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AU 100-A DAR 1: 4000 BC - 1520 BC

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  • Monarch

    As a long time lurker, I thought I'd have a go at this. Only got Civ4 last week, so might struggle with this, but I've had a game on Monarch with some success. So I took the plunge and went for Monarch difficulty - soon wishing I hadn't.

    DAR1 4000BC 1520BC.
    Monarch level. (hah! Should be good for a laugh.)

    Starting location. Interesting one do I found at the place Im at, or do I go one square to the right and found next to all the nice trees and hills?

    I decide to go to the right Washington founded 4000BC. Got a map from the village.

    Tech-wise, I dont really know what Im doing yet (this is my third ever Civ4 game) and Im torn between going towards Bronze Working and Pottery. Pottery wins out in the end, as the terrain nearby looks good for cottages. Currently working a flood plain 3-0-1 square.

    3840BC Switch to the 2-1-1 square as I want to go explore.
    3680BC The Wheel discovered Pottery in 8.
    3640BC Buddhism founded elsewhere, Id not bothered with the earlier religions. Warrior completed, another warrior being built in Washington.
    Still exploring to the south and west theres some stone down there but also some wolves
    3400BC more gold from a hut 83 this time.
    3360BC Pottery discovered, Mining taken with a view to Bronze Working. (I did warn you I didnt know what I was doing yet!) Warrior completes in Washington.
    3320BC Big nasty horrid bear met to the west. Valiantly, my Warrior in a forest fights him off
    3280BC Hinduism founded elsewhere. Washington now size 3, one more warrior before I start a worker (is it obvious I dont know what Im doing yet?)
    3160BC Mining discovered. Bronze Working in 11.
    3120BC met a panther to the east. Didnt even know they existed.
    3080BC now an ex-panther.
    3000BC both warriors now building up a nice portfolio of experience one with 3, the other 2. I give them both woodsman bonuses, in the hope of upgrading them into exploring units in years to come. City now size 4, and a worker is started.
    2920BC one of our explorers snuffs it at the hands of a lion. The other survives a panther attack somehow.
    2720BC Ohhhh good grief, Genghis Khan. Lovely.
    2680BC Bronze Working discovered, just in time for some nice chopping action. I take Hunting, for lack of a better goal and the spearmen will come in handy.
    To go Slavery, or not to go Slavery? Hmmm.Slavery adopted..
    2640BC Bismarck discovered.
    2600BC worker completed, off to chop a forest or two for my settler.
    2480BC Saladin discovered to the NE.
    2440BC Hunting discovered. Writing taken, after that Im going to head down the religious techs.
    2320BC Hmmm, now then. Do I sacrifice a person to rush the Settler. Im thinking not this will lose me 4 turns of a new city, but Im not sure its the right thing to do. Building a farm now on the corn to the SW.
    2160BC Bloody settlers. They take an age. Finally completed though. Going to found just 3 squares to the SW, one space S of the little lake. That should give us plenty of access to food and production.
    2120BC New York founded. Building another settler at Washington, with the Worker chopping for it going to road to New York after that.
    2040BC Writing discovered.
    1960BC Isabella discovered. As for the most advanced Civs Im 7th. Quelle surprise.
    1840BC Settler #2 completed. Heading 4 squares to the north to found on a hill.
    1800BC Hatshepsut discovered. So is Mysticism.
    1760BC Washington rushes Granary settler founds Boston.
    1560BC Meditation discovered Animal Husbandry next.

    Thus ends the first instalment of my report. It probably wont go down in history as the greatest 2500 years of any civilization, but its a solid-ish start, I think, on a difficulty level Im not massively familiar with.

    Ive got 7 population 55,000 in civ terms which is way, way behind the best AI, who has a quarter of a million or so.

    The initial strategy was to take advantage of the nice local terrain, and make sure that we got some good infrastructure. 1520 is probably a bad time for a screenshot, but the good news is we have three cities when in reality I was only expecting two. If we can get a core base of 8-10 cities up early on (though Im not sure how viable this is, given that America is an organized civ).

    The plan now for the immediate future is to pump workers out as quickly as possible. Workers are currently being built in all three cities, and further expansion should follow there shortly after. Hopefully after that we will be in a position to decide further goals cottages will need to go up for technology, while military may have to take a back seat for a while due to lack of production.

