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AU 100-A DAR 1: 4000 BC - 1520 BC

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  • "Settler first" pretty much requires that you only do a little bit of exploring (enough to find a city spot) and circle back with your exploring warrior. If you don't do that, you're playing roulette.

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    The trick isn't to break some eggs to make an omelette, it's convincing the eggs to break themselves in order to aspire to omelettehood.


    • My late entry to AU 100

      Noble difficulty.

      Ancient I
      Ancient II

      The year 4000 BC sees the foundation of Washington one square to the east. We research the wheel, build a worker and a hut yields 85 gold. Washington prospers and its borders expand in 3800 BC. The year 3680 BC sees the defeat of a wolf and the start of pottery. Another hut yields 24 gold in 3560 BC. In 3400 BC the worker is finished and we start to build a warrior. Only 40 years later we finish pottery and start mining. In 3240 BC we defeat a lion and choose the woodsman I promotion. Hunting is started after mining in 3120 BC. Shortly thereafter, in 3080, we get more gold, 69 this time, from a hut.
      The year we made contact with Bismarck was 3040 BC. Our brave warriors defeat a bear, we finish hunting and begin animal husbandry in 2960 BC. Our city defenses are bolstered and a new scout is commissioned in 2920 BC.
      A long period of quite comes to an end when our first settler is begun in 2680 BC while only 40 years after we discover the secret of animal husbandry and begin dabbling in bronze working. We meet Genghis Khan in 2600 BC and after the defeat of yet another lion choose the woodsman II promotion. We meet with Saladin for the first time in 2280 BC. So far all meetings have been peaceful ones.
      The advent of bronze working brings the first change in civics, we adopt slavery in 2240. In the same year we start archery and meet Isabella of Spain and hope for everlasting peace with her.
      The year 2160 will always be remembered as the year when the first band of settlers set out for a place in the east to found a new city near some ivory. We send all the protection we can afford (our only warrior) with them. Washington, now defenseless, will create two more warriors. One is finished in 2080 and another in 2000, when a new settler is started. In 2040 BC we unveiled archery to our citizens and initiate an investigation into the mystic arts.
      In 1960 BC we are ranked third in the list of most advanced civilizations. We need to work harder.
      New York is the name chosen for our first outpost, which was founded in 1920 BC and we immediately coach a new group of warriors. 1880 is greeted with the coming of mysticism and the scribes will next pursue writing.
      In 1760 we meet Hatshepsut with whom we agree on a peace and we construct a road to New York to increase commerce. A barbarian warrior is spotted and defeated in 1680 BC. While the year 1600 brings us writing and the research is pointed toward meditation. We agree to open borders with the leader of Egypt and Washington finishes another settler that will be sent north with a warrior. The first unit of archers is going to be trained in Washington next.
      In 1560 BC we receive more gold from a hut.
      By 1520 BC we are second in area and GNP, fourth in production and score and fifth in food, soldiers and population. We are looking forward to meditation in 2 turns, an archer in 3, a new city in 4 and a settler in New York in 16.
      So far, so good.
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      • Monarch -- Dar One up to 1520

        What a yummy start. Thanks Nbarclay -- except this leaves no excuse
        The plan is to create a stack of warriors while population grows in the capital. It looks like a powerful base to build settlers and workers quickly.

        We will explore the surrounding area carefully with a goal of not losing any warriors (or building any scouts). I think the payoff from huts is minimal and that map trading comes relatively early, to say nothing of open borders. So a rush to explore has a small payoff most times. If the settler flood is as rapid as hoped, it will be difficult to keep up with the need for warriors without sacrificing early barracks.

        First decision was to leave the hut alone for now.

        3920 -- Northern hut yields a map
        3800 -- Capital expands, pops a scout from the hut ¡V the scout goes east and finds ivory and lions.

        3640 -- Still no horses seen so researching mining second (after wheel). Warrior pops 112 gold from hut by the west coast. The capital is working two flood plains at this point.

