders? -- lordjulius
                A: Yes, the AI gets leaders. I've killed an AI leader, and I believe I fought an AI army in battle as well. I don't know how the AI uses leaders, however.

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                  Re: Possibly dumb question

                  Original question by bchampion
                  Q: Is there a keystroke equivalent to clicking the "next city" and "previous city" buttons from the City Window?

                  A: Yes, you can still use the left and right arrow keys to move through the cities while in the City Window. You can also use the '4' and '6' keys on the numeric keypad.


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                    Originally posted by zorbop
                    Q-can you have a naval blockade?
                    A-yes, position your ships in every square around the city you
                    wish to blocade. this only works if you are at war with them . . .

                    The way navies are handled in Civ III stinks.

                    Privateers and submarines are, in reality, designed to attack TRADE (merchantmen), not warships. I could have dozens of privateers or subs directly between two enemies' harbors - but it would not effect trade at all!!

                    Privateers should be able to do this on orders with or without a war.

                    The prescence of large numbers submarines, privateers, or any warship, unchallenged on trade routes should hurt the other civ's trade, if not cut it off.

                    Also, navies did NOT historically muck around bombarding "improvements". Wooden warships certainly did not do that.

                    Even worse, bombers SHOULD be able to sink warships. According to Sid's system, they can only bombard and therefore cannot sink ships. And that is idiotic.

                    Much of the naval system is worse than even Civ II.


                    • City Borders

                      Q: Is there a way of showing city borders?
                      A: ?

                      Q: Is this thread helpful?
                      A: Yes. I learned at least three things just reading down to here.
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                      • Colonel,

                        Since you have answered one of my questions, I will answer one of yours:

                        To DECREASE pollution, but still make it a part of the game, DO NOT install the Patch! (It messes with the values, but try it if you want)

                        Step 1: Open the Map, and Edit each Improvement property and go through the following list:
                        Step 2: CHECK Reduce Bldg Pollution and Reduce Pop Pollution for Marketplace, Palace, Granary, etc, through the list.
                        Step 3: After selecting which buildings reduce pollution save the map and start a new game to see the effects!!

                        (What this means is if you DO NOT build buildings, you will have more pollution than if you have a Marketplace, Palace, and Granary you are REDUCING pollution each turn. This is realistic: If you are bombed and bombed and bombed by the Egyptian bombers, your pollution increases as your Marketplace, Granary and Library are destroyed. It makes sense: less buildings, more pollution.

                        Get it? It works
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                          • Re: Possibly dumb question

                            Originally posted by bchampion
                            Possibly dumb question from a C3 newbie (but a C2 and SMAC veteran):

                            Q: Is there a keystroke equivalent to clicking the "next city" and "previous city" buttons from the City Window?

                            Civ2 and SMAC, IIRC, used the "<" and ">" keys. The Civ3 manual is silent on this topic, and I haven't been able to hit them (if they exist) by experimentation.

                            Puh-lease tell me I don't have to click on the interface to do it... I'm already close to the breaking point... I really am finding it hard to understand why so many giant strides made in the SMAC interface are gonzo with no explanation whatsoever...

                            You are going to hate me. Try the arrow keys.


                            • Q: What does a "We Love the King Day" do??
                              A: WLTKD increases shield production


                              • Re: Ways to hurry production in resiting cities

                                Originally posted by Phoxtrot

                                There is also the much easier solution : Disband some troops.
                                It works in all cities, including resisting and unhappy ones.

                                Disband efficiency is at 25%, way better that the 8:1 wealth production ration (and then you need to pay at least 2 gold for each shield and it doesn't work in resisting/unhappy cities.)

                                Another way to hurry production is to clear forests (and recreate them), this is however no longer valid in 1.16 as the patych readme say that you can now get the clearing bonus only once per game.

                                hmmm , when i clear a forest it seems to works , but , here it comes , now it goes like this , you can clear but only ones on each tile , and if i am not mistaken you can plant forest on a plain and if there was never a forest before , when you cut it , bonus , however if yoy cut and reforet , then cut , it doesnt go !

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