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AU 100-A DAR 1: 4000 BC - 1520 BC

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  • Re: Re: Emperor difficulty

    It's mostly the difficulty level.

    Other contributing factors: You get +2 health if the city is along a river; I'm not sure if catty-corner counts under the latest patch.

    Nearby flood plains give a health penalty.

    Nearby forest gives a health bonus.

    Also, this early on there are few if any health resources connected.

    Originally posted by dacole

    Why did New york have such bad health? Though I didn't put a city there I can't see a reason for it..I play on noble most of the time though..
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    • Re: Re: things I've noticed

      Originally posted by joncnunn
      Dacole, in my part it's because I try to fight the wars in enemy territory rather than my own and would never want to have my forces stuck inside a city while the opposing forces chose the time and place of the attack.
      Yes, if you sit on the defensive even the AI is smart enough to trash your land.

      Archers need 2 techs and are quite expensive - you should consider very carefully whether you need them each game. I usually only get them when pinned in early and needing to throw my weight around before I get the techs for resources for better units.

      A bunch of warriors will do most of the time (and they are military police for later) unless axes are coming at you.


      • hmm I am still using archers as fortified in my cities until I get longbowmen. I realize it is a good strategy to come out and attack maurading attackers but surly you leave something in the city to protect it in case someone slips behind you..the AI did that to me once. Was attacking the spanish in this game and taking her cities when a ship unloaded attacking units around one of my cities deep in my territory I was impressed and surprized..even if they didn't last long (though I did have to build some attacking units to take them out since I only had archers..guess it would be good to defend with attacking units in that case as well..hmm thanks for the info.

        Does anyone have the numbers on when barbs and such appear at each difficulty level? For example in this game is there any level where popping the hut on the first turn might have given barbs? Thanks!
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        • The AI doesn't attack very well (though I think better than in other games). You should be defending early game on good terrain away from your cities wherever possible. If he wont attack you force him on to open ground and if you have decent attacking troops massacre him there. Remember with a 50/50 chance you win half the time ( ) but even when you lose you come out even as your second attacker will finish him off and get xp.


          • Prince Difficulty

            DAR 1
            DAR 2
            DAR 3
            DAR 4

            Good day! Iím finally getting off my duff and taking a shot at this first AU game. Iím playing at the Prince level of difficulty, which for me has yet to be beaten.

            4000 BC: The world is granted the honor of housing my civilization once more. One can only imagine the havoc to be wreaked! Washington is founded at its starting spot. That luscious corn was simply too much to ignoreóIím a fan of movies, which makes popcorn an obvious necessity.

            Hrmm starting techÖ with financial trait and a starting position with flood plains, itís tempting to me to get an early start on a few cottages. On the other hand, Iíve been looking at the earlier Civil Service tactic a few on these boards have mentioned, and would like to try it. Whatís more, all this bread could help with production if I pulled for Bronze Working and the slavery civic.

            Mining it is, then.

            My warrior left the barb village intact for the culture of my city to grab, and headed to the nearest hills to the east to see the lay of the land.

            3960 BC: woah, itís a big desert to the east. Warrior turns to the south, as he can see a bit of coastline on the horizon.

            3840: Found cows milling around to the SE of Washington on the coast. Make mental note to start a McDonalds at earliest convenience. Warrior turns westward and south, following the coast.

            3760: Seeing tundra to the south, my warrior turns westward following the edge of the cold.

            3720: The secrets of mining lay under my grasp! There is much rejoicing, and work is immediately begun on Bronze Working.

            3680: My city expanded, and the barb village it swallowed granted me a map of the area to the north of my city. I can now see another barb village up to the north of my city, as well as more corn. The hill between the corn and the wine seems to be an obvious choice for another city, although I worry that I cannot immediately take advantage of the wine.

            My warrior down south also picks up another barb village and a new Scout offers itís services to me. I send the Scout toward the other village, and my warrior continues his trek west toward the Spices and Pigs nearby.

            3640: Buddhism is founded in a distant land.

            3560: On the way to the village, my scout spots another village a little further away to the west. He makes a detour to go say hi.

            3520: My first warrior is born, and as my city isnít very large yet (and thus wonít suffer from unhappiness without protection), I send him off toward the northeast to watch for barbarians. Work begins on a worker.

