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    Name: ForesterSOF
    IRC/AIM: Have them under my name but dont use them.
    PBEMing: For a while in 97 then restarted in 2005
    Skill Level: Needs help
    Play a turn usually within an hour of getting it socan 2/day
    Interested in TCP/IP: No
    Hours available: Usually mornings; GMT -7. That is 8am and 9pm for me.
    Favorite Faction: None
    Notes: Go for the chalenge so will be anyone. This is only a game.
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    You have two choices in life; Explore and learn or Vegetate.
    There is a reason for everything.


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      May I step in?

      Name: Trotsky
      E-mail: trotsky AT adinet DOT com DOT uy
      MSN: trotsky AT hotmail DOT com
      PBEMing since: september 2005
      PBEM skill level: beginner
      Average Turn Rate: A couple a day, more on weekends
      Hours available: 15:00 to 18:00 ; 23:00 to 6:00 (GMT -3:00)
      Favorite Faction:
      SMAC - Gaians = Hive = Peacekeepers > Morganites = University
      SMAX - Free Drones

      Eager to try out customized factions and mods.

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        I never posted here?! Not that I'm surprised...

        Name: Ezra Strong
        E-mail: Godschild_27 AT yahoo DOT com
        IRC/AIM: floyld on AIM, usually Ouro_827 on IRC

        PBEMing since: ? 2003? 2004?
        PBEM skill level: Very low. Very, very low.
        Average Turn Rate: Now... depends. One or two a day, hopefully.
        Interested in TCP/IP? Yep!
        Hours available: -9 GMT. -8 Right now. Night hours here, anytime from 7 PM or so onwards. Weekends also. And for playing turns, morning, somewhere around 9.
        Favorite Faction: Toughie. Cyborgs? Uni? Gaia?
        I'm perfectly willing to try and CMN games as well - over the summer I did try a few funky things with maps, and am extraordinarily fond of archipeligos and islands. Which is probably bad. But fun for me as a designer, to see how people go around my built-in obstacles.


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          Name: Kory Anders
          E-mail: shadowzoftheempire at yahoo dot com
          IRC\AIM: none atm

          PBEMing since: havnt started
          PBEM skill level: godlike
          average turn rate: one per day
          interested in tcp\ip: on condition
          hours available: anywhere but 12 to 6 EST. somewhat random.
          favourite faction: usurpers


          im not sebeds DL

          i hate water maps

          nothing else atm


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            Name: Styx
            PBEMing since: Can't remember, its long ago
            PBEM skill level: I don't know, I remember DilithiumDad from the RPG, Andreas Drechsler I remember also.
            I was away long, long time. I lost some, I won some.
            It was magic entertainment.
            average turn rate: one per day
            interested in tcp\ip: PBEM is at higher level but this is more fun, even 2 player. I have 100up 400 down cable connection.
            hours available: I can't tell but weekends are a problem mostly. EUT after 2.00 I could have some hours then.
            During weekdays I could try spend a day on it.
            favourite faction: Peacekeepers or Drones


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              Name Kirov
              E-mail: hlaskover AT gmail DOT com
              IRC/AIM: No

              PBEMing since: 2004
              PBEM skill level: Decent, but nothing brilliant. Far behind the elite.
              Average Turn Rate: usually less than 24 h, but sometimes (esp weekends) may be more
              Interested in TCP/IP: Yep, but only as a beginning of a PBEM
              Hours available: Evenings in my GMT + 1 zone (Poland)
              Favorite Faction: Angels, but will play any. Except Aliens
              - devoted diplomat
              - not a bad builder, but prefer interaction, which all too often leads to aggression
              - don't mind changes to alphax.txt, actually often insist on them
              - like to experiment


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                Name Colonyan
                E-mail: swj300 AT hotmail DOT com
                IRC/AIM: No

                PBEMing since:2005
                PBEM Skill Level: Begginer
                Average Turn Rate 24 - 48 hours
                Hours Available: GMT-5:00 (Canada, Eastern Time)
                Plays Any faction.


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                  SMAC PBEM

                  I'm interested in a PBEM game with one or 2 other reliable players who can make at least several moves per day (at least early on). I'm relatively new but not a complete newbie.

                  Name: drlaryp
                  larypmail AT earthlink DOT net
                  pbem x 1mo
                  skill level ? ok nothing special
                  Play rate 1-5 moves per day, especially early on.
                  tcp\ip: maybe, but still haven't figured out how to get it to work- help?
                  favorite faction: Gaians, university, but willing to try anything
                  Times avail : most often weekdays 8-4 PST online all day (but check in frequently depending on how busy) / weekends and nights occasionally depending on how active the game is.
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                    Name: Darsnan
                    E-mail: dnandal AT twcny dot rr dot com
                    IRC/AIM: N/A

                    PBEMing since: 2002
                    PBEM skill level: veteran, experienced, but really just average (see CMN comment below)
                    Average Turn Rate: multiple daily
                    Interested in TCP/IP?: no
                    Hours available: varying (flex shifts)
                    Favorite Faction: Gaian, but will play them all
                    CMN experience, which sometimes colours my playstyle (wanting everyone to enjoy the game)

                    Unless coerced, prefer playing at Transcend level

                    Enjoy playing in games with odd factions or alpha(x).txt tweaks



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                      Name: WBC
                      E-mail: wbc889 at gmail dot com
                      IRC/AIM: N/A

                      PBEMing since: 2005
                      PBEM skill level: Learning
                      Average Turn Rate: at least 1 per day
                      Interested in TCP/IP?: no
                      Hours available: varies
                      Favorite Faction: Gaians

                      SP for 5 years, new to PBEM
                      prefer SMAX on Transcend
                      compulsive builder


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                        Name: Chaunk. See it says that over to the left.
                        E-mail: mj DOT blakemore AT gmail TOD com

                        PBEMing since: Sometime in 2002.
                        PBEM skill level: Veteran certainly.
                        Average Turn Rate: Fast, but I definatly like to take my time with turns when they need it.
                        Interested in TCP/IP? No.
                        Hours available: Most
                        Favorite Faction: Easier to just say the factions I won't play by choice: CyCon, Aliens, Pirates.
                        Notes: I'll woop yo' booty.
                        Play hangman.


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                          Name: Flubber
                          E-mail: sharris 4141 at yahoo.comxxx without the xxx's

                          PBEMing since: Newbie
                          PBEM skill level: OK
                          Average Turn Rate:Early turns out in a day. very consistent. Later multi-hour turns can be longer

                          Interested in TCP/IP? Yes and no-- Interested but almost never available
                          Hours available: limited to late evening and early morning mountain time (North America)
                          Favorite Faction: Most of them -- I generally don't play spartans, believers, pirates or aliens

                          Notes: I decided to PBEM so I could prove that a farm/mine are the BEST terraforming combination.
                          You don't get to 300 losses without being a pretty exceptional goaltender.-- Ben Kenobi speaking of Roberto Luongo


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                            Originally posted by Flubber
                            Notes: I decided to PBEM so I could prove that a farm/mine are the BEST terraforming combination.

                            It falls down a little in the dunes, but usually, farm+mine FTW!
                            Play hangman.


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                              edit-> all new info below
                              Last edited by Corvi #6; February 27, 2007, 13:29.
                              Its all just zeroes and ones.


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                                Name: -Greg
                                E-mail: greg_002 AT hotmail DOT com
                                IRC/AIM: n/a

                                PBEMing since: virgin (feb 22 '06)
                                PBEM skill level: n/a (hope to surprise)
                                Average Turn Rate: 1/day (?) depends on school
                                Interested in TCP/IP: Yes, prefer it on weekends
                                Hours available: evenings pacific time
                                Favorite Faction: Gaian>Uni>Hive (?)
                                Notes: I am new to PBEM, I'd like to start one sometime soon. You can use my email on msnMessanger if you want to set up a game.