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1-nutrient requirement makes for dynamic game!

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    Originally posted by CEO Aaron
    To be honest, I think the only way to effectively battle ICS is to increase the corruption coefficient, making bases lose progressively more and more resources (both minerals and energy) as the number of bases increases.

    I would also make distance less relevant in corruption calculations, to make fewer bases that are more spread out less susceptible to corruption.
    Thisi a realistic and balanced idea, I agree

    especially since I love huge maps


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      Decreasing efficiency everywhere actually sounds doable: Have all efficiency modifiers cut in half, then subtract everyone's by two (either through adding the -2 efficiency to each faction or each option in one of the social engineering categories.)

      Of course, there are a two areas where that could get a bit complicated.

      Knowledge offers +1 efficiency. And that +1 can't be cut in half. That means either the -2 probe must become -3 or the +1 efficiency must be replaced with something weaker (and still realistic).

      Lal of the Peacekeepers suffers -1 Efficiency, which also can't be cut in half. To deal with that, either one of his bonuses ought to be increased (talent per three people or 10 people before hab complex) or the -1 Efficiency must be replaced. Alternatively, if Lal was overpowered or underpowered, the -1 efficiancy could just stay as is or be removed entirely.

      Note: decreasing efficiency won't do a whole lot. Infinite bases will still mean just one extra bureaucracy drone per base. So bases will still be squeezed in. And with inefficiency as bases go farther out, the players will be inclined even more to pack in their bases and avoid too much corruption at the distance from the headquarters.
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