    I havent got a research plan yet, apart from possibly going for Iron Working at some point in the near future.
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    • goin with the simple informative style

      plannin to be a builder civ that stands well diplomatically AMAP

      4000 BC

      found washngton, build worker, research wheel
      explore east


      warrior sees good location to east stone. ivory, wheat

      latter he dies in an encounter w/ not so frendly barbs

      get wheel->pottery


      worker finished, start a warrior


      2960 warrior built, do again
      going to make $$$$ with capital

      2560start settler see wine/corn location to north. warrior to the north eaten by bear

      2200 send settler north with the only warrior guardin washington, bear has wandered off,

      2160 Meat hattie + discover alphabet +meet bismark= learning mysticism, AH,hunting,mining, and archery while only losing writing + pottery

      2040 build NY on site to north , build obelisk

      2000 discover masonry

      1840 discover bronze working

      1760 meat sally, get meditatin for AH

      Open borders w/ everyone xcept gengis

      1500 trade writin, meditatn to gengis for poly+priesthood


      • Nobel DAR 4000-1640

        Ancient II

        Ok going to do this as a story to work the old creative muscles if things are confusing let me know. General strategy is to go for a quick (before modern era? Conquest victory)

        General Washington looked over the troops who had followed him and invested absolute power in him. A ragtag bunch at best, but soon all would feel the power of the Americans of that he was sure! They had followed him as he split from a group that had begun calling themselves the English. A wuzzy obelisk polishing group if their ever was one. There had been amazingly little blood shed as he left, a tribute to their shameful peaceful ways! In 4000 B.C. Washington was founded and several years later the first warrior trained, and several years later the second. During this time his "scholars" developed tricks to hunt the plentiful game around their city and developed plans for a fast moving unit that was immeaditly built to explore the surrounding terrain. A local village of tribesmen gave him money recognizing, rightly, that it was either that or be destroyed. As this was going on his scholars developed plains to remove minearls from the ground-they called it mineing. Though it didn't seem to be of much use, Washington thanked them and was about to send them on their way when several citizens broke into his tent demanding to know what he was going to do about the reports of knowledge given to various other unknown groups from beings called Budha. Barely controling his anger he ordered them out of his tent and ordered several of his warriors in training to see them flogged in the city square. After they had left he ordered his schlors to investigate the claims. Before leaving to enjoy watching the flogging he looked again over the reports his scout had sent about a group of warriors claiming to be from the Spanish. Turning to his messanger he orderd them to be followed.

        That night he had a dream that to this day several years later gave him chills. From a Storm the likes of which he had never seen he heard a voice. "Call me Jehovah, and know I am the one and only God. Follow me and I shall lay these Buddhists and Hindus followers of false relligons at your feet. Ignore me at your peril. In the fullness of time I shall send ones for you to follow, for know build me a temple in the city square worship me every seventh day and before each meal and call yourselves followers of Judaism." The next day, barely able to control his shaking body, he saw the orders carried out dunking himself in the river to show his and his civilizations rebirth. That night he could barely control himself as he scanned the reports of the meetings with Saladin and Bismark to the north. Thankfully his sleep that night was dreamless.

        Things proceeded quickly after this several more cites were founded one close to the spanish and soon one close to bismark hopefully to keep him away from some precious stones. The pottery and Arrows his scholors had recently discovered should make this hopefully easier. Soon the barbarians who had dared build a city north of his capitol would feel his wrath and perhaps then the spanish would be the first to fall to the wrath of the Americans.

        ok hope this was clear, big thing I learned here was that if you want to get either of the early religons go for them early becuase the AI researches them quickly. Both Hindism and Budhism were discovered before I had researched my second tech-amazing. Also the barbarians have a good city building AI picked a site I was going to use! Attached my save game had another scout with two promotions that was killed by a panther (combat one and medic 1) and a warror killed by a lion. Not sure if I will be able to read this forum so if you have any great advice for me pm me..a lott of posts here. Enjoy! (Oh sailing came from a hut to the north) How does one upload civIV saved games I changed the extnesion to .sav but surly there is another way?
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        • Re: Noble Difficulty

          Bad luck on the next turn - a foreign civ founds Buddhism, and just one turn before I get to it! Ah well, I can still use this situation to my advantage. When I discover Meditation, I begin research on Priesthood, which is a relatively cheap tech. My goal now is to make a break for Confucianism (Code of Laws) then head back towards the cheaper techs to catch up.

