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    Name: Sam
    IRC/AIM: Hadsingrinsen

    PBEMing since: Basically never
    PBEM skill level: newbie (can always win on transcend, but apparently so can everybody)
    Average Turn Rate: 1/day
    Interested in TCP/IP? No
    Favorite Faction: Deirdre or Zakharov
    Notes: Generally agreeable to modifications to alphax.txt.

    Always wanted to play a game in which the entire surface of the world is completely covered with xenofungus
    OK, but I get to be Gaians .
    Who exactly lives in the United Nations? If you are a hobo and you sleep in front of the U.N. building, does that count?


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      Name: Jonathan
      Email: jonathan tod link ta gmail tod com
      PBEMing since: 6 months ago, started PBEM'ing with a friend.
      PBEM Skill Level: I think I can do ok.
      Average Turn Rate: 1/game/day
      Interested in TCP/IP? No, no time for it.
      Favorite faction: least favorites are Hive and Miriam, all else are fine.
      Hours available: mostly evenings eastern time.
      Notes: mods are a-ok.


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        Originally posted by sammy1339

        OK, but I get to be Gaians .
        Hehe one more player that's all we need....
        Who is Barinthus?


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          Name: Realdeathangel
          E-mail: Realdeathangel AT Web DOT de
          IRC/AIM: N/A

          PBEMing since: 1999
          PBEM skill level: avarage
          Average Turn Rate:
          Interested in TCP/IP?:
          Hours available: mainly afternoons, (GMT +1,Berlin)
          Favorite Faction: Cyborgs,Gaia,The University

          * Idont like economic victory pls unmark it in mp

          p.s.: i wanne play many mp games pls answer all. I will be happy

          Mh no response from everyone since 2 weeks
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            Name: Martin Terreni
            E-mail: martin_t at netvision dot net dot il
            IRC/AIM:check profile

            PBEMing since: at least a couple of years
            PBEM skill level: totaly lousy, but normaly not elogical.
            Average Turn Rate: turn per day
            Interested in TCP/IP? no time
            Hours available: none
            Favorite Faction: Hive
            Notes: lousy player with all faction, maybe lilte better with PK and Uni., but I'm reliable in turn rate and never left a game.
            I dont realy have time to plan strategies, but I dont mind loosing as long as I play with good partners I can enjoy playing with.
            "Some one told me former operators are not supposed to think much, that's good. I think that was the reason I took this job, ha, that and of course the fact the commissar said so." -t_ras: life through the former operators eye :)


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              Name : BlueTemplar
              E-mail: ivan DOT sproude AT free DOT fr
              ICQ: 234-309-810 (Non Available at the moment)

              PBEMing since: June 2005
              PBEM skill level: Newbie (replaced for 1 game)
              SmacX skill level: Average (need to remember some basics)

              Average Turn Rate : Varies Greatly:
              Maybe up to 4 turns / day till April 2006.

              Hours available: probably 9h-1h till April 2006

              Interested in TCP/IP : Yes, I have broadband now and plenty of time.

              Favorite Faction: Random :-) (even Aliens) (but I have a problem with Data Angels due to bugs relative to their faction, however I'm still willing to play them...)

              -I replaced another player in a PBEM, and it seems it went well enough.
              -I'm open for alphax.txt modifications and all new/exotic ideas in general.
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                Name: Setroc
                E-mail: JJJGomez AT gmail DOT com

                PBEMing since: Today
                PBEM skill level: Newbie
                Average Turn Rate: turn per day
                Interested in TCP/IP? Nope
                Hours available: Evenings and weekends (GMT)
                Favorite Faction: Zak and Yang


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                  Name: Andrzej Wysocki
                  E-mail: neomahakala108 AT
                  IRC/AIM: -

                  PBEMing since: May 2004
                  PBEM skill level: was fair to average, now newbie again.
                  Average Turn Rate: need to buy game first.
                  Interested in TCP/IP: only as much as hacking goes .
                  Hours available: i'll reply as soon as i can.
                  Favorite Faction: we'll see.

                  Notes: i used to like Experimenting, tended to play with factions capable of hybrid/builder approach. now we'll see.
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                      Name: Maniac
                      E-mail: peter_steenbeke at hotmail dot com

                      PBEMing since 1999
                      PBEM skill level: The best in the west. Well except for Kody and buster. And perhaps shawnmmcc or Minute Mirage. And let's not forget...

                      Average Turn Rate: a turn a day
                      Interested in TCP/IP? no
                      Favorite Faction: all except the Cult and Consciousness. I like popbooming which isn't possible with the Consciousness, and the game and tech tree just isn't made well for a green faction like the Cult.


                      Good builder, decent warmonger, bad diplomat.
                      I'm open for alphax.txt modifications.
                      I'd also love to try multiplayer games with the mod SMAniaC.
                      Contraria sunt Complementa. -- Niels Bohr
                      Mods: SMAniaC (SMAC) & Planetfall (Civ4)


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                        Name Platypus Rex
                        E-mail: platrex at gmail dot com

                        PBEMing since: 2003
                        PBEM skill level: SMAC 1 game
                        Average Turn Rate: 1 a day
                        Interested in TCP/IP? Not yet
                        Hours available: 10pm-3am West Coast USA
                        Favorite Faction:
                        Game: C

                        Notes:LOOKING FOR SMAC ONLY

                        could a topic be added?:
                        Game C/X: c for smac x for smax or state both
                        anti steam and proud of it

                        CDO ....its OCD in alpha order like it should be


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                          Name: groucho75
                          E-mail: groucho75 AT libero DOT it

                          PBEMing since: played some pbem from 2002 to 2004
                          PBEM skill level: newbie with a bit experience
                          Average Turn Rate: one turn per day, none on weekends (I use office pc to send
                          Interested in TCP/IP? not yet
                          Hours available: -
                          Favorite Faction: hive!
                          Note: I'd like to play again!
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                            Name: Marc Birch
                            E-mail: marcbirch89 AT hotmail DOT com
                            IRC/AIM: None dont use these

                            PBEMing since: Well never played multiplayer before.
                            PBEM skill level: Fresh Newbie
                            Average Turn Rate: 1-2per day, just finished first year of college so can do more.
                            Interested in TCP/IP? Yes need couple days warning
                            Hours available: Most days out of the week (GMT - London)
                            Favorite Faction: Deirdre or Zakharov
                            Will play any rules and modifications to alphax.txt
                            ****SMAC ONLY****
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                              Name: Knightsoul
                              E-mail: blueknight AT tiscali DOT it
                              PBEMing since: 2000
                              PBEM skill level: Intermediate
                              Average Turn Rate: 1 turn every 2-3 days
                              Interested in TCP/IP? NO
                              Favorite Faction: University, Peacekeepers, Hive
                              Notes: I'm lookin' for a PBEM with a slow turn rate
                              "Sicut Nox Silentes"


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                                Name DilithiumDad
                                E-mail: pre AT cwru DOT edu)
                                IRC/AIM: No

                                PBEMing since: 1999
                                PBEM skill level: Given the number of superior players saying they're "average", I'd better say "slightly below average"!
                                Average Turn Rate: 0.75 turns/day
                                Interested in TCP/IP? No
                                Hours available: Lunch break and 5-7pm
                                Favorite Faction: SMAC: Uni > PK > Gaian > Hive > Morgan
                                SMAX: Uni > Drone > Morgan
                                Notes: Altered alpha.txt fine with me. I made and tested my own variant, TurboSMAC, an accelerated version for PBEM without a CMN.
                                Creator of the Ultimate Builder Map, based on the Huge Map of Planet, available at The Chironian Guild: