Sent to Aeson after 1340ad

To our friends in Glory of War and Gathering Storm,

As I mentioned in the game discussion thread, one of our cities (Resurrection) has culture flipped to Lego. I've never seen that before with a nation having no cities and flipping a city, but that's neither here nor there.

Vox has declared war on Lego and intends to take the city back (since AFAIK they can't give it back when they only have one city). We still don't intend to attack the stack they have in our lands though as we can't afford the manpower it would take. Unless they decide to attack us in a blaze of glory, though I've taken steps to see that doesn't cost us much if they do try that, then we will let them continue heading toward GoW lands on former Lego as that is what they seem to be doing. If they decide to hole up in Vox lands we would be amenable to a ROP.