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    This thread is for posting information on factions, timelines, tech information, etc.... no chatting allowed here, do that in the Discussion Thread.

    Beyond Alpha Centauri Universal Guidelines

    - FTL travel is base on the 'Quantum Tunneling' idea which will be clarified in this thread. Average Sol FTL Drive does 5 lightyears per day, average Chiron FTL Drive does 10 lightyears per day and both the Protectorate/University FTL Drives can do 15 lightyears per day in average.

    -There is various FTL limitations which will be clarified in the thread

    - STL travel depends on the various sublight engines, but the standard is that the average ship will take 2-5 days to get to Pluto from Earth

    - We use Tachyon Communications as FTL comms. Will be clarified in this thread.

    - Power Reactors no more advance then Fusion and Matter/Antimatter (better then Fusion). The average human faction uses Fusion Reactors, but the Protectorate and maybe University uses Matter/Anitmatter Reactors.

    - Alien interaction is to be at the minimum and at the Thread God's and Enforcer's discretion.

    - time travel and paralelle universes are ban in BAC for simpleton sake.

    - No super silly weapons

    - players should use common sense and realism in BAC

    - no extremes

    - nothing is impossible

    - nothing is simple as A B C

    - startrek stuff is generally not compatible with BAC

    - no transporters/teleportation

    - keep in mind of the passage of time in the game

    - keep in mind of the BAC universe guidelines when posting in the Story thread.

    thats it for now, but will end up posting more for clarifications...easier then to repeat all of the time, forcing people to completly reread the entire discussion threads, and to make it seem i am out to get them

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    University Timeline

    University Timeline:

    M.Y. 2100: Arrival of UNS Unity at Chiron.

    November 11, 2123: An unexpected mindworm mass-attack at University main base. Zhakarov manages to command the troops to burn all the mind worms. Base secured and research data on mind-worms begins in hopes of better defenses.

    August 8, 2177: First contact with another Chironian faction known as the Hive. Treaty of "Huddling of Peoples" signed, trade and technology sharing commences.

    May 25, 2189: Hive requests University aid in recently developed University Neural Grafting (in response to Mind Worm Invasion of 2123) to facilite mind defense aganist mass mind boils. University agrees, "Better to save many rather than be secure in a few".

    Feburary 3, 2192: Zhakarov narrowly avoids being killed in a sneak attack by Believers whose recon rover ambushed his envoy. Defenders fought bravely, but luck was on their side. Zhakarov and a dozen defenders escape. He forms an alliance with Hive to push away the Believers.

    Jan 26, 2207: Zhakarov opens channels and contact with Morganites and Gaians. Morganite contact proceeds smoothly, business ventures supplements University research. Gaians took a dislike towards University's exploitation of the enviroment for technology gains.

    M.Y. 2221 Proginators crash lands on Chiron

    April 12, 2234: University decides to supply Hive with basic vehicles and weapons to ensure its survival as a faction. Some Hive technologies were traded and more trading agreements coomenced.

    July 2, 2241: Zhakarov has a son, named Randius.

    December 25, 2267: The Christmas Incident. Two probe teams caught attempting to steal the Doctrine: Air Power tech. Probe teams were executed and the two responible factions, Spartans and Believers declared Vendetta. Thus begins the mortal enemy between University and Believers.

    M.Y. 2301 Proginator War ends when the combine forces of the Spartans, Pirates, Peacekeepers and Hive overrun the last Proginator stronghold. Conqueror Marr interred in a punishment sphere. University was instrumental in providing technological support to the Human Alliance.

    M.Y. 2303: Believers are given back lands formerly liberated during the Proginator War by Human Alliance. University protests against the idea of giving Bases back to the fanatics.

    M.Y. 2318: University provides technogical support to the Hive during their war with the Peacekeepers.

    M.Y. 2336 University, along with the Morganites, colonizes Nessus and Pholus.

    M.Y. 2354: Spartan and Hive forces attempts to take over of Nessus mining operations. University and Hive relations sours.

    M.Y. 2355: Moon Accords are finalized allowing Spartan and Hive to mine small portion of Nessus.

    M.Y. 2362 University contructs a Orbital Space Station around Chiron.

    M.Y. 2379: University scientist field the first prototype FTL drive.

    M.Y. 2380: A University's FTL prototype jumps to the edge of Sol, but returns to Alpha Centauri without discovering that Earth survived.

    M.Y. 2381: Improved version of FTL drive is completed. Data Angel probes somehow acquires the design specs for the first prototype drive. Information is spread across Chiron.

    M.Y. 2382: Planetary Council pressures University to give the FTL technology to all of the factions. The Spartans and Hive going as
    far as threating War for it.

    M.Y. 2384: University is forced to release the FTL technology to the Council, but withholds vital specifications on the power needs of the FTL drive.

    M.Y. 2388: Peacekeepers attempt to get the factions to agree on equal shares of the FTL drive technology, but University refuses to cooperate with the Believers and Spartans. University is relieved of the Spartan-Hive threat when their alliance crumbled and started small scale fighting.

    M.Y. 2390: University, with Morgan financial backing, produced the first fully operational FTL ship.

    M.Y. 2399: University and Morganites begin production on FTL capable Colony and Mining ships.

    M.Y. 2400: Spartans and Hive launch separate attacks on University territory. Peacekeepers intervene on behalf of the University.

    M.Y. 2401: Spartans launch first space attack on a University-Morgan space dock. Two completed FTL ships are captured.

    M.Y. 2403: University declares war on the Believers when a believer probe team stole a FTL Drive.

    M.Y. 2405: War with the Believers ends after signing the FTL Treaty with rest of the Factions.

    Octember 31, 2407: Black Halloween. Assasination of Zhakarov by the despised Believers. Randius succeeds and the whole University faction pronounces Eternal Vendetta against the Believers, but war wasn't declared.

    March 18, 2411: Randius decides to begin long term exodus from Chiron, for the security and well being of the University. So begins Project Exodus.

    M.Y. 2413: University claims three systems and begins colonization of the habitable worlds.

    M.Y. 2420: University relocates its headquarters to one of the systems after relocating the majority of the University populace. University bases are then stripped of valueble hardware and detonates a EMP Bomb in each base.

    M.Y. 2422 ~ 2539: Constant colonization, exploration and expansion of the three star systems. Serious building of infrastructure and cities, as well as magtubes, factories, and power plants.

    2549: Pact signed with Morganites after an unexpected surpise from Morganites. They stumble onto Zak Prime, meet up with University scout ships, and relations are re-established. Pact immediately signed to help trade, improve relations and cement the trust from Chironian days.

    2550: After Morganite Pact signed, University sends newly developed cloaked scouts to check out status on Chiron. Re-establishes contact with Peacekeepers, and signed limited trade treaties.

    December 31, 2564 - Jan 1, 2565: The Resolution Debates. Randius holds a public debate whether to develop some military. Everyone agreed that University will build extensive defenses of the three home-systems to prevent invasion and snoopers.

    June 22, 2575: Tachyon Energy and Fields is discovered. Has multiple applications, from military lasers to power plants, medicine, and terraforming. Tachyon Beams, sensors, and protective fields become reality.

    May 17, 2677: Matter Compression is discovered. University applies this to Neutronium hulls, Neutronium based mining equipment, and Neutronium pellets to be used to pierce enemy vessels at extreme speed, causing extensive "shotgun style" damage with Xaos Smart-Missiles.

    April 3, 2680: Randius decides to seek out the other factions to attempt to glean further research data and awareness of the Galaxy. Emphasis is placed on discovery of Hive to try to repair sour relations, and establish an alliance based on relations from pre-Chironian war era. No fear of reprisals due to huge defensive gridwork constructed and augmented with modern Neutronium hulls, Xaos Swordfish Ballistic Missiles, and Tachyon beams.

    M.Y. 2700: Story begins into the truly great Unknown.
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      The History of the Republic Since The Long-Term Plan

      2426 - The Civil War ends. Foreman Domai and his circle retain power, but are
      forced by the New Republic faction to adopt the Long-Term Plan. Phase I of the
      Plan involves general diversification and capitalization of the Drone economy. Phase II calls for de-commissioning of the secret police forces activated in the last years of the Old Order and the moving of Drone assets into space. In Phase III the Republic must colonize planets away from Chiron and begin disbanding the old government. In the fourth and final phase the government will be changed and theRepublic is to enter the human community as a respected citizen. (Whew!)

      2441 - The Cult of Planet occupies the Green Mountain region. Drone government
      unveils Project Firebrand, a satellite-mounted defense system capable of devastating planetside cities. The Cult withdraws.

      2445 - Foreman Domai signs a Joint Venture Treaty with Morgan Interstellar. Under the terms of the Joint Venture, the Drones gain three-year exclusive access to certain industrial nanorobotic technology and most-favored-nation trading status, as well as equal supply of the vizorium mined from the Morgan colonies on Pholus and Cygnus X-3. In return, they are obligated to produce a certain number of ships for the Morganic merchant fleet every standard year, and must grant Interstellar equal access to all resources they exploit in future space colonies. Phase I of the Long-Term Plan is declared mostly complete, and made into an open-ended commitment to capitalization and privatization of the Drone economy.

      2447 - The Nessus Free State officially founded. Major exports include tritium and Kalciate. Phase II of the Long-Term Plan is declared complete.

      2453 - A colony fleet leaves Alpha Centauri for Vega.

      2454 - The first of five Vegan states, Avalon, is officially declared on the fourth
      planet of that system (Vega Prime). The fifth planet, Vega Secundus, is also
      settled. Phase III of the Long-Term Plan is declared complete.

      2488 - Space Station Liberty is set up in the Rigel system. Scouts mark two other stars, Altair and Lyra, as possible locations for future settlements.

      2492 - Colonization mission to Lyra is postponed indefinitely after a space elevator accident that leaves three dead and badly damages a carrier ship.

      2510 - Spartans re-establish contact with Chiron. The Drone government shares
      exploration data with their Spartan counterparts.

      2512 - Drone scouts encounter the Bree. Low-level hostilities begin only months

      2515 - Gaians discover a human civilization flourishing on Earth. Drones plan to
      restore contact with that world.

      2519 - Space Station Liberty detects a (comparatively) primitive sapient species on the planet Ophelia in the Rigel system. No action is taken at the time.

      2525 - Drones and Spartans agree to combine forces against the Bree. Six Drone
      battle cruisers are destroyed at the Battle of Aldebaran. The military retaliates by massacring a Bree outpost in the Beta Draco system.

      2530 - Morgan Interstellar supports the Spartans and the Drones against the Bree.

      2544 - While investigating the ruins of the Tau Ceti system, a patrol encounters a medium-sized Progenitor cruiser of indeterminate origin. After a skirmish, the
      Progenitors withdraw. Drones inform other factions, who agree to watch for other
      such vessels.

      2551 - Space Station Insider set up. Its initial purpose is to scout
      out Bree attacks; later it becomes home to nearly a million settlers.

      2560 - Soldiers and engineers are sent to covertly begin exploration and extraction operations on Ophelia. They are later detected by natives and a low-level insurgency begins which will continue into the present day.

      2568 - Human-Bree war finally ends in stalemate. Buffer zones set up between
      human and Bree space.

      2570 - Researchers studying ancient ruins on Vega Prime report strange
      "mechanical" dreams. Some ruins become curiously animated, closing certain panels when researchers are present, &c.

      2588 - After an at-times brutal campaign, Pirate factions are driven from Altair and Betelgeuse. Peacekeepers criticize Drone military's handling of the fighting.

      2603 - The Digger's Descent Company enters an agreement to acquire supplies of
      new metals discovered by Spartan MineCo. They are entitled to 5% of the output of the Eta Sector and Leonidas facilities.

      2605 - Drones remain neutral in conflict between Spartans and Peacekeepers.

      2607 - Peacekeeping space vessels pass within one light-year of a black hole
      energy factory on several occasions. Drone government threatens war if
      Peacekeepers do not respect their space.

      2611 - Relations with the Peacekeepers sour after government fails to condemn
      Spartan attack on Coventry, which the Peacekeepers label an "atrocity".

      2614 - Contact officially established with Gaian homeworld.

      2630 - After the Bree menace border space, the Drone military secretly hires Piratemercenaries to attack several planets in Bree territory. "Pirategate" later causespublic outrage.

      2632 - General elections in the Free Drone Republic. The conservative Kristy Adams is crowned President after a landslide victory. Foreman Domai retires and the entire government is replaced.
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        Welcome to the World of Trees (Firaxis Prime)

        The World of Trees orbits the star designated Firaxis, in the Borderlands region
        between the Drone Republic, the Spartan Federation, the Morgan Corporate Sector, and the Peacekeeping Forces. In the period following the launch of the Unity, the Pacific Space Colonization Agency despatched a mission to this star, believing the U.N. had put all humanity's eggs in one fragile basket. The World of Trees was found to be welcoming, suitable for human habitation with minimal terraforming. It has two satellites, known as the Blue and Red Moons for their distinctive colors. Neither moon is presently inhabited. The planet nearest the star is a small rocky world, Aeneas or Firaxis Secundus; it is inhabited by a small population of miners and geologists scattered across twelve settlements. Outside of the World of Trees are the two gas giants Romulus and Remus. In their area are gas collection facilities, mines, and scientific settlements.

        For most of the last seven hundred years, the World of Trees was isolated from the rest of humanity. The survivors of Earth had only vague historical records of the mission, and no clue as to its success. Firaxis was rediscovered at last by a Spartan scout during the beginning of the Centaurian space odyssey. Later, settlers from the Free Drone Republic, Morgan Interstellar, and the Peacekeeping Forces moved into the neighborhood. As such, the long-isolated world soon found itself caught up in galactic-scale events. The government of the World of Trees agreed to allow Spartan and Drone vessels to dock and refuel there during the Bree conflict, and even sent some medical personnel to Sparta Prime in the difficult middle stages of the conflict. During the fiery standoffs between the Peacekeepers and Spartans, Firaxis' strong relations with both parties were severely threatened. The government walked the difficult line of neutrality, and the fighting ended with both diplomatic missions slightly bruised but very much intact.

        Successive leaders after the war have attempted to exploit Firaxis' strategic
        location and natural wealth. Declaring the world a neutral open port in the late 27th century brought vastly increased wealth; the World of Trees has one of the highest gross national products of any of the independent Borderlands worlds. Isolationist elements of Firaxian society remain suspicious of the galactic capitalism of the Morgans and Drones, the military machine of the Spartans, and the humanitarian interventionism of the Peacekeepers; but most acknowledge that life on the World of Trees would be hard without the fleets of merchant ships gliding in and out of spaceport.

        The World of Trees is a semi-democratic government, with an elected assembly
        chosen every five years. The leader of the majority party functions as Prime
        Minister, who assumes most of the day-to-day duties of government and holds veto power in legislative matters; and the Assembly chooses a President by majority vote, who makes many foreign policy and economic decisions, as well as symbolizing the unity and indivisibility of Firaxis. The current Prime Minister is Michael Hsiang, leader of the coporatist Pacific Party (retaining its name from the regions of Earth the Founding Fathers came from, including the Republic of California, the Kingdom of Seattle, the Japanese Commonwealth, the Empire of Great China, the Republic of Australia, and the Minangkabau Federation - though few contemporary citizens remember which parts of Earth these names refer to), and the President is Lisa Foster.

        The major exports of Firaxis are minerals, hydrogen and noble and inert gases, and plant products grown on the World of Trees. Major imports include biotechnology and heavy machinery. The picturesque World of Trees is also home to a lucrative tourist industry.
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          Encyclopedia Galactica : Drone Republic : Politics

          The Republic is a presidential democracy, essentially a two-party system. Inspiredby the ancient United States, there are two houses of the Public Assembly: theUpper and Lower or the Senate and the General Congress, respectively. Both are involved in the making of laws, with a bill approved by the General Congress requiring ratification from the Senate to become law. The President, however, may terminate the bill by decree at any point.

          The current ruling party is the New Republic Party, which grew out of the Civil War faction of the same name. Conservative and pro-capitalist, they were largely
          responsible for the maintenance of the strong relationship with Morgan Industries
          since the beginning of the Long-Term Plan. The other party is the Freedom Party,
          whose constituents are drawn from a mixture of old-school socialists and libertarian capitalists. This latter group as identified by the census tends to split its vote between the two major parties, slightly dampening the Freedom Party's gains at Assembly elections.


          The New Republic in the Eyes of the Galaxy

          The Republic's closest allies are the Spartan Federation and Morgan Interstellar.
          These relationships arose from shared interests and necessity. The Republic-Spartan axis was instrumental in turning back the Bree and stopping an invasion that would likely have meant the end of human culture as we know it. The co-operation with Morgan Interstellar is highly lucrative for both parties: the Morganites are hungry for access to the Republic's large open markets and unrivalled quality and efficiency of industry and production, and the Republic gains access to some of the most advanced economic technology in the human sphere.

          Intense criticism is often to be found in the Peacekeeping media. The U.N. Review Of Societies ranked the Republic "Below Standard" on matters of social freedom, yet placed them behind only the Spartans on internal security. Editorials in major media outlets, both state-owned and private, characterize the New Republic Party and the government in general as authoritarian-leaning and grasping. They bemoan the at-times forceful development of Ophelia and the National Security Bill (approved unanimously by the Senate in 2688) that expanded police powers to search, seize, and detain. U.N. politicians have also questioned the Republic's treatments of its large population of cybernetic Thinkers, notably in a report of early 2700 which claimed that "many Thinkers are openly assigned to jobs considered unfit for humans". There have, however, been few complaints from the people in question; and the Republic tends to ignore outside criticism of its laws and practices.

          The oft-fiery relationship with the groups under the Nautilus Pirate umbrella is of
          much concern to the Republic's government. Some factions are favorable to them; others openly despise the Republic's capitalistic philosophy of governance. With the Pirategate scandal still fresh in the public's memory, there has been little open co-operation in the last decade. However, President Adams recently approved the sale of advanced K-23 Deathsphere grav-booster aircraft to one of Pirategate's major players.

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            Hive Timeline

            2400-War with Peacekeepers on Chiron reaches stalemate. Human Hive is almost eliminated. Truce is signed but leaves Chairman Yang feeling defeated. Begins plans to move his faction offworld.