          -------------------------------------------- [/QUOTE]

          Curious is there a reason you didn't go for masonry and then monotheism at this point? Found the ability to build Graniers very useful and since you had mineing already it would seem like you could get it before the AI pretty easily..(I see the oracle but would not having an earlier religon and then being able to switch to organized religon outweigh the need for this early? especially since you don't have stone yet and really two new cities might be better before you think of building a wonder..)
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          • Romans/pangea/epic/emperor/standard size
            (space and diplomatic victory disabled, all others enabled)

            Whoops! Sorry, I didn't understand what AU1.00 was all about. Well, ignore my posts, or take them as a diversion from the standard map.

            DAR 1
            DAR 2
            DAR 3
            DAR 4
            DAR 5
            DAR 6
            DAR 7

            4000BC Founded Rome beside a river with three sources of ivory. I decided not to build a worker or settler first for security reasons. Rather, I built a second warrior and set research to bronze working.

            3160BC I have now met the Chinese, Germans, Indians, Aztecs, Spanish, while my second warrior has discovered gold near the shore. One more turn for BW and 11 turns for my first worker. Ive discovered 75 gold in huts so far. Research is set to 100% of my 11 gold per turn.

            2160BC Upon discovering bronze working, I noticed a deposit of copper, so I decided that I had better now research hunting and archery to make use of this. Also, my ivory needs a camp. Normally iron working and Praetorians would be key, but axemen allow me to forgo this in favor of more critical techs. Also, I plan to wage early war and discover alphabet early, so I can trade for missing techs, including iron working. My worker is now set to start chopping in a settler. I have recently met Washington, the seventh Civilization. I lost one warrior to a barbarian attack and the remote warrior leaves Rome defenseless. Not to worry though, archery will be mine in three turns.

            2120BC My settler is ready as I start chopping in an archer to defend Rome. My roaming warrior has made it back, noticing the Chinese border in view to the jungles of the North, while German border comes into view far to the East. The copper to my South West will be the choice for my second city. I have discovered the wheel and am researching pottery, so I can build cottages and granaries, which are half price for Romans. I want early cottages to support my expansion, and a well-built Roman road system to connect my cities, and with copper.

            1525BC I have connected my road to Antium and built work camps on ivory to make my people happy and boost production. My copper mine is in. My defense consists now of two archers and my original warrior. My second worker now chops in a settler for my third city, as Antium is about to get a workboat for its clam resource. My new settler will go South East to claim the desert gold for happiness and coastal riches, though Im not thrilled with the desert part. I researched mysticism to build obelisk, since Romans have no culture to expand borders, making it a problem at times to secure valuable resources. After mysticism, Im beelining to writing and alphabet to trade for techs.

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            • Re: Emperor difficulty

              2680BC: after careful moving forward (first join with the warrior 2 tiles away, then move 1 tile, then another and settle), the settler reaches the determined spot for NY. Second city in 2680, probably fastest in this game?
              Problem is the health, already at the limit with size 1. Worker in 15, leaves Washington to do something else after the warrior (in 2).
              Why did New york have such bad health? Though I didn't put a city there I can't see a reason for it..I play on noble most of the time though..
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              • things I've noticed

                Ok read through most of these now and noticed a couple things I wanted to comment on. Several people were skipping archery and evidently using axemen and spearment to protect with. Is this a common strategy? The 25% bonus archers get for city protection (and the ability to get city defense 1 and 2 if you build a barraks and switch to fudalism later) means I've always used archers for defense over other units until I reach the gunpowder age.

                Also when do the barbarians appear now? I usually leave huts alone until I get scouts so that I don't get barbarians. Unessecary or to cautious strategy? Thanks!
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                • My first DAR so bear with me

                  Noble Level

                  Opening city site looks good, so found Washington there. Warr gets 74 gold from nearby goodie hut. I've always played my games with religion being very strong, so decide to research Polytheism (someone always gets Hinduism first if you don't have Mysticism). First build is another warrior.

                  Washington's borders expanded the turn before and I discover Mysticism. My warrior gets another 47 gold from a nearby goodie hut. Washington will grow to Pop 2 in the next two turns yeilding 7 food, 2 shield and 11 commerce. A few turns after that, someone else founds Hinduism (big surprise)

                  Washington produces its first warrior, who will join his brother-in-arms by exploring the map. Start production on a Settler. A couple of turns later, someone founds Buddism (DAMN). Okay... well I've got pigs to the south and cows to the east so I decide road and animal husbandry should be the way to go... I'll try for Judaism after that. One of my warriors gets experience from a goodie hut, so I promote him to Woodsman II (I love using forests like roads when you don't have scouts yet).

                  Couple of hundred years pass with some exploration and several animal attacks, all of which I survive.

                  Goodie hut yields me Priesthood. YAH BABY!

                  Get Animal Husbandry and start researching the wheel. Shortly after, yet another tech from a goodie hut! This time Writing. First time ever in a game I've gotten tech TWICE from goodie huts.. usually barely ever get one!

                  Discover the wheel and decide religion can wait. With all the forest around, I want to chop if I need to for further wonder builds. Set my research path to Mine, Masonry and Bronze Working (will need quarries for the stone soon anyway). Washington finishes its settler and starts work on a worker to farm the corn and flood plains.

                  Found New York to the West of Washington. The mix of river tiles and mountains will make for a decent commerce center and ocean access. With Washington's borders expanding soon, the hills to the east can be mined if I want to convert to an early military prod city.

                  At this point Mining, Masonry and Bronze Working are all discovered. Decide to make a shot and Monotheism. By this point, I've met Saladin and Bismark, Washington has built a worker and is working on Settler #2. America is rated the Wealthest Civ.

                  NY finishes its warrior and starts work on another worker. Judaism founded somewhere else. Frig! First game I've ever played where I didn't get one of the first three religions (although I didn't exactly beeline to Monotheism... maybe I should have).

                  I've now met Gengis and Isabella. Washington is done its settler and starts on another warrior. I get my exising worker building a road to what will be Boston to the SW.

                  Discovered Hunting and now researching Archery so I can start getting a military to defend myself a little bit. Boston is founded and within a turn or two is connected to the capital by road. I keep the worker around to get the pigs connected to the trade route.

                  Feelin' pretty good about things... by 1520 I have 3 cities going, a good feel for the land, and although I don't have religion, I'm pretty confident about my research.

                  Didn't snap a shot at 1520, so one at 1480 will have to do.
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                  • Difficulty set to Monarch.

                    Settler takes a step east across the river and founds Washington. We get 55g from the hut. Warrior goes to explore the floodplains and we start researching Mining, to get to Bronze Working soon enough. Washington is working on a settler.

                    3920 - Warrior finds 63g in the desert between mountains and flood plains. Continous northward.

                    3720 - Mining discovered, working on Bronze Working.

                    3160 - We discover Bronze Working and start work on The Wheel. Warrior is up the NW after rounding the mountains, resting a spot after defeating wolves in the dense forests. We are holding off 4 rounds with slavery to first finish settler.

                    3120 - We pop a hut for 73g. Warrior is heading back to escort first settler.

                    3000 - Settler born. Heads north to live on the Corn resource. We switch to slavery and start work on a worker.

                    2960 - Cleopatra says hi.

                    2840 - Finish The Wheel and meet Isabella. We build New York after some serious Lion dancing. (Warrior was too slow! I am a momo and can't count squares!) Working on Pottery. New York starts on worker.

                    2680 - Genghis says hi.

                    2560 - We discover Pottery and start work on Writing.

                    2480 - Warriors get experienced by entering village, news at 11.

                    2360 - Both cities finish workers, Washington start Granary, New York is building a settler. Workers moved to a forest each. Operation Chop'n'Pop commencing. If the NY settler moves north to the coast we should be able to block entry to our peninsula, if that is what it is. Everyone is sighted to the east so far.

                    2320 - Bismarch says hello. Northern city will have to be a barracks town. Seems New York will become a specialist rich town eventually.

                    2160 - Discover Writing. Getting NY and Washington a farm each.

                    1880 - Met Saladin. Fairly sure we have blocked of a peninsula by now.

                    1800 - New York finishes Settler and starts work on Granary.

                    1760 - Washington finished Granary and starts Settler.

                    1720 - Boston founded.

                    When 1520 rolls by Washington is still building it's settler, as I decided to get two cottages up and running instead of chopping for the settler. Hopefully this wasn't a mistake.


                    • Emperor Difficulty

                      Hello, my first attempt at this, got a lot of screenshots. Tell me if it is good or not or what to change. Played this all in one day, takes a long time with all the alt-tabbing. This was played all on 1.52.

                      Emperor Difficulty
                      DAR Record, links work:

                      Read parts of the AU-100-A games here but still dont remember the starting position, so I am starting from a fresh start. With that in mind, I picked Washington, normal speed, and Emperor difficulty and away we go

                      4001 B.C. - Plan is for a Domination Victory, lots of war, lots of blood. War is my business and business is good, most people go with a peaceful Washington style, my plan is to go heavy axe men and work over the first civ nearby then consolidate and then war war war.

                      4000 B.C. - I start off knowing more tiles than I should, dunno what is up with that. Ohhhh wine, that'll be useful as I don't plan on getting any religions, Hereditary Rule + winery should give me a lot of happys. Starting location looks bad, very bad, I can't see a single hill in my fat cross. I move one tile to the east and settle there to grab those two grass hills. I get 62 gold from the hut and start on a warrior and the Wheel.

                      3920 B.C. - Mysticism from a goody hut. Wow, really lucky, I very rare for me to get a tech from a goody hut (or any goody huts at all) on Emperor. I could go for a religion, but nah.

                      3640 B.C. - I meet Izzy and finish the Wheel at the same time. Even though I am a fiendish heathen that needs to be wiped from the land I tell Izzy that we can still friends. Started Pottery.

                      3560 B.C. Warrior kills a wolf and heals for a turn, oh yeah and Izzy is Buddy now I hope she spreads that and makes a shrine, gonna be real great when I capture her holy city.

                      3320 B.C. Pottery is done, 2nd warrior is done, initial warrior killed a wolf and a lion now hes Woodsman II, wooty woot. Start on Writing and a worker in Washginton(10 turns) Ick, look at all that tundra to our south, I am guessing we are at the southern end of this continent with the rest all above us, hmmm to open or not to open with Izzy?

                      3240 B.C. Hindy founded somewhere and Izzy nabs this hut right before I can get it, grrr Izzy, bad Izzy.

                      2960 B.C. Two huts, one for 39 gold and another for a scout. Little late for a scout to be of much help oh well he'll help with the barb patrol.

                      2920 B.C. Worker done, starting on Settler(17 turns) Going to work that food resource then I dunno.

                      2800 B.C. Finished Writing. Starting Mining then to Bronze-Working. Barb set up to clear Fog of War so no barbs spawn up there. Oh yeah and Saladin said hi, hehe he'll be an easy victim.

                      2760 B.C. Open borders with Izzy since she has Buddy. I hope she'll send over some missionaries to me (aka waste resources) This map is huge no way I can block her expansion with cities + borders. I also meet Bismarck lol what is this the game of the wussy civs?

                      2680 B.C. A bit of micro here, Corn is done farmed so I switch from a settler to a warrior. Will have a warrior and growth done in 5 turns. I need the warrior to meet the happy cap of 4 on Emperor(capital is empty at the moment)

                      2480 B.C. Cap at Size 4 now and back to the settler. Pig is to the west a bit and we can do a little trick here. We can share that Corn resource between two cities since my cap won't work that Corn tile until I can increase my happy cap and that's pretty far off. Pig + Corn + Floodplains, main uber Great Person Production center here. Be Advised, our Cap can support 4 people, that means we can run 2 grass cottage and 2 grass hills or 2 grass cottages and 2 plains cottages, so I build my improvements accordingly.

                      2200 B.C. First Settler is done and will be sent west. Lots of production options, heck let's go for Stonehenge, we can always pump a Great Scientist in city #2. BW takes so long to complete, come on BW!.

                      2160 B.C. Second city founded (New York) and uses the Corn tile and starts a worker that will be done in 9 turns (see how that works out) 1 City Maintenance and 1 Civic Upkeep, nice. Judaism is founded somewhere and the next turn Izzy adopts Organized Religion, hmm methinks Izzy founded two religions, gogo Izzy.

                      2040 B.C. BW finally done, lots of tech options, hmmmm Iron Working is a good choice for my war plans but heck I don't see any enemy cities near me, if I capture anything this soon I'll die in the maintenance costs. I start researching Animal Husbandry. 15 turns left on Stonehenge, gonna finish the second mine then chop that Stonehenge

                      1760 B.C. We are now Husbands with the Animals. We Select Alphabet, but then rethink things and start Iron Working. New York complete its worker and starts an obelisk then I think wtf I am building Stonehenge, and start a warrior(15 turns)

                      1680 B.C. With the help of a single forest chop we complete Stonehenge, haha my unstoppable army is now complete, errr Washington starts on a settler and will switch to 3 grass cottages tiles once they are done, but works the Corn tile again for a few turns, New York was growing way too fast.
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                      • Bit late from me, as I got hooked on MP. However, since I dropped well out of the top 10 whilst away for Christmas I decided to take a break, and get around to finally playing some SP.

                        I'm playing 1.52 unfortunately, which puts me at quite a large disadvantage. The increase in unit costs is a real killer early on when expanding and building workers. Also some of the tech costs have been increased.

                        It's only my fourth game, so I made a few errors, which actually was a shame as the land was the nicest I've had yet and the game could have been really impressive.
                        However, there are some great elements too; as to which dominates, well, it would be crass for me to comment.

                        I've not kept notes, so this will be more of a rambling discussion with key events and strategies discussed.


                        • Monarch Difficulty


                          I always agonise over the starting screen. To found or not to found, that is the question. Looking at the food resources, I decided that moving one square to the right to get access to the hills would be wise. Wirh 2 move settlers you can still found in 4000BC.

                          Early game strategy

                          I had already decided I wanted to try a spaceship victory this game. This means that my first goal was to get the somewhat overpowered bureaucracy (more on that later!). However, the straight beeline (even with Oracle) offends my civving instincts, and this is Monarch, so I cheekily decided to open with a worker. Due to the heavily forested terrain I went for mining and bronze first. I figured chops would get me back the time later, and help me expand prior to setting up my cap with a library and specialists.


                          Worker popped after 15 turns (damn those increased 1.52 costs ). Settler started. Worker irrigated the wheat, and chopped the forest to the left of the founding square, before irrigating a flood plain.

                          3000: Bronze finished. Went for Writing via Animal Husbandry as I had my eye on the pig. No jokes please.

                          2800: New York founded on pig. Both cities doing warriors.

                          2160: Got writing. Go for Priesthood via meditation. I had popped mysticism from a hut quite early.

                          I had chopped a second worker in Washington, one of which stayed around Washington to ensure the library went up fast, and later the Oracle, and also to make some mines. The other helped NY get the pig up and running, and chopped the second settler when NY was size 2.

                          1840: Library finished, run Washington with 2 scientists.

                          1760: Oracle started, Code of Laws started. With some chops it worked out fine. But that's another story.

                          1760: Boston founded, started on warrior. New York was also (apart from the settler) doing warriors.

                          In 1760 had 2 workers, 1 scout (popped immediately) and 10 warriors.


                          • DAR1

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                            • Part 2:



                              • Re: things I've noticed

                                Dacole, in my part it's because I try to fight the wars in enemy territory rather than my own and would never want to have my forces stuck inside a city while the opposing forces chose the time and place of the attack.

                                On the huts and odds of barbs from them; that depends heavilly upon which difficulty level your on. The difficulty level also determines the first turn animals can appear, barbs can appear, barb cities can appear and the max count per unexplorerd tile for all of these.

                                Originally posted by dacole
                                Ok read through most of these now and noticed a couple things I wanted to comment on. Several people were skipping archery and evidently using axemen and spearment to protect with. Is this a common strategy? The 25% bonus archers get for city protection (and the ability to get city defense 1 and 2 if you build a barraks and switch to fudalism later) means I've always used archers for defense over other units until I reach the gunpowder age.

                                Also when do the barbarians appear now? I usually leave huts alone until I get scouts so that I don't get barbarians. Unessecary or to cautious strategy? Thanks!
                                1st C3DG Term 7 Science Advisor 1st C3DG Term 8 Domestic Minister
                                Templar Science Minister
                                AI: I sure wish Jon would hurry up and complete his turn, he's been at it for over 1,200,000 milliseconds now. :mad: