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Serious thread to encourage old posters to come back.

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  • Serious thread to encourage old posters to come back.

    One thing poly does have is a data base with tens of thousands of old posters along with their email addresses. Even if we only assume half of those email addresses are still good then we're still talking about a significant number of people who are technically still registered here but who have stopped actively participating in forum discussions. This is a tool we should be using. I have seen other forums send monthly updates out to all the members on their email lists which just update major things happening on the forums, what is going on, and (most importantly) reminded them that the forum still exists. By including a link to the forum in such a mass update email we can make it easy for old members to come back and at least say high and maybe, just maybe, a certain percentage of them will get sucked back into the forums and once again return to being active members.

    Personally, I think the email list is a major unused asset for this forum which could help to drive posters back and to make the forums more active. What do the rest of you think?
    Try for discussion and debate.

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    Spmming people to come back
    Indifference is Bliss


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      Many people probably selected the DON'T EMAIL ME option
      Keep on Civin'
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        It's a good idea when civ6 will be released, I think.
        Indeed we have to keep the "Don't e-mail me" option in mind as well. Being a spam-forum isn't going to help us.
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          I don't even have the same email address anymore...


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            Im glad Apolyton regulars are still around, just strolling through, great to see the likes of Ming & Rah still contributing, and after a short review of OT Shark tank, same old predictable arguments and postings by same people.

            Take care one and all

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              Did you guys do this in the end?


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                I doubt it.
                Try for discussion and debate.