            2417-Hive spies obtain specifications of Morgan offworld ships. Hive factories begin building their own ships.

            2430-Minister Ehud (Hive Economic advisor) killed while in transit from Morgan Industries to Great Collective. Thought to be 'payback' for obtaining files on colony ships.

            2435-Hive begins launching fleet of colony ships off Chiron. Chairman Yang declares Chiron a "lost cause" and goes into the void, breaking all contact with other factions once again. 3 days later, massive explosions across Hive territories destroy all buildings and data...nothing is salvageable.

            2447-After searching 12 years for home planet, Hive finally finds an uninhabited system. Littered with caves, Chairman Yang and the Human Hive begin anew.

            2448-Massive population growth results in expansion to neighboring sectors. 3 sectors are declared 'Hive space'. 1 system inhabited by aliens (Bulwark). War begins after Hive conquers outlying alien planets.

            2453-War with aliens end. Surviving members incorporated into Hive society. Yang begins 'Project Mindbend' which will release neurochemical triggers in society, creating 100% loyal citizens.

            2457-'Project Mindbend' finished. Thought Control of Hive citizens complete. Expansion of Hive space now at 7 systems with scattered Hive colonies among asteroid fields, moons, and space stations in deep space.

            2465-Hive soldiers begin conquering "less advanced" species that do not have space travel. Planets become part of Hive territories. Species become Hive citizens and adopt Hive policies. One is to have all buildings below ground. Through the amalgamation of the different alien cultures, Hive scientists develop new technology. One is the much desired life-extension process Yang desires.

            2475-Chairman Yang delcares himself Emperor. Renames the
            Human Hive into the "Greater Hive Empire ". Emperor Yang begins process of learning what happened to other factions since leaving Chiron.

            2480-Hive scientists develop limited cloak technology. Spartans discovered as well as Gaians,Peackeepers, and Believers. Hive spies acting as independent traders inserted into factions unnoticed for purpose of information gathering.

            2510-Gaians contacted first on strict orders to keep Hive existence quiet. Non-aggression pact signed between Hive and Gaians.

            2535-Through numerous sources, Yang learns of the Bree. Hive home system begins massive campaign to establish the "perfect defense" system.

            2547-Yang names homeworld "Hive Prime". Begins renaming all planets after Hive cities that were on Chiron.

            2554-Non-aggression pact with Gaians develops into unofficial alliance.

            2555-Hive allows Gaians to settle a moon in their home system. It is based on the understanding that all astrometric and eco-astrometric data gathered is to be shared.

            2560-Hive spies learn of Spartan/Drone-Bree war's end.

            2570-Emperor Yang contacts Bree. First attempts fail and ships destroyed. Third attempt finally succeeds. Yangs goal is to obtain Bree technology.

            2600-Believing the Spartans weakened by war, Greater Hive Empire begins massive buildup of military weapons.

            2610-5 Hive explorer vessels sent to seek out viable Spartan targets. If seen, orders are to pretend to be 'friendly'.

            2620-Spartan scout fleet encounter Hive ships (explorer vessels) on far side of Spartan space. First (official) contact with Hive since Spartans left Chiron.

            2625-Hive begins Campaign against Spartans. Relations with Bree grow. Limited Bree technology is shared with HIve in exhange for information dealing with Spartans and Drones.

            2630-Hive ships raid Spartan colonies on extreme edge of Spartan space. Spartans respond by moblizing the fleet and invading Hive space. Spartan fleet runs into a small Bree fleet near conjuction of Sparta/Hive/neutral space. Both fleets engage while Hive forces stand to the side. Both fleets sustain damage and both withdraw. Spartan fleet limps home in time for an uprising on New Caladon.

            2630-Bree fleet engaged with Spartans contained Bree ambassador to Greater Hive Empire. Shipt containing ambassador destroyed by kamikaze Spartan fighter. Bree fleet, seeking repairs, docks at Hive station in deep space.

            2632-Unexpectedly, Morgan warships encounter the Hive. No treaty is signed.

            2640-Number of species in Greater Hive Empire now number 5 after conquering of alien controlled moon. Species are
            Human ,Bulwark (Bulldog faced Humanoid),Fran (humanoid),Xiero (reptile humanoid), and Tarlak .

            2660-Ambassador Galron's (a Bulwark) ship explodes while in transit from Spartan territories. Emperor Yang refrains from accusing Spartans but promises that whoever did this "will pay dearly".

            2670-Gaian/Hive scientsts on New Lanark discover black hole anomaly. A planet and a small star is found revolving around a blackhole. This seemingly impossible act of nature is celebrated by the Gaian/Hive scientists.

            2680-Emperor Yang contacts Believers, seeking alliance.

            2690-Bree ambassador sets foot on Hive Prime, Hive homeworld. Festivities echoe throughout the Hive Empire.

            2691-Secret Hive military outpost destroyed by rogue meteor.

            2697-3 cloaked Hive ships patrolling outer territories are destroyed by unknown natural occurence.

            2700-Story begins.
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              Timeline for Protectorate.

              Historical Background:

              2074- Follow on mission to the U.N.S. Unity is launched, the U.S.S. Endeavor.

              2081- The Endeavor falls through a wormhole and is deposited in the Beta Hydri system. The command staff is awoken and, after much debate, choose to go ahead and colonize BH 4(The chief Settlement is named New San Antonio).

              2084- A team on BH 3 discovers hundreds of downed Alien Vessels. While some were later identified as the so-called "Progenitors", others remain of unknown orgin.

              2090- A rebel group, the "Sons of Freedom" begin terrorist attacks on the Hydran Government.

              2101- The "Sons of Freedom" establish independant nation on southern Continent of BH 4. The Senate appears impotent.

              2103- Endeavor Security Chief Ian McDiarmid is given near-dictatorial powers as head of Hydran security forces.

              2104- Ian McDiarmid crushes rebellion on the southern continent of BH 4. Is appointed "Lord Protector" by the Senate.

              2106- Colonization of New Europa begins.

              2150- The Proctorate's Starfleet is established, after the recovery of a 6 km Alien vessel on the 3rd moon of BH 5.

              2197- Colonization of Nova Albion begins.

              2209- Transmissions intercepted from Chiron. After much debate, the Senate votes to "remain silent".

              2222- Progenitor survey vessel affliated with the "Caretaker" faction is downed over Nova Albion. The Commander of the vessel reveals they are searching for a "6th Manifold". Lord Protector Ian I permits the Progenitor scientists to study the BH system for it, with the stipulation they would help the humans move if indeed the Manifold is found. It is not found, and the Caretakers are given permission to repair their ship and leave. Diplomatic relations established with the Caretaker faction.

              2300- System RE123 is visited. Unknown vessel fires upon the H.P.S. Hermes. The Hermes destroys the vessel, and it is not revealed who the ship belonged too.

              2400-Civil War on Chiron heats up. Senate again votes to remain "quiet".

              2487- Usurper vessel enters BH system. After pitched battle, the Human Starfleet destroys the beyond repair. FTL propulsion is gleaned from the recovered engines. Combined with recovered propulsion technology at the "Graveyard" on BH3, The Protectorate tests it's first FTL on April 1st, 2490.

              2525- The H.P.S. Discovery visits Tau Ceti. After the effects of a "awakened" Manifold are seen, Lord Protector Ian I declares that the Protectorate shall remain hidden from the rest of Humanity.

              2534- Revolt on New Europa. Mass Drivers are used to blast the population from a high of 150 mil to 3 mil.

              2567- The H.P.S. Spectre discovers the Peacekeeper colony at Coventry. As keeping with Protectorate policy, it does not reveal it's existance.

              2588- Protectorate forces attack Drone Space Station just outside of Altair. Evidence is left behind implicating the Caretakers. Skirmishing between Drones and Protectorate continue, with the Drones believing the Protectorate to be a minor pirate nation.

              2611- The Necromancer observes the Spartan attack on Conventry.

              2634- A ship filled with Peacekeeper refugees enters Beta Hydri system. The ship is immediately boarded and it's occupants are debriefed. After agreeing not to reveal the existance of the Protectorate on pain of death, they are given a settlement(Fairbanks) on BH 4.

              2638- The Shadow encounters the Dosi Federation ship Ski'ra. Relations open up, and a trade agreement is arranged. As agreed, the Dosi (Bipedal Reptiloids) are not to reveal their existance to other Human Nation-states.

              2672- The Baelrog destroys a Drone vessel in orbit of RE123-B.

              2673- The Spartan ship Aleksandr is destroyed by the Broadsword. (in both cases, the existance of the Protectorate remains secret)

              2678- A squadron of Usurper ships enters BH system, Protectorate forces destroy vessels.

              2689- The Third Fleet is dispatched to the Dosi Homeworld, to aid in the defense against a Usurper fleet. An alliance betweeen the Dosi and the Protectorate is cemented shortly thereafter.

              2690- Technology transfer between the Dosi and Protectorate begins.

              2691- A Combined Protectorate-Dosi force attacks a Usurper Colony world in the Daltron system. After a ground invasion fails, Protectorate forces use Mass Drivers on the colony, while Dosi forces deploy massive particle cannons that have a output of 2 million terawatts a shot. 700 mil Progenitors die in the bombardment.