            Meanwhile, the barb village my scout grabs deigns me worthy of receiving the masonry tech, for which I am certainly grateful. Unfortunately, a lion appears next to him, and I can only pray that he lives through the encounter. Getting masonry unexpectedly causes me to consider making my second city coastal and shooting for the Great Lighthouse, since this takes advantage of my Sailing tech advantage and sets up commerce (via a lighthouse) for my financial trait to enjoy. Hrmmm.

            My warrior to the south has discovered stone and a lot of beavers to the south west.

            3400: oops! Looks my warrior to the south east is going to meet a horrible death. A barb village far to the west probed to be hostile, popping four barbarian warriors surrounding his poor, defenseless position.

            3380: Hinduism has been founded in a distant land.

            3240: Bronze Working is in my grasp! Mysticism is begun. I convert to slavery. The village to the north of my city (revealed by the earlier barb village map) is finally absorbed by my scout, giving me some gold to work with.

            3200: Fribur adopts slavery. Scout continues north. Worker is hurried.

            3120: Worker created and moved into position to chop a settler. Warrior started since itís a single turn. Scout finds the north coast.

            3080: Warrior created and left in capital for protection. Another warrior is started, but will switch to a settler after population goes up (2 turns). Worker begins chopping.

            3000: Made first contact with Bismark via his scout in the north. Worker finishes his chopping earlier than I expected, popping my warrior, heh.

            2960: Mysticism done. Started Polytheism. I chose Poly over Meditation because I already have masonry (via the barb village) and thus have everything necessary for Judaism. In fact, if it isnít claimed by the time I finish Polytheism, I will be pretty tempted to give it a shot: I love having an early religion.

            My worker sheepishly moves to another forest, lamenting his idiocy.

            The new warrior I now had is to be the garrison for my second city. Hrmmm, where should it go? To the north or north east I have a neighbor, so perhaps expansion in that direction is wise to cut off development. However, the wine in that spot is not immediately usable. To the northwest is a spot where placed right I get gold (after culture expansion) and still have lots of flood plains and a few hills as a bonus. This seems promising, but doesnít cut off development by other civs at all. To the southeast is an ocean and cows. Coastal city + lighthouse + sailing = go for great lighthouse. But I have already committed to the oracle, so I think Iíll pass on that one. And finally, to the south west is stone, sheep, and beavers, and also can be a coastal city. This one is pretty appealing also because after the initial cultural expansion, it completely blocks anything that may be in the inky blackness beyond. However, since my warrior down there was killed by the hostile village, itís not completely explored, and putting the city there may be later revealed to be not the best spot for it.

            Southwest it is. I will take the chance to possible block development from other civs. The Northwest spot will likely be my third city, and be my great person city. My warrior moves out in preparation. My scout, which has cleared fog on the northwest and west sides, moves down toward the southwest to completely clear the area around the proposed second city spot.

            Of course, there are still two barb warriors down there, I already knowÖ

            2600: My warrior standing guard in the north meets a scout from Ghengis Khan. Now there are two civs I know of in the north, and so I begin to consider placing my second city up there to prevent growth in my direction.

            Ahh, my scout has cleared the fogóitís a dead end. Development needs to go north west. My second city will go on a hill between the corn and the wine.

            My worker, after finishing his second chop, just finished farming the corn.. In this bread rich capital, I plan outófarms for the grasslands, and cottages for the floodplains. Population will grow far too fast, and weíll use slavery to pop out developments and keep it under control.

            2560: Settler is done, sending him up to the second city location. Worker is following, to work the corn near the second city. Washington goes to work on another warrior.

            2520: ooo the temptation. Polytheism is founded, and no one has gotten Judaism yet. Do I go for Priesthood for the oracle, or Monotheism for the religion?

            Oh wait, Code of Laws is another religionóletís stick to the plan. Priesthood here we come! I may need to stop for the wheel soon, to connect my cities and my corn.

            2480: I decide to move the settler a little more west, to only pick up a single wine spot, and the corn. This allows room for a third city in the north / northwest area immediately above my capital.

            2400: New York is founded. With the hills nearby, this will likely be the site of my Oracle. My worker begins work on the corn for faster growth. After the corn will be two mines, will the city makes another warrior.

            2320: Hatshepsut of Egypt and Saladin of the Arabians say hello! Thatís five rival civs so far on my continent, and Iím only ahead of Saladin in score.

            Washington finishes itís warrior, and starts on another worker.

            2280: Priesthood is discovered. Writing is begun, which will be followed by Code of Laws.

            2160: The second corn is farmed! This has the bonus of being connected to my capital via the river, nice because I donít have the wheel yet (and thus, roads) in my gambe for early civil service. The worker heads to the hills to create a few mines.

