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List your graphic card & result for RON!

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  • List your graphic card & result for RON!

    OK, I have there machines on which I tried it:

    Athlon XP2000+ with WinXP and GeForce MX400

    Sometimes loads a new game. Almost never loads a saved game. Can sometimes play for 3 hours straight. Often cannot get the scenario file to complete loading whether a new or saved game.

    Athlon XP1600+ with Win98 and GeForce MX 100/200

    CTD after first installing and rebooting like it wanted. Then second time it ran for 2 minutes. Then third time it ran for 10 minutes. Now I cannot get into windows without safe mode!

    Athlon Tbird 1400 with Win98 and Matrox 450 dual-head

    Upon reboot after install it never saw windows again!
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    Geforce 4200 Go

    Works fine, everything on high.


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      XP2000+ and Ti4600 with XP Pro. No probs with anything since the patch.

      Running 1024x768 32bit colour @85Hz.


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        GeForce FX 5200, no graphics issues (I still have MP probs but I can't imagine that its related).

        Hate to say it, but it might be Athlon related.
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          Athlon 2000+, GeForce Ti4200.

          Nada. Nothing. No gameplay experience whatsoever.

          If I'm lucky, I get to the RoN title screen. Usually just black nothingness.

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            My system and gfx


            Pentium 4 2.4G
            GeForce 4 Ti 4200 Abit Siluro

            I get booted to desktop about once every 30 minutes when playing an RTS game. I've hand no problem with the Conquer the World portion.
            I occasionally get the machine completely reset. Goes to a black screen and then immediately to a reboot as if I turned the powerstrip of an on.
            No other game I have does this...



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              Athlon 650, 512 MB
              PC Chips AG315-64 (SiS 315 GPU)

              I can play Quick Battles, no probs.
              CTW crashes during first battle set-up
              On-line I can play but card crashes in info age and see a nuke blast with lots of stuff in the area.
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                Athlon 2100
                Radeon 9700
                1gb ram

                Game works fine in single player but when i play a LAN game after about 5 mins it lags horrible and i cant play. If everybody else plays exept me its fine.

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                  AMD Athlon 2000+
                  512 mb ram
                  geforce 4 ti 4400

                  Damn game crashes every 5-20 minutes. Ive only been able to cpmplete 1 game out of 25 attempts.

                  Ive totaly reinstalled everything, updated everything--and still it locks up so i have to reboot after 5-20 min of playing.

                  Ive tried everything--still cant get it to work.


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                    Playing the demo on a Duron 850 with a Geforce 2 MX (yeah, I know ) and 256 RAM (Win XP Home). No technical problems at all, except for the lack of horsepower to handle big battles.
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                      I can't believe how many cards this game doesnt support, My poxy Intel 810e had no chance,
                      Do we reckon there will be a patch anytime soon ???



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                        2.2 GHz, 512 RAM, Windows XP Home Edition, Nvidia GeForce 4 440 Go with 32 meg running in 1240 x 768 x 16.

                        All game features work except intro movies, which I would have turned off by now anyways. Quick Battle runs fine, no crashes. CTW runs fine, no crashes.

                        FPS is about 29, which is adequate, not good, not excellent, just adequate.

                        All feature parameters are maxed out in the Options menu, and I have high-res maps and everything else.

                        Interesting link below is by "gamegeek" at BHG discussing tweaks you can try in rise2.ini to enhance performance. They all worked for me. If the link gets filtered out, go over to heavengames, go to RON, and you should be able to find the tweaks thread. Caveat emptor, of course.

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                          Intel Pentium 4 1.5 GHz
                          512 MB RAM
                          Hercules 3d Prophet 4500 64 MB

                          Works flawlessly with the exception of CTW, which crashes to desktop upon load screen with no error message. Game slows a little in later ages with 8 civs on Big Huge maps, but thats to be expected .
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                            I bet half of the problems above are DirectX related

                            I have a XP2000, 256ram and GeForceMX 2, I have no problems whatsoever.
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                              amd duron 950
                              512mb ram
                              geforce4 ti4200 128mb

                              getting 37 fps no problems