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    49ers draft picks:

    1 Michael Crabtree WR Texas Tech
    2 Traded to CAR for their first round pick in 2010
    3 Glen Coffee RB Alabama
    4 Traded to CAR with 2nd Round pick
    5 Scott McKillop LB Pittsburgh
    5 Nate Davis QB Ball State (Compensatory)
    6 Bear Pascoe TE Fresno State
    7 Curtis Taylor FS LSU
    7 Ricky Jean-Francois DT LSU (Compensatory)

    For need: B- Did not address the OL
    Overall: B Could be higher. Nate Davis has some huge upside. Not sure about the character of Crabtree and Jean-Francois.
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    There will no problems with Crabtree.
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      I'm excited about Crabtree's skill. We haven't have a #1 receiver since TO left.
      And indeed there will be time To wonder, "Do I dare?" and, "Do I dare?". t s eliot


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        I'm a Niner fan too. I'm fine with the selection, would like to see more D though.

        ARZ will continue to be tough, I think they faired better in the draft even with a lower pick. Beanie Wells will fit in nice and will probably be one of my top fantasy picks, depending on how my keeper league restructures this year.


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          Crabtree alone gives the 49ers a B+ if only for not letting him slip by. If Jean-Francois pans out, this could turn out to be a monster draft for SF. At times he looked unstoppable at LSU.

          The Bears draft? If you count Cutler, I give them an A-. Didn't want to see them trade out of Round 2. Very worried about the lack of reliable WRs on the roster. They drafted 3 of them, but the best of them was #99 overall...
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            1 - Percy Harvin, WR, Florida (5-11, 192)
            2 - Phil Loadholt, T, Oklahoma (6-8, 332)
            3 - Asher Allen, CB, Georgia (5-9, 194)
            5 - Jasper Brinkley, ILB, South Carolina (6-2, 252)
            7 - Jamarca Sanford, S, Ole Miss (5-10, 214)

            Harvin is a great player, but not too hot personality-wise (but has a true NFL great ever been whiter-than-white?), and Allen has huge potential, but I'm surprised they didn't go for another QB. So another season of partially-fulfilled potential than.


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              Round 2, Pick 2 (34) (From Chiefs) Patrick Chung SS 5'11" 212 Oregon

              He's the safety I wanted.

              Round 2, Pick 8 (40) (From Raiders) Ron Brace DT 6'3" 330 Boston College

              Wilfork needs a backup, and Brace fits the bill. I'm not buying that he's supposed to take over for Wilfork next year because the Pats won't pay him, Belichick will lay out some cash for DL.

              Round 2, Pick 9 (41) (From Packers) Darius Butler CB 5'11" 183 Connecticut

              Better prospect than any of the other CB the Pats have drafted lately, but we'll see. I'd say dumping Hobbs before the draft was even over is a pretty good vote of confidence for him and the other new corners brought in.

              Round 2, Pick 26 (58) Sebastian Vollmer OL 6'7" 312 Houston

              Best thing I saw written about this guy is that his frame could handle gaining up to 30 lbs. more muscle without it really bothering his quickness. 6'8" 340lb German tackles sound like useful things to have.

              Round 3, Pick 19 (83) (From Jets through Packers) Brandon Tate WR 6'0" 183 North Carolina

              After his redshirt year I expect him to be the replacement for Galloway, the guy has a lot of potential.

              Round 3, Pick 33 (97) (Compensatory selection) Tyrone McKenzie OLB 6'2" 243 South Florida

              Didn't know much about him, to be honest, but seeing some film and hearing Belichick say McKenzie had the best interview he's ever conducted has sold me on him. He'll move inside next to Mayo, hopefully securing NE's ILB pair for the next decade.

              Round 4, Pick 23 (123) (From Ravens) Rich Ohrnberger OG 6'2" 297 Penn State

              Ok pick, can't say a whole lot about him. I really hope they're not planning on Mankins disappearing anytime soon.

              Round 5, Pick 34 (170) (Compensatory selection) George Bussey OT 6'3" 306 Louisville

              Can't say a whole lot about him other than that I noticed McKenzie blew by him in one of his Youtube videos.

              Round 6, Pick 25 (198) (From Ravens) Jake Ingram LS 6'3" 232 Hawaii

              Having so many draft picks you can spend one on a dedicated long snapper:

              Round 6, Pick 34 (207) (Compensatory selection) Myron Pryor DT 6'0" 319 Kentucky

              NE doesn't need this many NT, does it?

              Round 7, Pick 23 (232) (From Dolphins through Jaguars) Julian Edelman QB 5'11" 195 Kent State

              Interesting...apparently some scouts said this guy was the love child of Joshua Cribbs and Wes Welker. I'd take that. I suspect he's just going to spend a while on the practice squad pretending to be Pat White, though...which is still a useful guy to have.

              Round 7, Pick 25 (234) Darryl Richard DT 6'3" 303 Georgia Tech

              NE doesn't need this many NT, does it?

              Picking up two 2nd rounders next year:

              Where's the OLB? Paging Jason Taylor...
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                So what grade do you give your Vikings?

                Keep an eye on Brinkley. A good pick.
                And indeed there will be time To wonder, "Do I dare?" and, "Do I dare?". t s eliot


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                  1 24 (24) P. Jerry DT Ole Miss
                  2 23 (55) W. Moore S Missouri
                  3 26 (90) C. Owens CB San Jose St
                  4 25 (125) L. Sidbury DE Richmond
                  5 2 (138) W. Middleton CB Furman
                  5 20 (156) G. Reynolds OT UNC
                  6 3 (176) S. Adkins ILB Miami
                  7 1 (210) V. Walker DT Ga Tech

                  Very, very solid draft by the Falcons, shoring up the defense after the offense was very good last season (+ adding Gonzalez as TE). Jerry and Moore are very good 1st and 2nd round picks and will immediately slide into the starting lineup. Sidbury has a lot of potential at DE. Owens and Middleton will add depth to the secondary and Owens may crack the starting lineup. It is debatable whether the Falcons should have gotten Maualuga or Matthews at LB rather than Perry, but the Falcons have needed DT help for a while.

                  Grade: B
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                    B-/C+ without Cutler. O-line looks solid for once and some defensive issues were handled, but I wonder if Cutler will have a reliable target to throw deep balls to.
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                      With the Browns taking receivers in the draft, maybe you can get Edwards.
                      And indeed there will be time To wonder, "Do I dare?" and, "Do I dare?". t s eliot


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                        Grade? Probably a B, but as I said, it'll be another season of underachievement down Minneapolis way.


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                          That's funny. a website I was on today - which does not have much Viking love - said Harvin makes them a legit Super bowl contender. Gave them an A- iirc.
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                            Well we may well be if he can make it through the entire season without being arrested/banned/dropped for being mouthing off to the coach. B's not bad though! As long as we beat Green Bay....


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                              ESPN average grades...


                              The Eagles got the highest at 3.56
                              The Bears came in pretty good at 3.04
                              The second lowest was Dallas at 1.67


                              Green Bay was the best of the Central with a 3.33, followed by Detroit at 3.19
                              The Vikings were given the worst rating of 2.59

                              Now these are average ratings coming from 9 different sources... so not many of the Experts gave Minny much respect.
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