            2040: Worker created in Washington. He heads over to create a farm, while Washington gets to work on a third settler.

            1960: It is revealed that I am seventh in wealth. ďFribur the Hopeless,Ē it saysÖ humph! Iíll show you, Thucydides! On the good side, I passed up Bismarck on the score list, and now am looking up at Genghis and Hatshepsut. And Iím tied to Genghis!

            1920: Barbarians are starting to close in on my civ from two sides. I havenít gotten warriors all the way around my civ to keep them at bay yet, so Iíll have to deal with them as they come. Both cities have warriors in them at this point, there is one exploring far to the north, another heading east, and one standing guard to the southwest.

            1880: hah! All the barbs I saw appear mysteriously drifted back into their fog! My warrior which I had pulled out of my capital to a choice defending spot to the east is sent back.

            1840: Writing discovered. Hap of Egypt immediately asked for open borders, which means she has writing as well. I decline as I like to use my cities to block other civ development early on. Sucks to be you! Civil Service startedó31 turns. The Oracle that I already started in New York will be done in 18, which means Iíll have to give it something else to do.

            There is another problem, too. Iím currently running -2 gold per turn at 100% researchóunsustainable for 31 turns. I need cash, and I have no pottery. I may hold of founding that third city until I have Code of Laws, to avoid the cash penalty. With this realization, I stop construction on the settler, and switch to a library, allowing Washington to grow.

            1760: Contact with Isabella! Iím beginning to wonder if this is a Pangea map. There is, however, a *lot* of room to develop on this map. Isabella is the first contact Iíve made via actually discovering the edge of her realm, far to the east and a little north.

            1560: Judaism is founded. That burns that bridge! 22 turns to Code of Laws, although it will likely be more like 25 turns (will have to turn research to 90%). Iím hoping to speed it up by rushing the library as soon as I can currently building in the capital.

            Speaking of my capital, itís a little unhealthy right now because of unchecked growth, but still growing. Because Iím going to rush my library, Iím letting it grow anywayóitís still growing at a healthy clip. Iíll knock itís population down when I pop that library outófour turns.

            1480: The end of the first DAR. Code of Laws is 20 turns away, plus a little more when I run out of gold and drop to 90% research. The Oracle is seven turns away, and will have to be halted. Iíll likely start work on an obelisk for expansion while I wait for Code of Laws. In Washington, Iím two turns from having enough population to pop rush the library, and then as soon as itís population recovers Iíll make a few specialist scientists.

            Militarily, Iím weak. I have enough warriors to keep the barbarians at bay (for now), but nothing else. Archery hasnít been researched, figuring that warriors fortified in forests would be good enough for a while. Bronze Working didnít turn up any copper anywhere around me. I do, however, see ivory and may be able to work toward War Elephants if I can grab it with a city. Future conflict remains obscure and unplanned, since currently I see no near neighbors. I do, however, have a barbarian city that has formed to the southwest.

            Expansion is mixed. Because of my cash problems and researching Code of Laws, I didnít want to found a third city just yet, and stopped production on a settler. Assuming I get Code and the Oracle done, the next job for both of my cities will be settlers, and research will grab pottery, followed by the alphabet. With bread all around me, I already have six floodplains set aside for cottages. Combined with the financial trait, Iím hoping this will help me pull ahead.

            In score, Iím currently in second place, behind just Hatshepsut. Frankly, this is the best start Iíve ever had in a Prince level game, and with all this room for development, I have high hopes. Dare I hope for my first win at this difficulty? Only time will tell.

            Hereís my current position:

            My tech so far, obtained in this order:
            Fishing (USA Civ start)
            Agriculture (USA Civ start)
            Masonry (barbarian village)
            Bronze Working

            Working on: Code of Laws

            Feel free to comment! I find that simply logging my turns like this alone is an eye opener-- I'm considering things at least somewhat more than I generally do otherwise.
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            • Prince Zanzibar's DAR

              Pre-Game Thoughts
              Ancient Era (DAR1 and DAR2)

              I'm coming late to the game, but still hope to good feedback on what I'm doing. Every little bit of help, well, helps.

              Hopefully, this will be my first success at Prince. I've won about 5 times on Noble, and have aborted about 3 tries on Prince (due to not liking mistakes that I made). I'll see if this one plays through to the end.

              Also, I've always played the Epic (and now Marathon) levels, so I've been stunned at how fast things zip by in this Standard mode! I wonder if the speed change will impact strategy.

              I shot through the entire Ancient Era by 1680 BC. So in this thread, I'll just discuss pre-game thoughts. I'll put the write-up for the entire Ancient Era in the DAR 2 thread.

              Pre-game thoughts:

              I try to play a role, rather than just follow a method to beat the game. So one primary influence for all decisions is the leader. With that in mind....

              UU - Navy Seal -- A marine With March and extra First Strikes.
              This means a preference to research towards Rifling and Industrialization.
              There's no upgrade path to Navy Seal, so no preference for earlier combat units.
              To leverage the UU, I'll have to be in a late game, offensive war.

              Favored Civic -- Universal Suffrages
              Research preference towards Democrocy

              Financial Trait --
              Research preference toward Banking (bank)
              Likes cottages/towns, coasts, and rivers/hills to leverage +1 commerce.

              Organized Trait --
              Research preference toward Code of Laws (courthouse) and Sailing (lighthouse).
              Preference toward more costly Civic choices to leverage 1/2 civic cost.

              Combined --
              This leads toward large empire building (cheap courthouses), coastal and river cities (even more so than normal), and potential late game military attacks (something I usually avoid).
              Wonder hording or a cultural victory are pretty much out, and religion won't be a focus, either. Diplomacy Victory should be possible. But SS or Domination are looking the most likely.

              Game Details

              Initial start summary.

              4000 BC -- Found Washington. Not on a coast (boo), but a very nice river. Corn nearby (already prepped for it's use, since I start with Agriculture), but no hills or such within city vicinity. Flood plains look good for potential slave labor and recovery in the Washington, but as a Financial leader, I'll probably focus more on using them to get rich quick, while still growing.

              Started building a Worker in Washington. There's no need to wait for city growth since there's no second tile with significant added value.

              First choice for research is the Wheel->Pottery line, which should make cottages ready right after the Worker is done. Agriculture is already known, so building farms and cottages should keep the worker busy for a while.
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              • Noble difficulty
                Dar 1

                Set to Noble (itís a challenge for me, I never played at this difficult level). Iíve founded Washington in the initial spot. Iím trying to get an early religion, even not being spiritual, and beeline to meditation. Letís hope.
                Get it, and just 2 turns before someone gets Hinduism! Lucky me, because I thought about research Polytheism, but meditation was cheaper!
                Ok, one turn of anarchy and Buddhism was founded in Washington. Three huts gave me one tech (hunting, the one near the start point) and some money twice.
                2600BC: New York is founded.
                So far, I made contact or I was contacted by Isabella, Genghis Khan and Saladin.
                No bronzeÖ This could be a problem, but Iím researching Iron Working. 3 turns left. I have hope!
                HumÖ Judaism was founded in 1720 BC in a distant land.

                Anyway, I have corn and pigs, and there are horses and cows nearby. My warrior found stone, and it seems to be a rich land. My stats arenít so good, though. Iím 5th in military, this is bad. I suck in Mfg, too Ė Iím in 7th place. Iím 4th place in pop. I need to do something about it.

                Iíve connected my two cities (no need Ė thereís a river, but my units can move faster) and built a cottage, a farm (corn) and Iím building a pasture. I have two workers, some military. Iím building a settler in Washington, and worker in NY. But Isabella is too close, so Iíll built some more military and then barracks. The research slider is at 100%. Time to expand, maybe? I have a settler almost ready. But Iíll have to consider this. In many games I began to lose money as soon as I founded my third city. Weíll see. I want full research now, trying to be close of the AI. At Noble, I really donít nowÖ Yet.

                I have no long shot plans. My first plan was get a Religion, itís doneÖ What next? Build military, because I donít trust Isabella. ÖBtw, she founded Hinduism. Problems in my future, I see. But I want to try Stonehenge.

                Points (hey, Iím ahead!):

                So far, so good.

                Here is Washington nowadays:

                And my little Empire:

                Note: Please, forgive my bad English.
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                • DAR1 - Noble
                  My first AU and non-creative game;so noble.
                  First thoughts:a)location:5 floodplains,1 corn,1 silk,5 forests,1 plain and grasslands,so,optimum food and commerce,poor prodution;but my leader is about commerce,so I will accept it.b)research path:not easy.What do I need?I need develop my land(weel and pottery)defense(hunting,archery?or mining,bronze working?perhaps iron working?)cities radii/culture(mysticism or all the writing path?).I decided not to priorize religion(finantial trait)and not to try the stonehenge.Let us begin:
                  4000 BC : found Washinghton at the start location(7 health,6 happy);warrior recruits scout;warrior starts little travel north,scout south;begin wheel;building worker.
                  3840 BC : 49g.p. from hut south.
                  3680 BC : researched wheel;begin pottery.
                  3640 BC : buddhism founded elsewhere;hut sw:47gp.
                  3400 BC : researched pottery;begin mining.Finished worker;begin granary.Hut nw experience to scout.
                  3280 BC : hinduism founded elsewhere;hut n gives sailing.
                  3200 BC : researched mining;begin bronze working.
                  3160 BC : Washington grows to 2.Corn worked;now cottages to floodplains.
                  3040 BC : Germany contactseace.
                  2920 BC : Washington grows to 3.
                  2800 BC : Washington grows to 4.
                  2760 BC : Bronze working(but no bronze);begin iron working.Adopted slavery.
                  2680 BC : found Genghis Khan to the north and contact Hatshepsut,both peace.
                  2320 BC : granary;1 unhappy;begin settler.
                  2200 BC : researched iron working;begin writing.Iron near Washington.Scout finishes the discovery of nearby lands.
                  2000 BC : finished settler;pop rush axeman.
                  1960 BC : researched writing;begin alphabet;worker.
                  1920 BC : axeman and setler go to east to found a city with river,cow,wheat and ivory.
                  1880 BC : open boards with egipcians.Washington begins axeman.
                  1760 BC : open boards with spanish.
                  1680 BC : open boards with Saladin.
                  1640 BC : founded New York;begin granary.
                  1600 BC : Washington builds axeman;fortify.Begins barracks.
                  1560 BC : open boards to mongols.
                  1480 BC : researched alphabet.Trade with Saladin writing for mysticism and hunting.Trade with Haus pottery for masonry.Trade with Genghis sailing for animal husbandry.Begin mathematics.


                  • Noble Difficulty

                    I know I'm starting this very late, but here goes...I've always considered myself a good Civ player, but I know I'm probably one of the worst on this site, from looking at how everyone else is doing, and I figure I might as well learn to play better before I start playing MP

                    DAR 1 : 4000BC-1520BC

                    Technology Researched(order researched):
                    Mysticism, Mining, Hunting(tribal hut), Animal Husbandry, Masonry, Meditation, Priesthood, Bronze Working, Writing

                    Religions Founded:
                    Buddhism(In 3680BC) by: Spanish
                    Hinduism(In 3080BC) by: Mongols
                    Judaism(In 1760BC) by: Unknown at this time

                    Cities Built:
                    4000BC- Washington
                    2240BC- New York
                    1880BC- Boston

                    Notable Events:
                    3480BC: Met Mongols
                    3240BC: Met Arabs
                    2960BC: Met Germans
                    1820BC: Met Spanish
                    1800BC: Met Egyptians
                    1520BC: Sacrificed a settler to the barbarians to the north

                    Received 3 Maps, 42 Gold, Hunting from Tribal Huts
                    F9 Rankings:
                    GNP: Rank 2
                    Production: Rank 7
                    Food: Rank 1
                    Soldiers: Rank 5
                    Population: Rank 5
                    Land Area: Rank 2
                    Points: 200(third place)

                    Things I did well:
                    I did extremely well at exploration, as far as I can tell, almost the entire continent, outside of enemy territory, has been explored by my scouts and warriors.

                    Things I could improve on:
                    I did a lot of research, but it didn't really have any particular focus. I think I need to get more focus into my research.

                    Things I completely sucked at:
                    Washington shouldn't have spent time producing a warrior, worker, and two scouts before making settlers.
                    Because I waited so long, I gave up my fairly large early point lead, and have made myself far behind my rivals in terms of productivity and population.

                    DAR2 to come once I finish playing to that point
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                    • Noble Difficulty

                      DAR 1 4000 BC - 1520 BC
                      DAR 2 1520 BC - 250 BC
                      DAR 3 250 BC - 740 AD
                      DAR 4 740 - 1390

                      DAR 1 4000 BC - 1520 BC

                      As a habitual casual player who players on warlord by preference, my first AU game shall be on noble difficulty (Starting a little late, but I've only just discovered this place so why not!)

                      I surveyed my starting location. A long river. Nice. Floodpains, okay. Corn. Yummy! A good location to start to grow a wealthy and powerful civilisation. I wasted no time, and founded Washington in 4000 BC. The neighbouring tribal village provided a scout, who I sent to explore to the northwest, while my warrior explored east across the desert. In my city, I began producing a warrior unit to protect against prowling animals, and whatever else lurks in the unknown lands.