        3300 -- Working 3 flood plains now. On to bronze working. We meet the Khan and nip his scout in a race for a hut. He will probably never forgive us. Warrior is busy running away from bears and lions, oh my!

        3120 -- popped sailing from a southern hut. Very happy about that. If I can get to Alpha first, as I expect, sailing will likely be a tradable item.

        2920 -- the capital hit 5 pop a couple of turns ago and we just met Spain. We have only 2 warriors in the capital and one exploring. Pumping out a worker first. We have a green face on health to fix. Disappointed to find no copper and no horses seen either. Moving on to iron working but would rather be doing writing.

        2600 -- lucky indeed, popped mysticism in far west hut. (Remind me not to whine any more about huts.)

        2120 -- more luck as the kind mapmakers provided iron in the capital. First settler hit the road. The area is still crawling with dangerous animals. We decided to build only 3 spaces away on a hill in the flood plain region to provide a compact space to defend, since we have hardly any units. The upside is pop growth in the downside is lack of shields, er, hammers. Research is now pots „³ writing „³ alpha.

        At the end of Dar 1, we hit writing and have the capital settler pump operating as shown. Another farm next turn and soon the capital will be operating full tilt. George is on top of the civ list and we should be able to proceed largely via settler expansion.

        I'll be very interested in reading what others have done before proceeding.
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        • One quick question: some people seem to have horses and others not. Is that a random appearance feature in the new game?
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          • You need Animal Husbandry to see the horses, but they should be there in all of the games...

            grog want tank...Grog Want Tank... GROG WANT TANK!

            The trick isn't to break some eggs to make an omelette, it's convincing the eggs to break themselves in order to aspire to omelettehood.


            • duh, you're right. have not noticed the arrival of horses with animal husbandry in earlier games. thanks
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              • The patch changed it - they used to be visible at game start.

                grog want tank...Grog Want Tank... GROG WANT TANK!

                The trick isn't to break some eggs to make an omelette, it's convincing the eggs to break themselves in order to aspire to omelettehood.


                • The resource locations should be the same in all games in a given AU course; unless someone gets lucky working a mine with no resource and creates one.

                  But as Arrian mentioned, horses now requires Animal Husbany; so the timing of when they get it will very.

                  Also many resources are placed in positions where the AI could get as easily aquire them as the human.
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                  • Platypus Rex DAR 1

                    going for broke and playing Prince for the first time
                    4000BC: Great first turn
                    Founded Washington
                    Goody Hut with free Tech- Mining
                    Now Studying Myst

                    Goal-Clockwise explore around Washington
                    3800BC: Washington Expands
                    3760BC: goody hut 86gold
                    3720BC: Studying Wheel
                    3600BC: Buddhism founded else where
                    3400BC: Spotted Lions in open field, retreated to protect soon to completed worker
                    3360BC: Studying Animal Husbandry, grow towards cows or pigs?
                    3280BC: Lions on a hill spotting me!
                    3160BC: Hinduism founded else where
                    Lions back on top of hill-
                    3080BC: Washington size 2
                    roading towards what I hope is greener pastures
                    2960BC: I thought the lions would always be poking and prodding to my north
                    so I was roading south….guess what, retreat the worker
                    2920BC: Second warrior built, now to go back to roading
                    studying Pottery
                    2880BC: Building settler
                    2600BC: Studying Hunting – need to know where and who are my neighbors
                    2460BC: Studying Bronze working
                    2320BC: Genghis Khan finds me
                    warriors promote to woodsman thanks to some wolfs
                    1800BC: Adopt Slavery
                    AI lions never harass AI civs ? (see screenie)
                    1720BC: Bismarck finds me
                    1640BC: New York founded and connected by roadn will have horses shortly
                    Washington building obelisk
                    Studying Masonry
                    New York going for Stonehenge
                    1600BC: Judaism founded else where
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                    anti steam and proud of it

                    CDO ....its OCD in alpha order like it should be


                    • Re: Platypus Rex DAR 1

                      Originally posted by Platypus Rex
                      AI lions never harass AI civs ? (see screenie)
                      No, the AI get attacked too. However a scout has a 100% vs animals, plus the AI are getting bonusses vs barbs on higher level (at prince , bonusses are still moderate). A lion attacking that scout would not have been good.

                      Besides, early on, all barbs will run away from your units... only the defenseless they will attack (and not inside your own borders, only out in the open)



                      • Monarch Difficulty

                        And so, this is my first AU game. Wheee.

                        I'd read through the reports, but that was long enough ago that I've forgotten most of the map by now.

                        Anyway I'm going to play a bit differently for varieties sake and go for some serious conquest right off the bat, I may enjoy a good CS Slingshot but it's been done to death by other players, probably better at it than me. Anyway, early conquest in a start that is good for building isn't an easy thing to do, it's a lot like pounding a square peg into a round hole, hopefully it will be educational anyway.

                        I start by founding Washington 1 tile to the east... you've heard this crap before, i'm not even going to bother screenshotting it. I make a warrior as my first build, as my starting warrior is scouting north. I'll need the 2nd warrior to scout my territory. Research starts off with a beeline to Bronze Working and Wheel.

                        Once the warrior completes I start on a worker, there's some easy improving to be done with both Agriculture and Mining under my belt, so there is no excuse for not building a worker.

                        Some screenshots? Okay okay!

                        My warrior has been scouting north, he popped a scout who is also scouting. My warrior finds the Mongols.

                        We now zoom to my new warrior...

                        The villagers are hostile? Maybe I'M hostile! There are 4 of them? ... Lets look at something else.

                        I see Mr Mongols worker hasn't been having much luck either. Or maybe he will enjoy life under his Americans overlords more. I'd left my warrior on the hill south of the marble, and when the worker went for the (most obvious) bait, I went for him! Yoink! The AI is prompt about hooking up resources making them good spots for oppurtunistic warriors to loiter near.

                        New York is founded in a place where no doubt many other New Yorks have been founded. The settler having been built after the Worker. With so much good land it's pretty much essential to make more cities, also I need to make this conquest work for me, not just something to do for fun. Therefore I need to solidify my OWN territory, it's all very well and good to conquer someone else’s lands... until you realize other civs have settled all around your Capital, oops. The main difference between my game and other peoples more buildery games, is that I'll be building an offensive army in place of wonders, it comes down to having a larger, lower quality territory, and less opponents. Is this a good idea for the Americans with their buildery bonuses and lack of combat advantages? Probably not! However, the Organized trait does make it possible to pull off succesfully, and a large territory with many financial boosted cottages is a good thing.

                        Boston will be founded here, next to the horses. I'll then be connecting them up. Since I didn't find any copper in my borders I decided to go with horses for my early attack instead, so I've hooked up the road so I can start building them as soon as Boston has been founded and the pastures completed. I also need to finish Horseback Riding and Archery research.

                        So what did I do with Mongol Worker? Had him build a road for ease of conquering his old masters! (take notes, aspiring warmongers!) By this stage I've decided to conquer Genghis rather than Isabella, mainly because of this extremely convenient road. You'll also note that I have the warrior escorting him, captured workers have this unfortunate tendency to die if left undefended. The weak Mongol called me up and asked for peace, I accepted. Thanks to my worker yoink he still hasn't connected up the horses in his territory, he’s been set back considerably.

                        And so this report ends, the dates a little off, my timekeeping never is particularly good.
                        My plan is to found a city at the copper and cows where I've marked on the map, then with the Mongol cities and just one or two filler cities I'll have a continuous stretch of American culture to seal off the western lands, my empire will form a nice line. This isn't the ideal shape for an empire in terms of distance upkeep, but it will give me lots of room for expansion.

