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  • Jet Fighter and Stealth Bomber Attack Animations Flaw.

    Q: Is the Fraxis team fixing the Sealth Bomber and Jet Bomber Attack Animations (See Strange Flickerings in Jet Fighter and Stealth Bomber Attack Animations ) I was wondering If they are fixing this for the upcoming patch.

    A: For now there is this third party fix. over at Unit Replacement: Jet Fighter (Cleaned Up version) . I am not sure what the new pactch would contain.
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    • Is A Population Requirement Present for a Domination Win?

      Q: There is a little confusion about whether there is a population requirement for domination as well as land area requirement. Both the manual and MapStat
      seem to say there is a pop requirement. But the info available during the game does not mention it. We had a tourney result that was a close call and would just like to know for future reverence. Thanks

      A: Yes, you have to have percentage domination in both land area and population to win a domination victory. It didn't make it into the manual because it was a late addition. I thought it was listed in the Civilopedia,
      though....I'll have to look into that.


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      • Golden Age From Artilleries

        Q: Can an Artillery unit (Unit with no attack and defece values but contains a Bombard Attack, range and RoF and has bombard enabled) create/cause a Golden Aage to happen.

        A:In fact you can make an artillery cause a golder era to happen and have its ranking go up to elite. All you need is an editor and enable the Leatal Land/sea Bombardment enabled and has set to triger Golden Age. When a unit bombards a unit and kills a unit then it trigers a Golden Age. The key, Have an Artillery unit kill a unit.
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        • Re: Golden Age From Artilleries

          Originally posted by Civfan01
          Q: Can an Artillery unit ... create/cause a Golden Age to happen.

          A. The key, Have an Artillery unit kill a unit.
          Which, of course, can't happen without hacking the game settings. This is stupid. I've just played my first full game of CivIII and I don't believe how awful the combat engine is .
          I had a large assembly of riflemen and cavalry (all veteran or better), with artillery support, surrounding my enemy's capital. My artillery shells were crashing around the heads of the single conscript rifleman unit in the city, which should have had them wimpering in their foxholes. Nope. And with their fortified bonus (even without the city walls and barracks, which succumbed to my bombardment), they saw off any units I was foolish enough to attack them with . One of the design team should spend some time playing Combat Mission to learn the value of suppressive fire.
          This "can't kill with bombard" is absurd - though France's inability to kill my ironclads with repeated bombing runs worked in my favour. Someone should tell Coastal Command with their Sunderlands and Catalinas that they can't take out shipping. Or Bomber Command, with the Tirpitz .
          Oh, and don't get me started on the absurd over-emphasis on corruption...

          I have downloaded the 1.29 patch but not yet played it - does it affect any of the above behaviours?


          • Originally posted by dengidavai
            Question on defecting cities.

            After the first stage of the initial land grab, the AI annoyingly starts founding cities on every little peninsula and spit of land, with the result that enemy cities sprout within two or three squares of my border cities. As the game progresses, these little bastard cities inevitably defect to my civilization. When that happens the game gives you to choices: either "good, install new governor" or "rebuff the rebels." Installing a new governor and accepting this new city expands your borders, but results in two cities (the defecting city and your own adjacent border city) with stunted growth potential. I assume that rebuffing the rebels causes the defecting city to remain part of its original enemy civilization (actually I've never tried this option so I could be wrong). This is not an attractive option because the enemy city remains a security threat and potential launchpad for an attack. Besides, for strictly esthetic reasons I don't like having an alien pimple on the butt of my glorious civilization. What I'd really like to do is just raze the defecting city to get it out of the way and give my border cities room to grow.

            Does anyone know if there's a way to do this without having to declare war and raze the defecting city that way? Alternatively, if I accept the city into my civilization, is there a way of starving it to death by, for example, turning all the citizens into entertainers, so that the city just zaps out of the space-time continuum, leaving you room to grow?