                      I began to research Mysticism, hoping to learn a religion. I then researched Meditation, but somebody else discovered Buddhism first, in 3680 BC. Stubbornly, I went on to research Polytheism. Washington, upon completing the warrior, began to build a settler. My scouting units had discovered stone and wheat to the east, and I was keen on claiming those resources. Also, there was a nice site for a coastal village where the Washing River entered the ocean to the west.

                      While I was researching Polytheism, Hinduism was founded elsewhere (shrug). Meanwhile, lions and wolves had torn one of my warriors into pieces to the south. I'd spotted a dangerous bear wandering around to the northwest. This world wasn't so safe after all, at least all the humans we had encountered were friendly tribesmen, who were only too happy to supply us with gold and maps. Up until 3240, when my scout met a peculiar chap by the name of Genghis Khan. He advised me that 'his horde could beat mine any day'. I promptly agreed, and we decided to be friends. Then, close by, my scout encountered Isabella of Spain, and in 3040, Bismarck of Germany. Arrogant, the both of them. Isabella was Buddhist.

                      Back near Washington, I sent my remaining warrior to scout around and clear the area of wild animals so that my people could settle a second city in safety. He defeated a pack of 2 lions, and got a promotion, which was nice. He wandered around some more, and I noted that there were too many animals and too few warriors. So once my settler was built, I began building another warrior. I founded New York just to the north, on a hill near some plains that would be good for vineyards.

                      Meanwhile, my scout had a near-death experience when he met a fierce bear. He managed to get into a defensive position, across a river from the bear and in a forest. The bear attacked, and was miraculously defeated. (noble difficulty+tactics ) The next turn, we met Saladin, and we introduced ourselves politely. A couple turns later, Hatshepshutsomething said hello.

                      Then, in 2360 BC, Judaism was founded in New York. I adopted the new faith, and began to research The Wheel. Shortly after that in 1960 BC, I got my first worker in New York (while building a second in Washington) and started to finally improve my lands and build roads. A little late, perhaps.

                      Around 1700 BC, I had explored the lands to my north, south, east, and west. With some pleasure, I noted the tundra to the south was full of resources and unoccupied. It would be useful to occupy over the next millenium (We Americans think long-term). The enemy civilizations seemed concentrated to the northeast. All in all, the American civilization was in a good strategic location for future power and prosperity. It was then that my warriors encountered our first truly hostile humans, barbarian warriors, in the forests across the eastern desert. My warriors positioned themselves in the woods, and fought off the assualt. Then we were disturbed to discover that the barbarians had settled in the northern part of the forest - a tribe calling themselves the Yue-Chi.

                      So was our status at 1520 BC.

                      The American accomplishments were maybe not that special. Compared to the AI, we rank 2nd in score, second in GDP, seventh and last in production (ouch), 2nd in crop yield, and seventh and last in army size.
                      I have much work to do.

                      A little bit of self-criticism - I suspect my rush to found a religion early was ill-fouded, because I neglected the basic technologies of hunting, mining, archery and pottery (only just researching mining now). There is some way to go before before I get writing, alphabet, and can trade technologies. Also, I think I may have started building my settler a little too early. Still, one can only improve.
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                      • Lordrune, on your self-criticsm, the only mistake I see is trying to reserach Mediation first when not starting with Mysticism.

                        If you go for all the basic working techs first, you'll get beat out to Monotheism.
                        1st C3DG Term 7 Science Advisor 1st C3DG Term 8 Domestic Minister
                        Templar Science Minister
                        AI: I sure wish Jon would hurry up and complete his turn, he's been at it for over 1,200,000 milliseconds now. :mad:


                        • Lordrune, on your self-criticsm, the only mistake I see is trying to reserach Mediation first when not starting with Mysticism
                          Indeed, in hindsight that's obvious to me now. Odds are very high in any typical game that at least one AI will start with Mysticism, and go on to research Meditation first. Now that I've just finished DAR 2, I'm glad I did go for Monotheism, because Judaism seems to be establishing itself well in both my own and the AI civs, following a bit of open-border trading.


                          • quick question, how do you make those signs on your screen shot? do you do that in Civ4 or after you save the shot?
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                            • That was a feature in a recent patch, I believe.
                              Hold down alt-S - you can make the signs inside the game.


                              • nice, that'll make it easier for me to plan things ahead of time...don't gotta remember everything in my head
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