                        --> Onwards to the next part!
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                        • Artuero DAR 1: Noble

                          AU-100A – DAR 1 (Beginning of Time until 1520 B.C.)
                          Noble Difficulty

                          In 4000 B.C., I ordered my settler to found Washington in the area it happened to be in at that particular time. I then set the Washingtonians about getting a work party together to build farms to help harvest food from nearby flood plains and a wheat field. They took over a thousand years to comply. The shaman began to consider mysticism.

                          I sent the hardy 1st Warriors scouting to the east. On their way they passed a village later annexed to Washington for the price of 87 gold. In 3760, our shaman learned mysticism and I instructed him to try to invent a new religion called Hinduism by way of learning about polytheism.

                          The 1st Warriors came two useful villages. One taught masonry to them, and the second taught them how to fight better, giving them two promotions.

                          In 3640, I learned that someone had founded Buddhism. Not to be outdone, I founded Hinduism in 3320 and began research on the wheel. In 3120, I met the founder of Buddhism, Isabella. Because the 1st wanted to exercise their skills, and her capital was in my sights, I declared war upon her.

                          Turned out that her capital was defended by a single warrior band. The 1st went straight for it, using the two city raider promotions to defeat the band in a very close battle. That brought an end to the Spanish civilization and gave me a second city, on the coast with a number of nearby resources, and a group of worker slaves.

                          Thus was the year 3040 a watershed for American development. We were now, with two cities, an empire.

                          Rather than leveraging this strength, I foundered a bit. My worker continued to improve the lands and the Spanish slaves did the same around Madrid. Washington built a barracks, but did not need to begin to create units because my workers discovered a loyal warrior band in another village, which then discovered a third warrior band in yet another village. I decided that we should expand further and build a town between Washington and Madrid and so began work on a settler in Washington. Madrid started on a workboat.

                          I eventually founded a second city, New York, on the coast past the desert near cows and elephants. My warriors continued to scout although I brought back the most experienced to serve as a guardian. Having spotted a barbarian warrior I have decided to garrison all of my cities immediately.

                          Although I had different plans (early conquest) at the outset, I have decided that my learning (counting the capture of Buddhism) the only two religions would put me on a good course towards taking over all of the religions and ruling the world through culture or diplomacy. Therefore I determined to focus on technologies that will help me build my empire. After learning monotheism and founding Judaism, I have embarked on a path that will eventually leave me with (sole, I hope) control of the alphabet and thus allow me to fill in the numerous technological gaps I currently suffer from.


                          Washington (5, Stonehenge in 3).
                          Madrid (5, Library in 20).
                          New York (1, Library in 35).

                          Washington and Madrid are on the no growth approach due to unhappiness in the city. A garrison should help somewhat. Washington has built a barracks and a worker; Madrid a Jewish Temple and a workboat. New York was just founded (1880 B.C.) and has completed nothing. Workers are trying to build a great road to connect the three cities.

                          Not paying attention to finances means that I have no gold although 100% of my 16 commerce is going into research. I am losing 6 gold per turn on city maintenance. Not too long ago I switched to Organized religion. I do not have knowledge of any other civics.

                          I have met Genghis Khan, Bismark, Hatshepsut and Saladin; all are cautious of me. Bismark is a little angrier at me because apparently Isabella was his friend. My military consists of only three warrior bands. I also have two workers.

                          Technology is primarily religious (Mysticism, Polytheism, Monotheism, Priesthood) plus Masonry, Agriculture, The Wheel, Fishing, and Writing. I am 13 turns away from learning alphabet. Washington founded Hinduism, Madrid Buddhism and Judaism.

                          I am the score leader (287) compared to Khan’s 241. Hatshepsut is at 235, Bismark 230 and Saladin 165. I am 6th in GNP, Soldiers, Approval rate, and Life Expectancy. Otherwise I am in first except for production in which I am 2nd. Washington and Madrid are the worlds’ top two cities and I appear to be the only person working on a wonder but we shall see. I have killed two warriors, a panther, wolf, and a lion, and captured one worker.

                          Here is my view of the world at this time:


                          Far too weak militarily. It is time to solve that problem fast, but I want to create another settler after Stonhenge.

