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Focus on the Family Blasts "Pooh's Heffalump Movie"

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    Originally posted by GePap
    Even if it is from the Onion, it sounds sadly plausible from that bunch of nutters.
    in his Homepage Dobson clearly states that he isnīt against Freedom and Tolerance per se.
    Just against Freedom and Tolerance concerning gays
    (free Translation from the things he states)

    Of particular significance is a so called "Tolerance Pledge" that appears to complement the pro-homosexual propaganda found within the once available school curricula. The second paragraph of the pledge reads as follows:

    "To help keep diversity a wellspring of strength and make America a better place for all, I pledge to have respect for people whose abilities, beliefs, culture, race, sexual identity or other characteristics are different from my own." [Emphasis added.]

    The words "sexual identity" in that last sentence hold the key to understanding what is going on here. They reveal a very clever and subtle intent lying below the water line. The stated purpose, as we have seen, is to teach children to respect each other and to accept those who are different. We are entirely supportive of that message. I have been teaching it for years. There appears to be another agenda operating here, however, that has serious implications for your kids. Quite simply, it is to desensitize very young children to homosexual and bisexual behavior.
    Let me say it again for emphasis: Every individual is entitled to respect and human dignity, including those with whom we disagree strongly. The problem is not with acceptance or kindness, certainly. But kids should not be taught that homosexuality is just another "lifestyle," or that it is morally equivalent to heterosexuality. Scripture teaches that all overt sexual activity outside the bonds of marriage is sinful and harmful. Children should not be taught otherwise by their teachers, and certainly not if their parents are unaware of the instruction.

    So even in Dobsons eyes it is O.K. to show tolerance and respect for others, as long as they are heterosexual (and donīt enter into sexual relationships outside of marriage)
    I wonder what he would do if he encounters a religion that promotes homosexuality as acceptable lifestyle.
    By being intolerant to members of this religion and their lifestyle he would at the same time violate the "religious tolerance" he preaches
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      I caught on around the agenda of peace. Right-wingers think of themselves as anti-anti-war, not anti-peace. Peace is still a positive word in the States.
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