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  • Lonestar
    Beta Hydri 4

    BH4 has over 5 billion inhabitants on it...and over 60% of it's landmass is considered "wilderness" area, making the Protectorate the most green Human nation outside of the Gaians.

    Brought from Earth on the Endeavor, Redwoods cover much of the cool, foggy coastlines. An astonishing 321 million surface acres of old growth redwood forest cover the Continent of Mendecino.

    Royaneh National Preserve

    The areas that aren't forested on BH4 are either Tundra (with imported Polar Bears competeing with the local fauna) or great grasslands. The climate of BH4 best resembles that of North America during the last Ice Age, with huge herd animals moving across the prairies.

    Hydrins love their wild areas, and in the cities live in large, airy arcos, excepting in older buildinsg dating to the early period.

    Old and old Military base is in the foreground, while the city of San Angelo is in the background.

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  • Lonestar
    Prometheus Class Battlecrusier.
    Length: 967 m

    Crew: 980
    Propulsion: Dosi Regency Drive Mk 23 Matter/Antimatter drive.
    Weapons: one Particle Cannon, 6 Fusion Lasers, 8 Plasma Shard Buckshot, 30 Gatling Laser CIWS.

    The Only Capital ship smaller than a Battleship under construction by the Protectorate. It uses Dosi technology extensively. The classes performance in the Eoforwic and Sluis Van campaigns have so far been very satisfactory.

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  • Lonestar
    Ships of the Fleet

    Goliath Class Battleship

    Aragorn class Ranging Destroyer

    Acclamator Trans-Galactic Assualt craft.
    Length:752 m
    width: 460 m
    depth: 200 m
    Passengers: 40,000 Star Marines and support equipment/personnell.
    Hull Type(Block I): Ceramic/high density Smart Materials
    Hull Type(BlockII): Nanolath
    Number in fleet: 300

    The Occupied Spaceport of Eoforwic.

    Harbringer Dreadnaught
    This Monster is well over 5 km long, and is still in prototype stages. The first Protectorate Capital ship designed from the Keel up with Dosi Technology in Mind,(Goliath was a year into construction when Dosi tech was added), it dominates the Human Battlespace. Only UCS Commandships match it in size, strength, and Technology.

    There is currently only one other Harbringer under construction, the Thunderer, although the Protectorate government has ordered that production be sped up as hostilities between the Bree explode.

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  • Mellian

    I was looking for something, couldn't find it... i thought i may as well bump this for newcomers...


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  • Lonestar

    The Old Senate Building in Nuevo San Antonio. Now used as a Senate commitee building. Most Senatewide votes take place electronically.

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  • Lonestar

    The Lord Protector's Palace....months October-April.

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  • Lonestar

    Lord Protector's Palace, 600 hundred years old.

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  • Mr. President
    [Error occurred while posting.]

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  • Lonestar
    The Greater Galaxy
    Concentrated on the Orion arm of the Milky Way Galaxy are a mere handful of species. Humans. Bree. Gorn. Dosi. Farther out, the Proginators,Hferhin, and Fraal lurk on the edges of space.

    But they were not the only Extra Terrestrials that have wandered through the "Human Sector" of the Galaxy. In the Protectorate's travel, they have discovered a few wandering nomads....

    The Zahurians
    Carnivorous plants that bear a stunning resemblance to the Terren Flowering Plum Tree. They prefer to arrive on animal-riche planets to feast. However, taking in the radiation of G-type stars for over a terren year reduces the Zahurians to a docile state. Protectorate scientists suppose that the Flowering Plum Tree is descending from Zahurians who didn't leave earth in time.

    The Zahurians control over 250 systems, far on the edge of the Galaxy, rarely seem excpt on "Safaris", which, of course, suits humanity just fine.

    The Grazers
    Or "Golgothas", widely considered the scum of the universe. Even below humans, in most circles. They are wandering nomads who prefer to eat chlorophyll rich plants. In addition, they appear to have no real limit to what they can eat, and just grow bigger. Most Grazers are killed on sight.

    Grazers spend almost their entire lives in starships, widely considered the stupidest race to travel FTL. They breed like rabbits, and are insanely messy. When family members on board die, the survivors simply use the decomposing carcasses as mattresses.

    The Sashanians
    Another race on the far edge of the galaxy. Considered equal to the Dosi in technology and power. Blood enimies with the Zahurians, although that seems to be a common phenomenom on that part of the galaxy.

    Protectorate Ranging ship BlueStar discovered a direlect Sashanian ship in 2687. Comparing examples to the so-called "graveyard" on BH3, there are indications the Sashanians may have populated the Human Sector in the distant past.

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  • Lonestar
    Combine Honnete Ober Advancer Mercantile(CHOAM)

    CHOAM. The huge super corporation that oversees intersteller trade between the worlds of the Protectorate and Dosi Federation. Pungi Rice from Tosev. Soostones from Nova Albion. Blue Obsidion from Barraka. These are just a few of the goods and resources that are sent out across the great void.

    CHOAM has ten "executive directors", 200 "directors" and several billion shareholders (mostly Dosi). Five of the Ex-Directs are Human, Lord Protector Ian, Trade Minster Zavitar, Alchemax, Stark-Fujikawa, and MI CEO Morgan. The other five Ex-Directs are Dosi, with the Emperor and several Dosi companies holding the positions.

    CHOAMs assets dwarf event hat of Morgan Intersteller, and should CEO Morgan decide to bring MI into the CHOAM free trade zone, the CHOAM block would encompass fully 45% of the Orion Arms wealth.

    CHOAM was created to facilate trade between the Dosi Federation and the Protectorate of Man. After five years, the Dosi Intersteller Commerce Commssion was folded into CHOAM, and it's size and wealth exploded.

    " By removing barriers to trade, we create wealth. By creating wealth, we have the means to defeat our enemies before we begin fighting. Without the need to fight, more resources can be poured into our respective economies, driving us every farther ahead of the other nation-states in this part of the Galaxy"
    --- CHOAM Chairman Straha Du'go

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  • Mr. President
    The Free Drone Republic - In Their Own Words (continued)

    "Now, suppose you were to offer me the choice between a thousand Morganic dollars and a tractor. A lot of people would take the money, right? That, of course, is the wrong choice. Once the money is gone, you've just exchanged it for possessions which you probably don't know how to use, and you really have the same amount of knowledge and wealth as before.

    "What if you took the tractor? You could use it to plow your fields. Then you would plant crops there. Once the crops grew you would sell them. Once you sold them you would use the money to buy a better tractor, or seedlings for higher-priced crops, or more sophisticated farm equipment. You repeat the process, each time diversifying and expanding your operations, until one day you own the darn tractor company.

    "If you understand this, you understand the most fundamental principle of the free market. That is why capitalism is great: because any man with enough sense to take the tractor can, and probably will, make it."

    -- David Younger, public lecture

    Domai: "I can't believe what I'm hearing. This Younger character stirs up trouble and foments insurrection against the government."

    Santos: "The way you do?"

    -- Part of an Interim Council debate between Foreman Domai and General Charlie Santos

    "Dictatorship is a relative term. When male lions inherit a pride, they kill the offspring of their predecessor. From the lion's point of view, he is protecting his livelihood. From yours, he is an evil dictator and deserves to be isolated and destroyed."

    -- Brian Deschamps, second leader of the New Republic Party, in response to a Peacekeeper NGO report that ranked the Drone Republic "extremely low" in matters of personal freedoms

    "For a nation that includes the words 'free' and 'republic' in its name, shocking abuses are found in frightening proportions. Reports persist of a prison camp in the northern reaches of Ophelia where inmates are subjected to neurochemical therapy and mind control experiments. Officials of the former Domai government allege that the New Republic Party was responsible for the deaths of up to 10,000 of its supporters over a period of two years - after the war ended."

    -- From the Crystal Dove Organization's archives. Records show that this passage and others caused consternation in the Republic and prompted Brian Deschamps' controversial response.

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  • Mr. President
    Inspired by Mr. Sprayber's Spartan Quotes, Mr. President presents:

    The Free Drone Republic - In Their Own Words

    "I do not fear defeat, only surrender. Any torture the enemy could inflict on me is passing. But I could never live with myself, knowing I had done less than everything possible for the cause."
    -- Charlie Santos (founder of the New Republic faction/party)

    "You can be well-muscled and armed to the teeth. If you don't get a chance to hit back, you will still lose."
    -- Charlie Santos, to Foreman Domai, just before the end of the Pendelhaven Truce. Believed by some to be the inspiration for the Drone Republic Armed Forces credo "Strike First, Strike Hard".

    "I am tempted to recall the fable of the man and his warhorse. Once he converted it into a farming beast, it could never return to its previous role."
    -- Foreman Domai, retirement address

    "When fighting the Bree, remember: victory before survival."
    -- Captain Paul Cochrane, Space Marines, just before the Battle of Blood Point. Republican casualties numbered 25,000 and Spartan losses are estimated at 16,000. The Human armies won the battle.

    "Government is like a magic trick. Once the public knows how you do it, they have no further use for it."
    -- Kristy Adams

    (More to come, stay tuned!)

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  • Frankychan
    This thread contains our collective timelines. You may have to read each timeline to figure out exactly what happened after Chiron.

    Common knowledge of Chironian factions:

    Progenitors crash land on Chiron, starting the Progenitor Wars. Alliance of Spartan, PK's, Hive, Pirates, etc. defeat Progenitors.

    University lands on Nessus and Pholus. Spartans and Hive attempt to control them.

    University creates first FTL drive. Spartans and Hive demand tech for their own, threaten war. University is saved when Spartan/Hive alliance breaks down. Spartans and Hive launch separate attacks on University....PK's side w/Univ. Conflict dubbed the FTL wars.

    Hive almost eliminated and pulls out of 'FTL Wars'. Chironian factions start dispersing.

    For the Sol Systems timeline, just go to Kass' site!

    Hope this gets yer creative juices goin.

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  • Lonestar
    Protectorate Star Marines

    The sole ground force of the Protectorate Armed Services. 67 Million strong.

    Every Marine a Rifleman.
    Every Marine, whether he be a Tank driver, Techie, or Cyber operater, is trained as a rifleman first. The standard Star Marine Rifle is the P-12 Phased Plasma Gun(rifled). PPG's fire superheated Helium that can burn through most personel flak Jackets, and a heavy concentration of PPG's can take out a Armored vehicle.

    Sky Droppers
    These Marines are the first into battle. Dropping in Atmosphere pods, they are equipped with MI-32 powersuits, and are armed with a 25mm cannon. The only two vehicles small enough to use drop podds are IRV-4 "Warthog" Jeeps, and ISW-7 Goliath Walkers. All others must be carried down in Goddard class heavy lift shuttles.

    The M20A3 Mjollner main battle tank is the primary armored unit for the Star Marines. It has a 130 mm main gun, that can fire high-explosive rounds, and Armored piercing rounds. It is currently going through a modernization program where it's Stark-Fujikawa ceramic/metal armor will be replaced with new Alchemax nanoarmor.

    Nearing the end of it's devolpment phase, these promise to be the first true portable AI (as opposed to HOLMES-4 supercomputers) and will be used on the battlefield of the future.

    From "Eagle, Globe, and Sword; A synopsis of the Marine Corps of 2700"

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  • Mellian
    Terran Alliance

    The Terran Alliance was founded in the 2400s, uniting the various independent nations in Sol after receiving news from the Fraal that Chiron as discovered FTL and that they are starting to colonizing nearby star systems. The Terran Alliance started out to be mainly a military, economical and research alliances, where they can mainly cooperate and work together for a common goal while each member still holds their own independence and individuality. It will be lead by Council, where three representatives from all members. At the beginning of the 2700s, Terran Alliance as started making reforms on to how TA will be operated due to recent events and due to other pass problems which never was fixed. They will also be changing policies concerning relations with foreign factions and aliens. As the changes to TA starts after the reforms are passed, TA will become more of a federation then an simple alliance.

    Terran Alliance Fleet

    The TAF was first created in the early 2500s after the Gaian Contact, and in response to the schism created by the reckless Earth Coalition representatives. The Council decided to create the TAF after seeing the problems of combining the member forces for joint operations. After they made that decision, they eventually decided that Admiral Kerensky will responsible to establish and create the TAF, while being in-command. A Charter was also made for the TAF. Since its creation, the TAF grew in-size and strength, while forming divisions within the Fleet like the Marines, Commandos, Psionics, Command, Pilots, Intelligence, Security, Engineers, Medics, and etc… becoming a massive military organization in the Terran Alliance. By the early 2700s, the TAF is equal to or slightly bigger then the combine member forces. Due to recent events, Kerensky as proposed some reforms concerning TA’s military capabilities and organization, as well as making some changes to the Charter…saying that the TAF as become more then just a simple fleet.

    The TAF Charter

    The Charter was created under the suggestion by some members who worries that the TAF may become so powerful to the point of going over its bounds. Surprisingly, Kerensky also encouraged the idea saying that he must know what TAF’s responsibilities would be. Here is list of some general policies the charter goes through…

    -TAF is in command by a Fleet Admiral, who will follow the Terran Council
    -TAF is responsible for the defense of all of the Terran Alliance and Members holdings from other members and foreign factions.
    -TAF is responsible to police Terran Alliance space, minus the member’s jurisdictions
    -TAF shall not interfere in a members internal affairs
    -TAF is responsible for any TA related affairs
    -TAF may take actions against Members who betrays the Terran Alliance, under Council advisory
    -In time of war, the TAF will be responsible and lead ALL TA forces
    -In time of war, the TAF may take actions against Members who become liabilities to the war effort.
    (others will be listed later on……)

    The Fleet

    The Fleet is the main division of the TAF, which is mainly organized in Task Forces of about 500 ships each. (more on this later)

    The Marines

    Mainly started as ship marines, the Marine Corps later evolved into the TAF’s main ground forces comprised of Power Armored Marines, Hovertanks, Artillery, Rovers, Brawler Gunships, Dropships, etc They are well trained troops and always training during peace time doing all sort of wargames and so on. Marines go through quite an rigorous social and psychological condition as well, so they can their jobs without to much problems from emotions like Fear in combat. Some Chironians may comment that they are as bad as the Spartans. Currently, they also have the advantage of Biometal, Neuro Helmets with Mind/Machine Interfaces (making the troops quite coordinated without the taking the personal cost of getting an MMI Implant) , Advance Pre-Sentient Algorithms automations, Medical/Engineer Nanolaths and so on, lowering the manpower requirements for mechanical units (only need one pilot for an Hovertank for example) and the casualties. While the Fleet may be slightly behind technologically compare to the Chironians, the TAF Ground Forces are equal too or better technology wise in ground combat. Currently, the Marines are responsible for experimenting with Gear units, which as been quite successful. It as been considered that there may be a separate Division for the Gear units, possibly later on to become the main ground forces of TAF. (they are not stupid. Sure they are human, but they heavily train, just as much or more as the Spartans )

    The Commandos

    The Commando division was formed in the early 2600s. The Commando Corps is mainly TAF’s elite special forces. They became known after an terrorist hijacking of a luxury liner which was planetary bound at a Spaceport on Mars, threatening to self-destruct the reactor which would wipe out a city. TAF quickly sent some Commando Squads, who somehow boarded the ship without being detected by the terrorists and caught by complete surprise. So out of all of the TAF Soldiers, the Commandos go through the most training.

    The Intelligence

    What started to be a simple Fleet intelligence became pretty much TA’s intelligence service under TAF command. The Council and Members still don’t know of the full capabilities of TAF intelligence, but sure allows TAF to know some things which some expected they wouldn’t. No one is sure whether they are to point of infiltrating some neighboring factions or not, but sure have full infiltrations of TA members. So Intelligence generally comprise of many Probe Teams, Agents and there most secretive Ghost operatives (trained by both Intel and Psionics) (I know Protectorate uses ghost, but I was thinking of name since way before he joined BAC)

    The Security

    While Intelligence is into espionage, Security is into counter espionage along with general Security stuff. They are the reason why not much is known within the TAF except for the basics, of what they are up to and doing. Security as an easy time as well, since TAF is literally a completely independent military organization that works for the Terran Alliance. TAF doesn’t face the same problems most military organizations of members and other factions do. Security does complete security checks on all recruits before they are accepted or not to join the TAF, a long with mandatory mind scans, psychological screening, complete medical, etc… then they do unpredictable security check ups. Many Members agents have been caught trying infiltrate the TAF, as well as some foreign ones later identified as Hive, Data Angel, Spartan, Peacekeeper, and so on. Some agents they catch still hasn’t been discovered as to where they came from. There was also some cases of some TAF Soldiers who have been persuaded somehow like bribery, blackmail, hired out, mind control, threats to family, beliefs, simply a personal decision, etc… but were all caught before they become a problem or cause problems.


    The Psionics division is responsible for the Psi Corps within the TAF, who keeps tabs on psi capable TAF Soldiers with psionic capabilities, and keeping tract of all known psi capable people within the Terran Alliance, and encourage them to join the TAF. Psi Corps is responsible to train the psi capable soldiers in the use of their powers, and then figure out where they can be best used base on the individuals preferences…like Intelligence (secretly help train Ghost operatives), Security, Medics, etc.


    This division in charge of the training Pilots for the fleet starfighters and ships, the marine pilots, and so on. The art of piloting is something heavily recognize in the TAF, and so intend to full use of any pilots they have.


    Generally responsible for the moral in the TAF, while helping out with the recruiting and training. The TAF does have the individuals in mind, and prefer to have its soldiers in perfect mental and physical health.


    The Medics are responsible in training Combat Medics for the Marines and Commandos, Doctors for the Fleet’s sickbays, and so on. The division as the TAF soldiers healths in mind. Trained to be miracle workers to the point where they can save a soldier whose half their body is been blown off. (as long as the brain is okay, and conserved by their Power Armor, Combat Armor and Skin suits, they can be saved )


    Like the Medics, but the miracle workings of the mechanical kind. Also responsible for the construction of infrastructure, ships and so on within the TAF.

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