                          Not sure why I am building Stonehenge—never a good sign. It helps for the cultural victory if that is what I want to go for. I should have built some warriors instead, but at the time was planning to do more military work early.

                          Early scouting was not so great. I went in a few different directions and backtracked somewhat, and then was slowed by taking Madrid and did not build more warriors early to continue the scouting.

                          The techs I have ignored mean that I have little information for founding my next cities—I don’t know where horses, copper, iron or practically anything are located.

                          Successes: The risk reward for trying to take Madrid was there—capitol, coast, holy city versus the loss of one warrior. Since it turned out well there are no second guesses from me. Had it not gone well I would be down a warrior and have an enemy for the game. I don’t think I’ve had other successes so far except for the decision to press my religious advantage.

                          Strategy. Sooner or later I will allow open borders but at the moment since I have no negative effects from my negative cash flow I may as well continue it.

                          I will get alphabet and then hopefully hook up some stone to try for some stone wonders.

                          I would like to get oracle but not sure if that is feasible given lack of access to marble. Same for Parthenon. However, perhaps I will locate some in the near future. I am hoping that alphabet will allow me to train something better than warriors shortly as well.

                          I plan to use religion to create some early wars. Spread one religion to my nearest neighbors and another to those farther away.

                          Any suggestions?


                          • Noble Difficulty

                            ok, so I'm really still trying to figure out this one...

                            I started out well with the local village giving me a Scout to wander around and visit the other nice people in the area.

                            We proceeded to build a Warrior then a Settler within Washington, sending out the the first and 2nd warriors to also see who was around.

                            To no ones suprise, Isabella founded Buddism early on. We responded with founding both Hinduism (Washington) and Judaism (New York) then converting to Organised religion with Judaism. This was a strategic move as we founded New York directly on a stone tile, as we're looking for everything we can get to boost production speed here while we attempt a shot at some ancient wonders.

                            Polytheism (f. Hinduism)
                            Hunting (from Hut)
                            Mining (right at the last second)

                            we're headed for Bronze Working and will hopefully make the Oracle to jump to a new era tech. With 2 of the religions already, and Isabella close, we are likely to take Theocracy as our free tech to gain fast access to the Sis. Chap.

                            F9 stats:

                            #1 Crop Yield/Land area
                            #2 pop
                            dragging behind in pretty much everything else.


                            Not defined yet. It appears Cultural Victory may be started, but can always fall back to an easier way to win. We'll launch an assault on Isabella once most of the religions are founded, to try to gain all of the founding cities. Then spread out the messages from there.

                            #edit: oh yeah, and I'm winning despite my lack of focus...


                            • Diety: 4000BC-1480BC, 1.52 Patch

                              Edit: I had only played up to the first DAR with the 1.09, so I have decided to restart with the 1.52 patch. I have played pretty much the same way, and avoided using map knowledge as much as I can (by pretending I don't know the locations of resources). This DAR is very much like the DAR I posted for the 1.09 patch, as I've played the opening sequence and settled in the same places.

                              This DAR takes me to the classical era. I discovered iron working in 1480BC.

                              This is what my world looks like at the moment:

                              And current tech:

                              I also have 3 warriors and 2 workers.

                              I settled in place, noticing I was two squares away from desert on the east. Did a bit of exploring with my warrior, first east, stopping at the desert then clockwise around my capital. Started on a worker. First techs were The Wheel, and Pottery, so I could build cottages on the flood plains.

                              Before producing my first settler, I built a couple of warriors waiting for Washington to reach size 4, its max happy size. This would get it working those cottages for the extra science.

                              After some exploring, I noticed the stone, and decided to settle my second city, New York, one square from the stone. I concentrated my research on Mysticism, Mining and Masonary now, so I could build the stonehenge, and build it quickly in New York. Convieniently, I finished these techs early enough so that I could grab bronze working as well, so after a couple of turns and one chop, the stonehenge was complete. Stonehenge will also expand New York's borders to grab those furs in the tundra.