            Thanks for your input
            Q: Is there a way to get rid of a city?
            A: Yes - use the 'Abandon City' option (right-click on a city)
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            • Originally posted by bassman
              Q. I thought I read a thread somewhere that stated you could save and reload city building queues, but I haven't figured out how to do this. Am I daft, or just confused?
              Q: How do I save and load build queues?
              A: In the city screen, use shift-Q to save and Q to load a queue
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              • Originally posted by Dr Strangelove
                I've completely eliminated the Japanese civilization in my current game. I've checked to make certain that there are no more Japanese cities or units. Japan refuses to die thaough, and is still at war with me. Eventually the war weariness will get me. I consider the game ruined and unplayable. I tried to get advice from Infogames, but you know what happened to that I'm sure.
                This happened to me once. It turned out that there was still one boat with a settler on it left roaming the seas. As soon as some land became 'free' due to the destruction of a city, this settler came ashore and founded a new city..!

                Q: When is a Civ eliminated?
                A: When all its cities and units have been destroyed
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                • Re: Re: Golden Age From Artilleries

                  Originally posted by Mad Dog

                  I don't believe how awful the combat engine is

                  I have downloaded the 1.29 patch but not yet played it - does it affect any of the above behaviours?
                  I have played 1.29f - neither the corruption problems nor the combat engine have been improved. Call To Power did a MUCH better job with combat. They allow unit stacking so you can actually build diversified armies. This meant no 'phalanx killing battleship' problems that Civ continues to suffer from.

                  Q: why do AI civilizations expend all of their energy trying to destroy the human player?

                  A: because they are meant to annoy you, not to simulate actual rival civilizations.


                  • Brave Marines

                    First things first....
                    This game is the greatest. I think the developers did an outstanding job with this game. All the nay-sayers can go code a game themselves. With that out of the way there is one thing that disturbed me.... I had, in a recent game, 16 brave marines preparing to spearhead an assault on another continent. Basically I planned on bombing a city and then assaulting with the marines from the sea. And then following up with 4 transports of tanks which could then unload from the city I had just taken and continue to move and assault the enemy. Through careful planning I also had available two "Armys". I thought it would be excellent to put together two armys of marines to minimize casualties. Imagine my dismay when I went to assault the enemy and found out that the Marine "Armys" had forgotten how to attack from the sea! The rest of the marines were able to secure the city but now I was left with two army's of marines which were tactically ineffective. So I guess my question is.....
                    Q.) Will there ever be a patch to allow Marine "Armys" to remember how to attack from the sea like all the other Brave Marines. Or are Marine Armies basically containers to house all the marines deemed cowards and failures?
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                    • Corruption

                      Q. Corruption even with the patch is ridiculous, especially as I like to play max map size. I'd like to reduce it, but setting the slider to 0% seems not in the spirit of the game, and any other setting still ends up with some cities totally corrupt. Setting Optimal City Number to 1000 works but I have to have 500 cities before I can build the Forbidden Palace, which is a bit daft.

                      A. 1) Set your Optimal cities to 52, then 2) Set the Optimal City Number Percentage to 1000%. (Don't forget for both of these you will also have to select your relevant difficulty setting/mapsize from a drop down somewhere on that tab page)

                      This solution removes the Optimal City Number element from the corruption formula so you still get distance from Capital corruption and relevant governance corruption, but keeps the OCN low so you can still build the Forbidden Palace at a reasonable stage of the game, and capturing enemy cities will once again be worthwhile .

                      Oh for those interested the number of 52 is because there can only be 512 cities in a game, so 1000% 52 = 520, which will never be exceeded.
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                      • Q: I have a question about corruption...

                        A: Check out the corruption FAQ.


                        • Edit: Removed corruption FAQ from here. It's too much of a pain to maintain everywhere.
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                          • Re: Brave Marines

                            ... sorry, wrong thread...
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                            • A dumb yet relevant question on Civ Color

                              Just wondering but do you ALWAYS have to go to the Civ Editor and configure a scenario in order to change your sims color? Right now Ive got if up for France but dont exactly want my men of war marching off in flowery lavender outfits.......Ive scoured the manual and see no other way, its a shame such mind-blowing simple option wasnt presented in the set up screens.


                              • Belial, admit it! You're a female at heart!

                                Just kidding!

                                I think you can change your civ color in the editor. Its under Civilization, or Units, I don't remember which one. I'm sure you can find it somewhere in there.

                                Hope that helps.
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