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    Ok thanks... i don't want to change anything... even though I don't remember what's in it... it shall be a "surprise-update" for me

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      CSA Orders

      General attack along the line. Stop the attack in Maryland.
      Attack out of Kentucky and into Ohio and Indiana

      To Britian
      From the CSA

      We need your help. Attack the US from Canada. Regain the lost territories and we shall be forever friends
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        Speaking of updates, since I'll be away from the computer on Saturday, I'll probably be updating either on Friday or Sunday.

        EDIT: Never mind. The update will come on Saturday as usual. It's Friday that I can't access my computer. Silly me...
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          Originally posted by foolish_icarus
          Defend any potential crossing sites of the Ohio River, destroy any bridges that are too much of a liability.
          Those walls are absent of glory as they always have been. The people of tents will inherit this land.


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            To: Venezuela
            From: Great Britan
            If we were to give you the British Guiana would you consider helping us a declaring war on the United States?

            To: Neutral countries of Europe
            From: Great Britain
            If you aid us against the evil Germans and their allies we promise to expand your terrirtory and divide up all the land that Germany had.

            To: South African Settlers
            From: Great Britain
            We will send help. How many soldiers do you need? We cannot afford that many because we are going to war.

            To: Zulu
            From: Great Britain
            Is there any way you could stop attacking us?

            To: Italy
            From: Great Britain
            How soon could you go and fight?

            To: Pacific Nations and Australia
            From: Great Britain
            What would you say if you attacked Japan for us. You would be able to keep Japan and all it's holdings. Japan is very close to you and if you don't attack they will attack you.

            Increase army (last turn)
            Mobilize all forces


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              You know if its alright I'd like to join in as Brazil?
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                Nothing wrong with that, though you'll have to wait until next turn to post the orders because it's so close to the update (which, BTW for the rest of you, has been started).


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                  DEC. 1881 Update

                  THE GREAT WAR

                  American Front
                  While for the most part an attempted Confederate offensive into Ohio and Indiana has been repulsed along most of the line due to Yankee foresight in burning the bridges, CS troops have succeeded in landing in and around Cincinnati. However, they have been bottled up, due in part to inferior numbers and also to the fact that US troops have adopted the urban defense stance their foes so successfully used in Memphis.

                  A Federal counterattack against the Confederate forces in Maryland has broken the seige of Washington, but CS forces remain in the state due to a stubborn defense.

                  European Front
                  The Czar's troops threw themselves against a well-fortified German army in Central Poland. While Russia has gained some ground, they have suffered heavy losses, and the Germans remain just as resilient as ever.

                  German armies pushing through central-eastern France have once again made a relatively rapid advance against French militias there. However, as they turned towards Paris and the Channel coast, French and British forces managed to prevent any further gains.

                  The Balkan states have taken up sides. Serbia and Rumania have gone with the "Allies" (Germany, USA, Japan, etc.), while Bulgaria has thrown its lot in with the "Entente" (Great Britain, CSA, Ottomans, etc.). Mostly minor skirmishes.

                  Other Fronts
                  In Africa, having recieved no orders from their Home governments, commanders have taken their own initiatives. France and Britain have attempted to take German-controlled Togo and Cameroon, but have not reached much success. Neither have German attacks on British South Africa from German East Africa (modern Tanzania) and West Africa (modern Namibia).

                  In Manchuria, Russia and Japan have both tried to push across Chinese-held territory against each other with little success on either side. While the Imperial Chinese government is officially neutral, various Manchurian warlords are trying to gain favor of one side or another.

                  In the Middle East, Persia's industrialization program has made itself felt. Persian ironclads, though somewhat rough in construction, have managed to break the Ottoman blockade, while land forces have begun to retake Ottoman-held land.

                  Arabia is still divided between pro-and anti-Ottoman factions. The anti-Ottomans, however, have recieved an edge due to Persian arms contributions.

                  The following colonies have sent troops to the British Isles:

                  Egypt-Sudan (approx. 5,000)
                  India (3 divisions)
                  British Guiana (6 companies)
                  Australia (1 full division, 6 unorganized battalions)
                  New Zealand (8 battalions)
                  Canada (1 division)

                  These colonies have left the redistribution of their contributions to the British Crown. Each colony also has held back lsome or most of its own forces to help in colonial defense, depending on which. South Africa has been unable to contribute, for obvious reasons.


                  OTHER NEWS

                  North America
                  Mexico is under extreme stress from both sides to enter the war. On the one hand, the Emperor Maximillian's regime is only prevented from toppling by French aid, and it owes huge sums of money to many of France's allies (which is why it sold the provinces in the first place). On the other hand, the US's offer to return the now-Confederate territories of Sonora and Chihuahua is very tempting, especially with the cash it is offering along with it.

                  Like the Irish in Europe, the Quebecois are being agitated to rebellion by the Americans. While no actual rebellious action has taken place, some minor incidents (riots, strikes, etc.) have occurred.

                  Europe/Asia Minor
                  The US government is campaigning to stir up the Irish against their overlords. They're doing a good job, too, considering that there is no love lost between the Irish and the English to begin with. While there has been no actual rebellious activity, there has been some civil strife in Ulster, where religious and political differences abound.

                  Pretty much everything else going on here is tied into the war.

                  Middle East/North Africa
                  The Shah's prediction of becoming "the poorest man on earth" has, though exxagerated, come true in a sense, but it was worth it, as Persia has fully industrialized. The Shah hopes to use this new tool to help win the war against the Ottomans.

                  East Asia/Orient
                  Everything is tied up in the war.

                  Central/South Africa
                  With the arrival of fresh British troops, the Zulu uprising has begun to falter. In the clashes of superior arms vs. superior numbers, the first group is winning. Of course, along with the Zulu problem, complaints from British settlers in South Africa have dropped a level.

                  South America
                  Right on the verge of making a decision about the Great War now raging throughout the war, Emperor Pedro I of Brazil has suddenly and unexpectedly died, leaving the final decision up to his successor, whoever it may be.

                  Nothing of interest.


                  NPC Diplomacy

                  To: Great Britain
                  From: Venezuela


                  To: Great Britain
                  From: Zulu Kingdom

                  Perhaps the return of our sacred homelands will help to ease the tensions between us. We do not demand all of South Africa, just enough to provide us land that we can call our own.

                  To: Great Britain
                  From: Italy

                  It may take a few months (Read: 1 turn) for us to have the final preparations.

                  To: Germany, USA
                  From: Japan

                  We shall help you by any method our Emperor approves.

                  To: All nations
                  From: Mexico

                  Our nation is very confused by current events outside our nation. When we decide which side to support, we will tell you.



                  -Clearing up a slight error here: I've noticed that some of you have been sending diplomacy to countries that technically don't exist, Canada and Australia in particular. Both of these are, in this game, under control of Great Britain, as is all territory in red on the map. (EDIT: After some comments by foolish_icarus, I've decided to let these gov'ts. exist for diplomatic purposes in this NES, although their territories, production, etc. are controlled by Great Britain.)
                  -Due to the fact that I now have a large war to take care of, update will take a little longer to complete (though not quite as long as this one took). Please be patient if it is not started and finished on the same day.
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                    WORLD MAP

                    MAPS OF THE FRONTS
                    Gray- Country borders
                    Black (or red in Japanese front)- Front lines



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                    • Don't think I'll be able to finish the update tonight; way too much stuff to get done before I have to get off. I'll try to finish it tomorrow, since I know I'll have plenty of free time then.


                      • "In March 1867, the British Parliament passed the British North America Act. This act established the Dominion of Canada. The Dominion used the British parliamentary form of government. It had an elected House of Commons and an appointed Senate, each with almost equal power. A prime minister...headed the new federal government. Britain continued to handle the colony's foreign affairs, and the British monarch served as head of state....
                        (In 1873) Mackenzie's government...also won Great Britain's approval of a policy limiting the authority of the governor general--the British monarch's representative in Canada. The new policy required the governor general to respect decisions made by Canadian officials in the coutnry's internal affairs. In 1875, Mackenzie established the supreme court of Canada. The court lessened British control over Canada's legal matters."

                        -World Book Encyclopedia
                        Those walls are absent of glory as they always have been. The people of tents will inherit this land.


                        • foolish_icarus: While that is true, in the novel I read (that this NES is based upon), Canada was still part of Great Britain, not an independent state.


                          • I have read it also. Indeed in real life Canada was still a part of the British Empire, I was just pointing out that whether Canada is loyal to Britain or not, there is a Canadian government for the U.S. to negotiate with.
                            Those walls are absent of glory as they always have been. The people of tents will inherit this land.


                            • Stop slacking Specialist

                              It's been an extra day already
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                              • Specialist290 were is the update? It has been 2 days already going on three. Please update!
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