                              After bronze working I went for Animal Husbantry, which I discovered a couple of turns before founding Boston. I've got Boston working on a warrior, after that I'll start it on the pyramids.

                              I've just discovered Iron Working, so now New York has a bit of production potential. I'm researching sailing next to get the Great Lighthouse running in New York.


                              My research plan after sailing is hunting (for camps for +1 happy), writing then alphabet. I'll switch to representation when pyramids are complete, and let my cities grow. While my cities are growing, I'll explore north. When my cities hit max size (8 for capital, 7 for others, with furs), I'll pump out settlers in my high food cities til I fill the northern area. Then I'll go with some workers to improve those cities. In the mean time after the pyramids are done (which will be mostly chop rushed) Boston should be working hard to produce up to date military units to defend those cities.

                              Points of Note:

                              I'm building a lot of wonders. I'm going to chop the pyramids and lighthouse quickly to grab them. Maybe this isn't the most efficient use of my resources, I don't know. But I don't particularly want to go to war at the moment, against Diety opponents, and if worse comes to worse, I can always cut science, and with my high commerce quickly upgrade my warriors to axemen/swordsman.

                              The barbarians have been tricky to deal with so far. I've tried my best to reveal the fog, particularly in the south. That worked until I had to bring my warriors back to defend my cities, which ironically caused more barbarians to spawn. But once I get iron and horses hooked up, they should be easy to manage.
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                              • Noble Difficulty

                                ok, try #2 here...

                                (after reading up on some better starting strategies, I decided to restart this AU map. I had some bad placements of cities, and wasn't leveraging the religions properly)

                                We decided to shift Washington one square to the east, as the hills in the east would provided us with some much needed hammers later, and it will minimize the harsh effects of living in flood plains to a degree.

                                the initial hut was very willing to fund our new culture, and the next 2 huts managed to provide us with some nice Scouts to help map out the land around us.

                                We managed to find a nice group of people that provided us with the mysterious Bronze Working Technology. Which helped speed my tech strategy, allowing us to learn some useful building notions instead.

                                Building Strat:

                                Warrior-Warrior-Settler-Worker-Settler-Settler-(started Oracle)

                                Warrior-Warrior-StoneHenge-(started Worker)

                                (started Warrior)

                                I was able to chop the last 2 settlers made in Washington, which is going to help me be aggressive in the placement of my cities. I've denied Open Borders for all so far, until I can get most of the key cities up.

                                My inital building strat is Warrior heavy, since I needed to focus on religious tech early, and couldn't spare the time to get to Archery yet.

                                there are *alot* of animals and barbarians around, so defense is mandatory here.


                                Myst-Polyth-Mining-Masonry-Priesthood-BronzeWorking(hut)-monotheism-Wheel-Pottery-Hunting-(working on Writing)

                                I founded Hinduism in 3320 BC in Washington and Judaism in 2200 BC in New York. StoneHenge was built in New York in 1560 BC.

                                Future Strat:

                                Tech Strat:

                                I'm once again headed for the religious win. So if I can get the Oracle chopped soon, I'll take Theology, and tech Code of Laws myself to get that one. I should be getting a GP somewhere in there, so if I can get Meditation out of the way, I should be able to use the GP for Civil Service then. I'll also swing over to get Music, both for building the cathedrals and for the free Artist. then try to get to Philosophy and Divine Right first. I'll try to trade out for the other Classical/Ancient techs to make Geng. happy, which is part of my long term strategy.

                                I'm also going to try to be aggressive with my city placements. I want to use that ridge line as a nice defense against mass invasion, and it'll give Geng. a clear shot at Isabella.

                                I'm hoping to keep the others off of this part of the island, and if I do, that will make me the largest empire here. then it's off to the races with a Caraval to try to circumnavigate the globe.

                                the next 2 DARs won't be long, since I'm jumping straight to the medival era... so no classical era DAR for me.