              2700- The Protectorate's existance is revealed to other Human nations. (Begin story)
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                Notes on the Protectorate's Military
                Internal Intel Document # 234-B, Peacekeepers. Information gleaned from Caretaker sources.*

                Total vessels in Starfleet(excluding merchant marine): 6,000
                Number of Capital Ships: 1,200
                Number of Battleships(2km or longer): 500
                Class of Battleship currently in Production: Goliath, 50 in service. Production began MY2698.

                Primary Construction Yards:

                New Europa Yards
                Largest yard used by Protectorate forces. Unlike most shipyards, ships upwards of 3 km are built planetside, using the low gravity(1/4 Earth Standard) and multiple "Beanstalks" for construction purposes. Currently 100 Goliath Battleships under construction, with a equal number for Crusiers and Corvettes, repectively.

                Houston ShipYards
                Yard in orbit of BH4. Used to construct Planetary defense platforms and "Monitors" used for system defense. 6 km long cargovessels built there, as well as landing barges.

                Drydocks in orbit of RE123-B. Used as way station. While some smaller vessels are constructed there, it is mostly used for repairs.

                Commentary on Systems for Goliath Battleships:

                Hull-Unlike most Human nations, who still use Ceramic/metal layered alloys, the Protectorate uses a advanced from of Nanotech, creating a self-healing hull much more effective than "smart materials". Hull also prevents all scanning of internal workings of ship. Nanotech hulls believed to be acquired from Dosi allies.

                Engine- Stardrive appears to be a Progenitor/Bree singularity hybrid. Bree influence believed to have come from "the Graveyard" on Altair3. Sublight engines give off almost no emissions, although visible evidence indicates Morgan Intersteller influence.

                Weapons- 2 Heavy Fusion beams(Spartan design), 4 Particle Cannons(Dosi), 8 Gatling Lasers for CIWs(Indigenous), Unknown** number of Q-Guns(indigenous), Unknown number of Plasma Guns(Indigenous). NOTE: Although they have yet to been seen in action, Particle Cannon turrets appear to have been built to withstand the force of no less than 2 Million tw.

                Marine Complement Room for upwards of 4,000 Marines, although only 1 regiment of mechanized infantry is believed to be standard complement.

                Starfighter Complement-Unknown at this time, but starfighters have remarkable resemblance to the EC and TA's "Starfury" designs. Believed to be a nearly direct copy, with a few Protectorate modifications.

                Commentary on the Rangers
                Deep space exploratory/combat unit. Guard for Lord Protector. Highly skilled. Ranger ships have been seen in deep space manytimes, although never identified. So named because the Lord Protector is a fan of JRR Tolkien.

                * Source of transmission destroyed by H.P.S. Ishtari, unknown if Peacekeeping forces recieved report. ** Unkown. Weapons buried in hull, extended during combat
                Today, you are the waves of the Pacific, pushing ever eastward. You are the sequoias rising from the Sierra Nevada, defiant and enduring.


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                  2416: Probe teams bring back information on University’s FTL project. Work begins on
                  the Ark
                  2417: Rumblings of discontent starts to occur when Loaves and Fishes on Chiron refuses to send tithes to support Miriam's propose war machine.
                  2413-70: Believing Civil War occurs between loyalists belonging to Miriam who seek to convert the universe and the rebels who call themselves the Reformers.
                  2471: Reformers victory, New Jerusalem is destroyed in a fission planet buster attack gone awry, Sister Miriam dies.
                  2472: Reformation and Reorganization occurs, holdouts of Sister Miriam's calling themselves the Hammer of God attempt to steal the Ark which was being finished their attempt fails, they are forced back into Believing society now reorganized under the
                  Speaker of the Conclave (which had been brought back out of a rubber stamp organization that it became under Miriam)
                  2500: Probes find New Israel
                  2501: Mass Exodus of Chiron, the bases are sold off to reaming Chiron factions
                  2505: Arrival of colonists on New Israel,
                  2509: Hammer of God sublight ship blasts off from the surface due to their leader Brother Malcolm having a vision of God punishing them for not spending 40 years, they inhabit the
                  asteroids fields and Oort cloud
                  2550: First pirate wars between Hammer of God and Conclave forces begins
                  2560: Colonization of New Eden begins
                  2590: Second Pirate wars
                  2612: First mining station built
                  2615: Second mining station built
                  2700: Story begins
                  "I do think that it is important to realize that wars are ugly and vile and that there better be a damned good reason for getting involved in one. Because the price for somebody is going to be very, very high."

                  David Weber


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                    Morganite Information Pg. 1

                    Morgan Interstellar, Your Favorite Interstellar Company

                    Titles: Morgan Interstellar; Morgan Industries; Morgan Conglomerate
                    Leader: CEO Nwabudike Morgan
                    HQ Planet: Castor A, ‘Cyrus’, Morgan Interstellar
                    Company Slogans: “What Goes Up Better Dog-gone Stay Up”
                    Other Advertising Slogans: “Morgan To The Stars!”; “Where Do You Want Your Node Today?”
                    (Note: All Advertising Slogans created by Propaganda department headed by Miss Sarah Kwan)

                    A Timeline of Morgan Interstellar (the current main Morgan Industry)
                    A Short History of Morgan Interstellar, Your Favorite Interstellar Company

                    c. 2399-- Morganite workers at Morgan Solarflex begin construction of colony and mining ships.

                    2408-- Morganites make their first off-Planet colony, Morgan Interstellar, which immediately starts making the wonderfully helpful products that we all know and love. The event is remembered as “the Great Leap”. This starts a burst of new Morganic off-Planet expansion, until the company itself abandons Planet altogether. Though the first colonization was only on one of Chiron’s moons, Nessus Prime, the Morganites expand to colonize a whole star system. The expansion starts in the Castor system. Within 100 years, expansion has moved into the Pollux system, and after 200 years, into the Propus (Procyon) system.
                    2417-- Morganites move their headquarters off of Chiron and become the first faction to leave Chiron. They retain a few assets on Chiron and Nessus, but the majority of Morgan employees move with Headquarters.

                    2443-- After many years of expansion, prosperity, and production of useful products and creation of new product ideas, brands, and companies, CEO Morgan proposes that a scout ship be sent down to Chiron to see what’s left of the rest of the other factions. Scout Captain Albert Marchand is sent down with about 200 well-armed men to explore Planet. Shortly afterward, scout ships discover a small rocky planet from which the only known mineral to support the FTL Drive can be mined. The construction of the FTL (Faster Than Light) Drive shortly becomes the greatest technological achievement in the history of mankind, and with it Morgan Interstellar plans to colonize more star systems and explore new worlds...and make heaps of money as well. The planet is soon colonized and the company is named aptly enough, Morgan Mines. It is then heavily garrisoned.

                    2445-- Scout Captain Marchand of Morgan Interstellar comes into contact with a scout company from the Drone Republic, commanded by Foreman Domai, which seems to have come down to Chiron for the same purposes as the Morgan scout company. Although while on Planet, Morgan and Domai had conflicting policies and beliefs, a Joint Venture Treaty is signed.
                    From the history of the Free Drone Republic-- “Under the terms of the Joint Venture, the Drones gain three-year exclusive access to certain industrial nanorobotic technology and most-favored-nation trading status, as well as equal supply of the vizorium mined from the Morgan colonies on Pholus and Cygnus X-3. In return, they are obligated to produce a certain number of ships for the Morganic merchant fleet every standard year, and must grant Interstellar equal access to all resources they exploit in future space colonies. Phase I of the Long-Term Plan is declared mostly complete, and made into an open-ended commitment to capitalization and privatization of the Drone economy.”
                    The Drones also provide Morgan with the commlink for the remains of the Datatech and Cult factions. There is peace with the Drones, but there are two light skirmishes with both the Datatechs and Cult factions, but as they are very both very weak, the Morganite scouts win both skirmishes.
                    2525-- As a Morganic cruisers, the M.S.C. Vanderbilt passes through the heavens, the Morganites come in contact with the thriving empire of Sparta, under Col. Santiago, as the cruiser encounters a small Spartan carrier. They immediately sign a pact, and the Morganites start to sell their wares to the Spartans.
                    2527-- M.S.S. Namibia encounters a fleet odd shaped space craft, the likes of which has never before been seen. On attempting to make contact with the strange craft, it opens fire on the Namibia. The Morganite ship survives the encounter, and manages to board one of the enemy craft and take it over. The scientists who examine the corpses of the strange ship’s officers have no idea as to what they are, as they are certainly not human. The rest of the strange space craft escape.
                    2529-- Spartans contact the Morganites, asking for support in building FTL Drive. Sparta has discovered a second planet with the mineral which supports the FTL Drive, but it seems that the Spartans haven’t the technology to build ships using the FTL Drive, and so they mine the mineral and the Morganites build the ships for them with it, and in the process our great company, Morgan Interstellar, makes a good amount of money. In Santiago’s discussion with Morgan, she speaks to him also of the alien Bree, whom she is fighting with the Drones against. The Bree were the aggressive aliens who attacked the Namibia.
                    2530-- Morgan voices his support of Spartan-Drone forces in Bree War. He also sends new high powered missiles and ground missile launchers, which are used to great effect on land and in the air.
                    2539-- An assassination attempt on CEO Morgan’s life fails.
                    2549-- Morganites encounter University Scout Ships, and contact is made with Provost Randius Zakharov. A treaty is made, and trading begins. The University has the best technology of all the factions, and through some very superior trading deals, the Morganites receive some of it.
                    2556-- The two most glorious events in Morganite history since the “Great Leap” occur. The first takes place on January 1st, when the space station Adam Smith is launched. It is manned by a crew of 98, and it has several goals, the first is to send out satellites to collect information on the galaxy and to learn more of our universe’s secrets; secondly, to scout the star system for suitable sites for cities and companies, and sites that have the most natural resources; thirdly, to refuel and repair Morgan Interstellar’s ships.
                    The second glorious event of that year was the heroic defense of Morgan Mines, the off-Planet company which produces the single known mineral to be able to support the FTL Drive, and the largest company of them all besides Morgan Industries, the HQ of Morgan Interstellar. By this time, Morgan Interstellar controls about 26 planets in 4 star systems. 8 of these planets are heavily populated, and the rest are colony planets (which are focused around mining operations). The defense of Morgan Mines against the Bree assault will become legendary. The Bree army is just barely kept back by the small Morganite army. After 7 months of battling, the Bree withdraw, hoping for more reinforcements, but they never come due to a sudden string of Spartan-Drone successes.
                    2568-- Human-Bree war finally ends in stalemate. Buffer zones set up between human and Bree space. CEO Morgan calls the 40 year war “a conflict with no decisive battles.”
                    2572-- Morgan ships encouter the Gorn. Limited contact is made. Gorn informs Morganites of the Bree, their sworn enemy. Morganites neglects to tell Spartans or Drones about the encounter.
                    2574-- A second space station, simply called Morgan Space Station is launched.
                    2575-- Spartans encouter Gorn. Again limited contact is made. Spartans learn of Gorn hatred for Bree and the Morganite encounter. Through Sparta, the Drones also learn of the encounter.
                    2580-- A transport of products moving through the Betelgeuse system is attacked and destroyed by an unknown ship. The investigation concludes that the Pirates were behind the attack. A ship is sent out to demand an apology, which Capt. Ulrik Svensgaard is forced to give, through gritted teeth. Svensgaard refuses to sign a treaty with Morgan, but sells Morgan the commlinks for the Cybernetic Consciousness, the Gaians, and the Terran Alliance. Col. Santiago is contacted and she gives Morgan Interstellar the commlink for the Peacekeepers.
                    2588-- A Morgan ship, the M.S.S. Nwabudike, passes (with the help of the FTL Drive) into the Sol System, and opens trade routes, which angers the IE Company, who are then forced to compete with the superior Morgan products.
                    2589-- A Progenitor scout ship is shot down over Morgan Interstellar’s HQ. There are no human casualties, but on further inspection of the wrecked Progenitor ship, it is discovered to contain the corpses of 34 Usurper warriors.
                    2595-- Morganite colony and mining ships expand the Morgan holdings into another two star systems and 7 planets.
                    2603-- Spartan MineCo reports find of valuable metal used in ship hulls. Morgan Shipworks deliver promised ship upgrades. New shields are installed on all Spartan space vessels. At the new Morganite company Morgan Shipbuilders, scout teams stumble upon strange obelisks reminiscent of the ruins on Chiron. On the tall obelisks, there are carved images of stone-age like characters in a hunting scene, spearing some wild, tusked animals. Researchers can not identify the origins of the carvings.
                    2605-- War breaks out between the Spartans and the Peacekeepers. Morgan Interstellar opts to remain neutral.
                    2609-- Morganite transport ships are attacked and destroyed by a Peacekeeper ship, which is also battling several smaller Spartan ships. CEO Morgan gives the Peacekeepers a warning that those who led the attack on the transports must be punished or war will be declared. Instead the Peacekeepers decorate the survivors. CEO Morgan opts to support Sparta in their war with the Peacekeepers, not through military action, but through increased trading of weaponry.
                    2611-- Battle of Coventry. Spartans lauch attack on Coventry. Initial defeat of Peeckeeper fleet is reversed when Spartans face heavy opposition after landing. Spartans take Coventry's moon instead and establish outpost there. Commisioner Lal refers to this as an atrocity, and expects everyone to flock to his side, and yet the Drones and the Morganites, allies of Sparta, do not, which (to say the least) does not make Lal happy.
                    2630-- Morgan defends Drone actions during “Pirategate”.
                    2632-- Morganite warships encounter the Hive. No treaty is signed. With the end of the Domai administration of the Drone Republic, Morganites sign a pact with the Drones’ new government.
                    2660-- The Great Peace ends with a few shots exchanged between Peacekeepers and Spartans in the skies above Morgan Interstellar holdings. Up until this time there had been no militaristic or expansionist activity for Morgan Interstellar, nothing but a period of peace and prosperity.
                    2667-- Terrans finally begin to trade with Morgan Interstellar, causing the anger of InEn.
                    2700-- Story ‘Beyond Alpha Centauri’ begins. Shots exchanged between Morgan Interstellar and InEn troops.

                    Note to Sprayber: Please post this and all other Morganite things I post on this thread in the section of your site devoted to Morgan Interstellar. Thanks!
                    Empire growing,
                    Pleasures flowing,
                    Fortune smiles and so should you.


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                      Morganite Information Pg. 2-- Chain of Command

                      Important Morganite Citizens
                      The Top Bananas


                      Nwabudike Morgan
                      President and CEO, Morgan Interstellar & Morgan Industries Combine

                      ~ C.E.O. Nwabudike Morgan, the former Namibian diamond tycoon and CEO of Morgan Industries, now Morgan Interstellar. Though he is almost 700 years old, he has the money to get top-quality scientists to give him the best longevity vaccines. Born in 2005, Morgan gained his fame by selling weapons during the abismal Sahara Burst Wars. He then became a hotel owner, and then acquired several large diamond mines, founding with them the prosperous Morgan Industries. He technically owned the U.N.S. Unity, as he had his own men build the ship and used his money to do this. Due to daily injections of the Longevity Vaccine, his mind is still sharp, and his body is still in extremely good condition. He makes all of the big decisions of Morgan Interstellar, but leaves the lesser decisions to his sub-ordinates. He is not as much a figurehead as some other ancient leaders, and he still holds the keys in his faction. He has a pleasant personality, but is prone to excessive bursts of anger when it becomes impossible to keep his cool. However, he usually manages to keep himself from these angry explosions.

                      Imran Siddiqui
                      President, Morgan Interstellar
                      Chief Advisor

                      ~ Imran Siddiqui, Morgan's top advisor and second in control of Morgan Interstellar. He has also been kept alive on the Longevity Vaccine, and is Morgan's best friend. Siddiqui was born in 2018, the son of an Arabic millionaire based in Iran. He received several serious leg wounds from a mechanized infantry unit in the short-lived Oil Rebellion of 2038 while supporting the militaristic loyalist forces, who ultimately won, and still to this day walks with a limp. His father died the same year, and he (as the eldest son) inherited the business: a small oil company, and he soon founded a large corporate empire through oil, and eventually sold it to the thriving Morgan Industries. He was smuggled aboard the Unity with Morgan himself. He is President of Morgan Interstellar. This means he makes the lesser decisions, although Morgan makes all extremely important ones.

                      Dr. Theodore Henry Temple
                      President, Morgan Industries
                      Chief Economics Advisor

                      ~ T. H. Temple, quickly ascended corporate ladder of Morgan Interstellar to become one of the most trusted advisors of the CEO. Mr. Temple was actually born 150 years after Planetfall in Morgan Industries (the city itself), so he is one of the younger members of the heads of state of Morgan Interstellar. He excelled in economics early on, and was one of Morgan's very best talents by the time he was voted into the Morganite advisor's board. He would become Morgan's right hand man. He is also the new President of the smaller Morgan Industries, which is a branch of Morgan Interstellar. It contains the Nessus and Alpha Centauri holdings as well as the old Earth company, which now serves more as a diplomatic headquarters on Earth rather than as an industrial center.

                      Dr. Celia K. Dingswayo
                      President, Sol-based Morgan Industries Holdings

                      ~ Miss Celia K. Dingswayo was born on Earth in 2665 in Namibia. A distant relative of CEO Morgan himself, she helped purchase what had been old Earth's Morgan Industries, the company formed by CEO Morgan before the Unity project even began. She was made Vice-President to Mr. Haldeberd, who was replaced by Morgan in 2700 and sent to control some mining colonies in the Propus System. In his place Miss Dingswayo was made President, and she valiantly dealt with the anti-Morganite aggression from Interplanetary Enterprises and other Terran groups. She is engaged to be married.

                      OTHER CABINET MEMBERS

                      Amalthea Whitaker
                      Secretary of Defense

                      ~ Mrs. Amalthea Whitaker was born in 2589 at Castor A, 'Cyrus', Morgan Industries. Her father was a war hero, being wounded in the heroic defense of Morgan Mines against the Bree attackers. Her mother was a stock analyst. At the age of 20 she briefly joined the army, apparently to learn discipline. She entered politics at the age of 41, and by the time she was 57, she was made Secretary of Defense. She served in that position very capably, after replacing Ivan Ludger, who was considered very poor when compared to her.

                      Ivan Ludger
                      Retired Secretary of Defense, Assistant Secretary of Defense

                      ~ Mr. Ivan Ludger was born in 2545 at Castor A, 'Cyrus', Morgan Industries. He was born into a family of Scandinavian descent. He served briefly in the army as a major, before retiring to do work in the Home Office. He was very diligent in his work and was made Secretary of Defense in 2604. He retired from that office in 2532 and was replaced by Amalthea Whitaker. His old assistant secretary, Jennie Brennick, died nine years later in a tragic accident, and Mr. Ludger came out of retirement to fill her place.

                      Right Hon. Cornelius Walker
                      Foreign Secretary

                      ~ Mr. Cornelius Walker was born in 2307 at Morgan Studios on old Chiron. His mother was a Gaian and a friend to Lady Deirdre Skye. It may well have been this fact that made him aspire to become a diplomat. In 2600, he was made Foreign Secretary. He has since served in that position very capably, so capably in fact that he often times goes unnoticed, as it has become so that it is always expected that he will do fine work, and so when he does it is taken for granted.

                      Right Hon. Sonia Rabinowitch
                      Assistant Foreign Secretary

                      ~ Mrs. Sonia Rabinowitch was born in 2424 at Morgan Industries on old Chiron. Her family was of Bavarian-Jew descent. She proved invaluable to Mr. Walker and to Morgan Interstellar during the infamous Pirategate scenario, and was afterward made Assistant Foreign Secretary. She was sent, along with Mr. T.M. Morgan-Reilly, Mr. Imran Siddiqui, and many other luminaries to Earth's moon in late 2700 for a peace conference with Interplanetary Enterprises Corporation. Unfortunately this conference failed, and she was slightly injured in a surprise attack on the diplomat's ship by InEn forces. The result was a full scale war between Morgan Interstellar and Interplanetary Enterprises. She is presently in the Saturn Kingdom.

                      Jerome Motyer
                      Colonel, Military Aide to CEO Morgan, Cabinent Secretary

                      ~ Colonel Jerome Motyer was born on Castor D, 'Artaxerxes' in 2599 into a family of German descent. He entered the army in 2625, raising a company of regulars that would be added to the 9th Regiment. He eventually became Colonel of the 9th, and then Military Aide to the CEO himself. Colonel Motyer performs a host of other tasks as well, most prominently Cabinet Secretary.

                      Sarah Kwan
                      Advertising and Propaganda Secretary

                      ~ Miss Sarah Kwan was born in 2673 on Castor A, 'Cyrus' to a family of Korean descent. She writes all slogans for Morgan Interstellar, including "Morgan To The Stars!" "Where Do You Want Your Node Today", and others. She also heads propaganda and advertising efforts.

                      Rodney Sicut,
                      Official Morganite Press Agent

                      ~ Mr. Rodney Sicut was born in 2669 on Pollux A, 'Sophocles'. He worked for many years as a correspondent for Last year he was made official press agent for Morgan Interstellar. Congratulations Rod!

                      Mr. Ku
                      First Intelligence Officer

                      ~ Mr. Ku was born on Chiron before the Hive Wars. Not much is known on this mysterious character, except that he was a brilliant spy before he rose to become the Intelligence Chief of Morgan Interstellar during the Hive Wars, and proved to be a thorn in the side of Chairman Yang. He is kept young and fresh by the Longevity Vaccine, like many other fellow Morganite heads of state.

                      MILITARY COMMANDERS

                      Albert Marchand
                      General-In-Chief, Morganite Armies

                      ~ Albert Marchand commands Morgan's elite (though small) army. He was born in Morgan Solarflex 134 years after Planetfall into a militaristic Anglo-Saxon family. His father was a militia captain in the city, and was quick to send his son to Spartan territory to learn the art of war. Albert got his fame through commanding the scout team that re-explored Chiron in the mid-2400s. In this campaign, he defeated a small detachment of a scout team and a probe team under Datatech control and a mindworm attack from the Cult in two small skirmishes. He also engineered the exceptional defense of Morgan Mines during the Bree War. When the older General Maysfield died in 2632, Marchand was promoted to General-In-Chief by popular demand, as he was already a major hero to all of the common people and the well to do alike. He has already put down a rebellion of alien natives on Castor C, 'Xerxes'.

                      Paul Lehman
                      Major General, Second-In-Command, Morganite Armies

                      ~ Paul Lehman was born in 2609 on Pollux C, 'Aristophanes', into a strong family of German/American descent. His father was a common worker on Pollux C. Lehman joined the army for basic training, and soon decided to stay in the army. He was promoted to Major in 2630, and then Lieutenant Colonel seven years later. Then another four years later he was promoted to Colonel. By 2700, he was Major General and Second-In-Command of the Morganite Army, and is now one of Marchand's most trusted officers.

                      Henry Marmion,
                      Major General, Commanding 1st Corps

                      ~ General Henry Marmion was born in 2676 on Castor A, 'Cyrus'. He is from a distinguished family of military officers. His great uncle, for example, is none other than General Albert Marchand himself. It was mostly this link that got him in the army. He jumped from a Brigadier up to a Major General shortly after recruiting, and from a Brigade Commander to a Corps commander. He was worth it all, and has proven himself as a very fine military officer, exceptional in all forms of combat.

                      Shimonseki Morimoto
                      Major General, Commanding 2nd Corps

                      ~ General Shimonseki Morimoto was born in 2668 on Pollux D, 'Homer' into a family of Japanese descent. Promotion was not easy for him, but after proving himself a good officer as a division commander during the Cepheleen rebellion, he was rapidly appointed Major General commanding the newly formed 2nd Corps.

                      Maria Colfax,
                      Major General, Commanding 3rd Corps

                      ~ General Maria Colfax was born in 2675 on Pollux B, 'Euripedes' into a family of American descent. After raising a family of four children, she joined the military as a Colonel in command of the 12th Hovertank Squadron. When 3rd Corps was made in 2700 after the InEn affair, she was made Major General and appointed to command it.

                      Antonio Vallachi
                      Admiral, Commander of Morganite Space Fleet

                      ~ Admiral Antonio Vallachi was born in 2598 on the watery planet Castor B, 'Darius'. His great-great-great-grandfather had been an officer in Morgan's (small) fleet on Chiron. He became a scout ship ensign in 2627, and a captain in 2635. In 2689 he was promoted to Admiral, and then overall commander of the Morganite space fleet in 2692. He soon began to call for the re-organization of the fleet.

                      Dennis Mortimore-Clark
                      Admiral, Second-in-Command of Morganite Space Fleet

                      ~ Admiral Dennis Mortimore-Clark was born in 2665 on the watery planet Castor B, 'Darius', and he served as an ensign for two years in the navy there, before he entered the Space Fleet, becoming first a 1st Lieutenant, then a Commander, then a Captain, a Commodore, and finally an Admiral. He was appointed second-in-command of the fleet in 2699.

                      BOARD OF TRADE OFFICERS

                      Dr. R.W. Delgado
                      Board of Trade Director

                      ~ R.W. Delgado was born in 2634 on Castor C, 'Xerxes' to a Spanish family. He quickly became a trade supervisor, and even worked briefly on the Namibian Queen, which would suffer a sad fate in 2700. His competence soon led to his promotion (in 2697) to trade director of Morgan Interstellar. He is director of the Board of Trade.

                      Dr. Ishimora Heidyako
                      Trade Analyst

                      ~ Ishimora Heidyako was born in 2658 on Castor B, Darius, to a family of Japanese descent. As well as being a superb chef at a Japanese style restaurant for some years, Heidyako made a fortune in the stocks, and was soon recommended by a friend in the Morganite Board of Trade of Castor B for trade work. He excelled as a trade analyst, and was finally requested by Director Smithson (replaced by Delgado after his tragic death) for work at Morgan Interstellar, arriving a year before Delgado was made Trade Director. He serves as an officer of the Board of Trade.

                      B.W. Ewell
                      Economics Advisor

                      ~ B(enjamin) W(alter) Ewell was born in 2672 on Castor A, Cyrus, into a family of Anglo-Saxon descent. He was recruited by for Economics Analyst, and was soon given a government position as a minor Economics Advisor to the CEO. He is engaged to another Economics Advisor, Miss Sophie Carstairs. He serves as an officer of the Board of Trade.

                      Sophie Carstairs
                      Economics Advisor

                      ~ Sophie Carstairs was born in 2673 on Castor A, Cyrus, into a family of Anglo-Saxon descent. Her father, George Carstairs, was an Economic's Advisor to the CEO. It was through this link that she too became an Economics Advisor. She is engaged to B.W. Ewell. She serves as an officer of the Board of Trade.

                      Saeed El-Hashian
                      Governor, Pollux C

                      ~ Governor Saeed El-Hashian, Planetary Governor of Pollux C, 'Aristophanes'. Born of Saudi Arabian parents in 2557 at Castor D, 'Artaxerxes', Morgan Studios, he received a PhD in Political Science at MorganEducation on Castor B. After befriending Imran Siddiqui, El-Hashian's political power seemed to grow from nothing to a diplomatic advisor literally overnight. Unfortunately after a near stock crash on Morgan Ceramics in 2604, he was given the boot. He was soon shipped off to a remote moon of Castor F to supervise mining operations. He excelled at it, surprisingly, and was soon sent to Pollux C as Governor. He also serves as an officer of the Board of Trade.
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                      Empire growing,
                      Pleasures flowing,
                      Fortune smiles and so should you.


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                        Morganite Information Pg. 3-- Diplomacy

                        Morganite Diplomacy

                        Since 2600, the Foreign Secretary, the Right Honorable Cornelius Walker and the Assistant Foreign Secretary, Sonia Rabinowitch, have handled Morganite diplomacy. Except for several exceptions, Morgan Interstellar is on good terms with most everyone, and trade flourishes. Below is a list of Morganite diplomatic status.

                        The Spartan Federation: An alliance exists between the Spartan Federation and Morgan Interstellar. There is lucrative trade between the two states, especially in the F(aster)T(han)L(ight) industry. Though the alliance is not technically a military one, the policy of the Spartan Federation is that their allies, when attacked in their territory, are immediately to be protected by Spartan men-at-arms. In other words, enemies of Morgan Interstellar are enemies of Sparta.

                        The Free Drone Republic: An alliance exists between the Spartan Federation and Morgan Interstellar. There is lucrative trade between the two states, especially in FTL and in ship parts. The Free Drones built most of the Morganite battleships. Relations had improved between the Drones and the Morganites since the retirement of Foreman Domai and the election of President Adams. Word has it that they are in contact with the Protectorate, though this is as yet unconfirmed.

                        The University: An alliance exists between the University and Morgan Interstellar. There is lucrative trade between these two states, not only in the FTL industry, but also in computers and other technological products. The University is one of the company’s most secluded and quiet allies, and will not usually engage in a military conflict unless attacked.

                        The New Israel Believers: A treaty of peace exists between the New Israel Believers and Morgan Interstellar. There is lucrative trade in all Morganite products with this government, as with all governments. From this government, Morgan Interstellar purchases the use of many mercenary Soldiers of God, some of the finest fighting men in history.

                        The Peacekeepers: A treaty of peace exists between the Peacekeepers and Morgan Interstellar. Lucrative trade also exists here, but in lesser numbers than with other governments. The Peacekeeper government has no love of Morgan Interstellar ever since it remained neutral in the war with Sparta. However, there is no real animosity between the two governments.

                        The Pirate-Datatech Clans: Of the many Pirate clans, none actually has any treaty with Morgan Interstellar. In fact some of the clans had never seen a Morganite, and other clans have only attacked Morganite ships and incurred Morgan’s rath. The Pirates and the Datatechs had merged as one faction after the deaths of Svensgaard and Roze, and soon splintered into bloodthirsty Pirate clans.

                        The Cybernetic Consciousness: A treaty of peace exists between the Consciousness and Morgan Interstellar, though the former government does not trade often with the Morganites. The cause of the slow trade with the Cybernetic Consciousness is due to the isolationist behavior of Aki-Zeta Prime's government.

                        The Starchildren of Gaia/(Remains of) The Cult: A treaty of peace exists between the Starchildren and Morgan Interstellar, and there is moderate trade between the two governments. However, the Gaians are slightly isolationist, and being so far from the Morganite territories trading is rare. Word has it that they are in contact with the Greater Hive Empire, though this is unconfirmed.

                        The Protectorate: Though other nations (most notably the Free Drones) have contact with the Protectorate, Morgan Interstellar has no contact with it, nor officially has any knowledge of it’s existence.

                        The Greater Hive Empire: No contact with the Hive has been made since Morgan Interstellar abandoned Chiron, though it is now common knowledge that the Hive has formed a large isolated empire somewhere near the Gaian boundaries, but no Morganite has ever been there. There is an unofficial state of war between the Greater Hive Empire and Morgan Interstellar that has existed since Chiron days, when the Hive was a Communist state. The trouble began when Hive probes stole the secrets of space ship building and the FTL drive and made the leap to the stars. The trouble intensified when a Hive official, Minister Ehud, died in mysterious circumstances.

                        The Terran Alliance: Until recently, Morgan Interstellar had a treaty of peace with the Terran Alliance and had made trading deals with it, but after the terrorist attack from Interplanetary Enterprises, relations with the Terrans have been, to say the least, strained. It is believed a good number of Terran troops were involved in the barbaric re-capture of Callisto.

                        The Earth Coalition: Until recently, Morgan Interstellar had a treaty of peace with the Terran Alliance and had made trading deals with it, but after the terrorist attack from Interplanetary Enterprises, relations with the Earthers have been, to say the least, strained. After the heroic capture of Callisto, one of Jupiter’s four largest moons, the Earth Coalition has been at war with Morgan Interstellar. However, the Earth Coalition troops were defeated in the two times they fought the Morganites (and the Soldiers of God mercenaries).

                        Interplanetary Enterprises: There has never been any trading conducted by Morgan Interstellar with this small, Sol-based, rogue company, though late in 2700 a deal was made for a convoy link-up to commence trading. Unfortunately, it is believed the InEn ship opened fire on the Morganite supply ship, starting the Sol-Morganite war. A large part of Interplanetary Enterprises was destroyed in November 2700 with the fall of Callisto.

                        The Saturn Kingdom: This newly formed government is to sign a treaty or pact in the near future with Morgan Interstellar. To Morgan Interstellar the Saturnians have sent the diplomat Vera Sofia, to the Saturnians, Morgan Interstellar has sent Sonia Rabinowitch. It is expected that an alliance will be signed.

                        The Firaxians (World of Trees): This government has just asked for a treaty with Morgan Interstellar and Mr. Physkon has been sent to negotiate a deal.

                        The Laekdaemons: Diplomatic relations has recently been opened up again with this government after it ended its long war with the Spartan Federation.
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                          OK, this is my new and revised timeline. I didn't change anything drastic, just toned down the Spartan purges a bit and removed the stuff about dealing with Morganites.

                          EDIT: I've now moved back the seperation by 50 years, to give myself some more building time.

                          History of the Laekdaemon Cadre

                          2250: Laekdaemon Cadre founded by a Spartan commander of unknown name; his alias was ‘Leonidas’.

                          2251: Cadre formalises its intention to reform Sparta and reduce the scale of militarism evident.

                          2265: Cadre begins regular recruitment and indoctrination from Spartan society.

                          2275: Spartan intelligence service becomes aware of the existence of a widespread underground organisation; Colonel Santiago orders her government to begin rooting them out.

                          2300: First purge of Spartan society in an effort to eradicate the Cadre. Hundreds are executed or nerve stapled in this effort, but little damage is done to the heart of the Cadre.

                          2350: Death of Leonidas. He dies of his wounds after an encounter with Spartan assassins. His successor takes his name and establishes a tradition that the Cadre leader shall always be known as Leonidas.

                          2355: Second purge of Sparta. More than one thousand people executed and more stapled; Cadre loses some of it’s most valuable members. Santiago comes under fire from the PKs over her brutal suppression efforts.

                          2360-2510: Cadre continues underground war against Santiago. It’s members become ever more embittered and militant, and are fighting totally without any help. The second Leonidas dies of old age, and a third one replaces him. Membership shrinks, and a strong core of veteran fighters builds up at the heart of the Laekdaemon Cadre. After the Spartan re-establishment of contact with Chiron, the Cadre attempts to gain outside support.

                          2556: Third and worst Spartan purge. Nearly eight thousand are executed or stapled and four thousand five hundred are deported to Genejack Factories for slave labour. Cadre loses roughly half it’s members; third Leonidas arrested and shot.

                          2561: Cadre attempts to gain support of the Bree against Santiago, but mutual suspicion and distrust prevent this occurring. Santiago moves to tighten up Spartan network control and prevent any unauthorised messages reaching the outside world.

                          2580: Cadre attempts to sabotage the transferral of Santiago’s mind to a cloned replica, but the attempt fails. Spartan reaction is unusually restrained; those involved are caught and executed, but there is no new purge.

                          2585: Cadre begins extending its operations to other factions to escape repression. Their scouts encounter the wreck of a pair of Usurper scout ships, and salvage some useful technology from the wreckage. Most important is a working model of the heavy cutting beams used in ship-to-ship battle by Progenitors…

                          2596: Cadre begins a campaign in PK space for their support against Santiago. Despite gaining substantial sympathy from the general public, they are not willing to risk all-out war over the Cadre.

                          2600: After having kidnapped several University scientists and used Neural Grafting tech to ensure obedience, Cadre is able to decipher mechanisms of Progenitor cutting beams sufficiently to replicate the technology. They begin searching for a means to separate from Sparta completely.

                          2609: A pivotal event: A PK colony ship goes missing in the region of an uncharted system. Believed to be lost with all hands, it has in fact landed on the most suitable planet after taking heavy damage in a reactor meltdown.

                          2611: Cadre officially announces its existence and proclaims a revolutionary war against Santiago’s regime. Santiago responds with yet more repression and this results in an outcry from several influential PK news services. The Peacekeeper governmentis put under pressure to stop the violence, but their attempts to gain a cease-fire are unsuccessful.

                          2622: In the end the Cadre states that it will accept peace in return for the right to establish a homeworld of their own. Colonel Kessel refuses and the conflict risks turning into open civil war.

                          2647: Cadre scouts enter the Tau Ceti system using newly acquired ships and begin sifting through the ruins for more alien technology. Numerous examples of Progenitor technology are found and the Cadre compiles this all into a database. Progenitors enter the system and a brief engagement occurs before the Cadre agrees to leave peacefully and the Progenitors agree to supply a means of communicating with them.

                          2593-2638: Underground war between the Cadre and Kessel continues to increase in violence. Acts of sabotage also committed against the Free Drones in retaliation for their support for Sparta.

                          2639: A new Peacekeeper leader finally negotiates a ceasefire that provides for more negotiations over the matter of an independent Cadre homeworld.

                          2641: Ceasefire collapses after the assassination of the current Leonidas. New leader takes his place and assumes the name ‘Menelaus’. Menelaus begins constructing ‘Project Odyssey’, a plan to separate from Sparta by stealing colony ships then fleeing.

                          2643: Project Odyssey put into action. Two Spartan colony ships are seized with minimal loss of life. The Cadre escapes with the ships and a large quantity of Spartan military hardware, while the majority of its members, by pre-arrangement, join the ships. The Spartan fleet begins pursuing them, and the ships are forced to flee very often while they attempt to find themselves a home.

                          2944: Two colony ships finally elude their pursuers and enter the uncharted system in which the PK colonists were lost, which they christen the Laekdaemon system. They land on the planet, which is named Laekdaemon Prime, and encounter the PK colonists. The two groups come into conflict for some months, until the PKs realise that if Kessel finds them he will not hesitate to swallow them up. The two groups unite and the independence of the Laekdaemon Cadre is proclaimed.
                          After the arrival of tens of thousands of Cadre from Spartan territory, the population of Laekdaemon is approximately 6 million.
                          Kessel’s fleet soon locate the Cadre (it’d be quite hard not to) but refrain from attacking after intelligence estimates what the cost will be.

                          2700: Story begins.
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                            Menelaus: Born in 2219, Bunker 56, parentage unknown. At the beginning of the war against the Progenitors the Usurper air force gas-bombed Bunker 56 out of existence and all citizens were presumed dead. Menelaus and a few others however did not die, as the Cadre had successfully infiltrated the base and was evacuating when the attack came. They helped everyone else that they could to escape too, and brought Menelaus up as a member of their movement. As a consequence he believes deeply in the Cadre and it’s aims, and was very well trusted because of this.

                            At the age of 16 he was shot in the face with a shredder pistol during a Spartan military raid on a Cadre command post. He suffered severe scarring on his right cheek from this, and although the shattered bone was replaced the scars remain as a distinguishing mark.
                            He was commissioned at the age of 19 as an officer in the Cadre forces, and also fought alongside the forces of the other human factions, including the Spartans, against the Progenitors.

                            He served especially well as a combat leader, as the memory of the pain inflicted on him with the scars always seemed to be a fresh source of anger in battle. In consequence he was not promoted beyond combat level to strategic posts, but was a highly respected and influential member of the Cadre. This was shown by the fact that he was always given a share of the meagre Longevity Vaccines that the Cadre owned.

                            After the Spartans left Chiron for the stars, Menelaus was promoted to higher ranks, but frequently returned to combat in raids against Spartan targets. He spent far less time in battle, however, than in planning and administration.

                            In 2490, he abruptly withdrew from any and all combat assignments and became exclusively an 'armchair commander'. No reason for this was ever given.

                            After the assassination of the last Leonidas, Menelaus assumed personal control of the Cadre and gave authorisation for Project Odyssey. When it was put into action he led the operation himself and it went flawlessly.

                            He is currently the supreme authority over the settlements on Agamemnon Prime and is attempting to establish some basic infrastructure there. To this end he is interested in making peace with the Spartans and especially with the Morganites and Drones. However, he also believes that the Hive may have technology of use to him, so he is not willing to go all out with Sparta if it means angering Yang.

                            Warmaster Reibisch Leinin: Commander Reibisch is Menelaus’s chief military commander and was the main organizer of Project Odyssey along with Intel Director Katrina.
                            He was born on Sparta Prime in 2607 the son of Mark and Cassandra Leinin, and graduated from the Spartan Military Academy in 2627. He was an outstanding member of his class at tactical and strategic exercises, though only average at hand to hand combat. As a result he was assigned to a role in planning and strategy, and served excellently for several years. However, after he organised a Spartan attack against a Cadre group (having been told that they were ‘traitors and terrorists’) and witnessed afterwards what the Spartans had done, he became disillusioned and made contact with a Cadre leader. He requested a spell of leave from duty and when this was granted he joined the Cadre.

                            With the Cadre he once again demonstrated his skill at organisation, planning and tactics, and was steadily promoted until he was made chief of the Cadre’s command staff 2689. His most successful operation was an attack on a Spartan armoury on New Caladon, which resulted in the Cadre obtaining a quite substantial stockpile of military hardware. After Project Odyssey and the establishment of Cadre independence, Menelaus appointed him as the supreme commander of his armed forces and a crucial figure with in the Cadre.

                            Intel Director Katrina: Intel Director Katrina is one of only three people in the upper ranks of the Cadre who was not born in Sparta. She was born in the University in 2508 and received extensive training in physics and computer skills before joining the University Probe Teams in 2531. During training with them she came into contact with several ex-Data Angel operatives who had had past dealings with the Cadre. After completing training in 2536 she was assigned to keep the Spartans under surveillance and in the process discovered much information about the Cadre.

                            She sent a report to her superiors about the Cadre, who in 2540 ordered her to attempt an infiltration of them in the hope that useful information could be gleaned. She did manage enter the outer level of Cadre recruits, but the new entries were scrutinised constantly by Cadre security teams. She was caught and exposed as a University operative but rather than being executed she spent several years being indoctrinated into Cadre ideology and in the end agreed to serve with the Cadre on the condition she not be asked to act against the University.

                            She became part of the Cadre security forces and steadily worked her way up. She survived the last Spartan purge in 2556 and was able to save almost a hundred Cadre members from arrest and execution. In 2537 she was promoted to be the Director of the espionage forces and remained in that post ever since.

                            She was given substantial cybernetic enhancement by the University, and this has aided her greatly in tasks such as computer hacking and endurance.

                            Admin Chief Marcus Fletcher: Marcus is one of the few Cadre members who did not rise through the ranks by involvement in the military. He was an aide to the Spartan commander of the two colony ships seized during Odyssey and co-operated with the Cadre afterwards. He showed himself to be a capable civil governor and as a result is now in complete control of civilian administration.

                            He was born in 2612, on Sparta Prime, as the son of James and Marie Fletcher. Due to health problems chose to enter the Spartan bureaucracy rather than the military. As he was an efficient worker he was assigned as an aide to the Spartan governor of Brasidas and afterwards to the future governor of whatever colony the stolen ships would have set up.

                            He does not have a particularly distinctive or outgoing personality, but he is organised, diligent, efficient and obedient. These qualities make him valuable and he is treated as such.

                            Psych Chaplain Zisor: Zisor was a descendant of one of the Peacekeepers who went on the ill-fated expedition to Atreus Prime, born in 2591. He was born with mild empathic powers and always had a knack of knowing what other people wanted. He was appointed Psych Chaplain of the struggling colony in 2624, and served in that capacity for seventeen years until the arrival of the Cadre. He remained as Psych Chaplain under the new regime and was a staunch supporter of Menelaus in setting up new infrastructure.

                            Production Director Sarin Raymond: Raymond was also a member of the PK colonization mission. He was born in 2597, his grandparents having originally been part of the mission. He always was fascinated with economics and industry, and had intended to become a businessman when he grew up, potentially even going to Morgan Interstellar (assuming the colony ever re-established contact with the rest of the universe), though his parents were suspicious of Morgan.

                            When the colony mission went wrong, he eventually became an agriculture manager in one of the colony’s farms, but did not find the work especially interesting. When the colony began constructing a number of automated factories, he applied for a job here and found his real talent in directing production. He was steadily promoted until he controlled the whole of the colony’s production, in 2681. He decided to retire in 2689, but some time after the Cadre arrived he was offered a position in his old job, and decided to accept it. He once again showed himself to be very good at his job, and was justly commended by Menelaus.

                            Major Lysander: Major Lysander is the leader of an opposition group within the Cadre that is firmly opposed to any kind of negotiations with the Spartans and their allies whatsoever. He was born in 2618, and joined the Cadre in 2637, just in time to see the cease-fire. He never experienced the kind of endless conflict that the other Cadre members went through, and in consequence never came to doubt that Sparta could be beat. Often doubted that the Spartans would keep the cease-fire, and being a competent speaker he was able to gather many people who believed him. He felt justified in his conclusions when the last Leonidas was assassinated, and has stubbornly refused to believe a later investigation by Menelaus that suggested it was the work of someone within the Cadre. There are many people now within the Cadre who follow him, and he has strongly objected to the peace offerings Menelaus has made to the Spartans and their allies, though he approved of the message to the GHE. Currently he sees Menelaus as more dangerous than Kessel, and will go to any length to fulfil his belief in what course the Cadre should follow.
                            Menelaus currently has Intel Director Katrina keeping tabs on Lysander and Co. but it is difficult to prevent him continuing to spread his ideas.
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