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    Name: Vendetta
    E-mail: rambo.vii AT gmail DOT com

    PBEMing since: never
    PBEM skill level: inexperience
    Average Turn Rate: 3-4 turn/day
    Hours available: 3-11 PST
    Favorite Factions: University

    Notes: I don't have SMAC:AC, just the original SMAC


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      Name: The Traveller
      ICQ: none
      PBEMing since: Not since 2001
      PBEM skill level: fair
      Average Turn Rate: 1-2 turn/day, fast and flexible
      Interested in TCP/IP?: Yes Weekends
      Hours available: Weekends
      Favorite Factions: Yang, University, Morgan

      Notes: Recently started playing SMAC again , little rusty, but would love to play PBEM or TCP/IP.
      Only have original.


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        Its all just zeroes and ones.


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          want to play some smac

          Name: marijuana man
          Turn Rate: Like to play a lot
          Hours available: Different times different days but usually very flexible
          PBEMing since: Have never PBEM before, first time. Fast learner
          Favorite Factions: University but i'm versatile.

          Notes: Single player is not a challenge but i love to play smac/smacx live in netherlands but am up at odd hours.


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            Name: Eldramatico
            E-mail: orcbienvert AT msn DOT com
            eldramatico AT yahoo DOT com
            IRC/AIM: MSN (orcbienvert)

            PBEMing since: Never tried, i play by TCP-IP (just explain me how PBEM works)
            PBEM skill level: Great SMAC player, unexperienced at PBEM
            Average Turn Rate: Many turns a day
            Interested in TCP/IP? Yes
            Hours available: Evenings (Montreal time (pacific time i think?)) and Weekends. I may have some days free, depending on my schedule.
            Favorite Faction: All except Lal (SMAC)
            Notes: I really like to play with other players, so if you want to play with somebody, ask me. I'd also like to play in a game with 4 or more players. I prefer TCP-IP(if PBEM requires to send the save file every time you play a turn)

            Contact me!
            Let us make we more poems.


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              Name: Brigand

              PBEMing since: 2007
              PBEM skill level: unknown
              Average Turn Rate: multiple daily
              Interested in TCP/IP?: Yes,
              Hours available: work a normal 9-5, est, so any time after is fine
              Favorite Factions: Cyborg, University, Gaian, Spartan, Caretakers


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                Eric Jones
                E-mail: jonesie_e AT hotmail DOT com

                PBEMing since: Never have PBEMd
                PBEM skill level: Newbie
                Average Turn Rate: Not sure- 5 a day?
                Interested in TCP/IP: I'd prefer TCP/IP
                Hours available: 12 to 4 PM (EST - London)
                Favorite Faction: Hive, Morganites, Cult of Planet
                     • Very little experience playing
                     • Fun to play against— if you like crushing newbies

                *made a mistake- e-mail adress updated*
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                  Name: Marc Birch
                  E-mail: marcbirch89 AT hotmail DOT com
                  IRC/AIM: None dont use these

                  PBEMing since: Well never played multiplayer before.
                  PBEM skill level: Fresh Newbie
                  Average Turn Rate: 1-2per day, just finished first year of college so can do more.
                  Interested in TCP/IP? Yes need couple days warning
                  Hours available: Most days out of the week (GMT - London)
                  Favorite Faction: Deirdre or Zakharov
                  Will play any rules and modifications to alphax.txt
                  ****SMAC ONLY****


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                    Name: Richard Gallagher
                    E-mail: sgtslick_aus AT hotmail DOT com
                    IRC/AIM: None dont use these

                    PBEMing since: few years ago
                    PBEM skill level: Veteran
                    Average Turn Rate: 1-2per day
                    Interested in TCP/IP? Yes
                    Hours available: totally depends
                    Favorite Faction: Prime Function Aki Zeta


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                      Name: Lord_Icewind
                      E-mail: dmon007 AT yahoo DOT com
                      MSN: alvaromaniaco AT hotmail DOT com

                      PBEMing since: 2-3 years ago, recently re-started
                      PBEM skill level: Fair
                      Average Turn Rate: 1-2per day
                      Interested in TCP/IP? Yes!
                      Hours available: Evening on weekdays, all on weekends
                      Favorite Faction: Pirates, Gaians, University, Cyborg

                      I own both SMAC and SMAX, but dont mind if its only SMAC game

                      I'm really eager for a big IP game, with the full 7 factions...its been ages since the last one

                      That's it.
                      "Too much ambition is a sin...only if you fail"
                      Yoritomo Kumiko


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                        Name: Bodissey
                        E-mail: mr_fab75 AT yahoo DOT fr

                        PBEMing since: never played
                        PBEMing skill level: N/A
                        Average Turn Rate: 1-2/day
                        Interested in TCP/IP? Why not

                        Hours available: GMT 9 to 12 pm weekdays, a bit more during weekends.
                        Favorite Faction: Peacekeepers, Pirates, Cult of Planet, Gaians

                        I own both SMAC & SMAX…

                        Good day to you all.
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                        All your base are belong to us


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                          Name: JMarshFox
                          E-mail: joel.hudson AT

                          PBEMing since: 2003-4, took a break for about three years, started again recently
                          PBEMing skill level: 2/5 (I'm rusty )
                          Average Turn Rate:3-4/day, depending on what my work schedule is like
                          Interested in TCP/IP? Not really

                          Hours available: EST 12-4:30 PM, 12 AM-3 AM (Weird work hours :v )
                          Favorite Faction: University, Morganites

                          I have SMAX installed on one of my computers, but the newest one I have only has SMAC right now, which is in a more convenient place


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                            Name: Jareddm
                            PBEMing since: Never
                            PBEMing skill level: below average
                            Average Turn Rate: 3/day
                            Interest in TCP/IP: Yes
                            Hours Available: evenings EST
                            Favorite Faction: Gaians, Pirates, Free Drones

                            Have never had the chance to play a human but feel confident that I could do okay.


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                              Name: Qloos
                              PBEMing since: Never
                              PBEMing skill level: How do you pbem?
                              Average Turn Rate: 8+ hours of gameplay.
                              Interest in TCP/IP: Yes
                              Hours Available: 1pm-1am PST, weekends proffered
                              Favorite Faction: Lord Believers, Spartans.
                              Last edited by Qloos; October 10, 2007, 02:22.
                              I R creating account to play SMAC(X)


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                                Name: bDanv
                                E-mail: bdanv TA hotmail TOD com
                                PBEMing since: October 2007
                                Skill level: fair
                                Average Turn Rate: 1 turn / day
                                Interest in TCP/IP: Yes
                                Hours Available TCP/IP: from 10pm GMT friday to sunday
                                Favorite Faction: Data Angels.
                                Last edited by bdanv; March 10, 2008, 03:02.
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