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  • To the USA

    We brought the territories of Sonora and Chihua [sic] and we will not return them. Our men in Kentucky will rather die then to allow you to include them back in the Union and the Indians of Sequoah territory (we dont name it Oklahoma read the book to realise this) will never join you. We offer you this instead. Accept a ceasefire immediatley at pre-war borders and we shall not continue with our given right to defend.
    Don't tell a twisted person he is twisted, he may take offence. (THAT MEANS ME!)
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    • USA to CSA :

      We are willing to drop the Mexico issue but plebiscites in Kentucky and Oklahoma are essential.
      Those walls are absent of glory as they always have been. The people of tents will inherit this land.


      • Kentucky and Sequoah will never be part of the USA, anymore then Virginia, Cuba or Texas!
        Don't tell a twisted person he is twisted, he may take offence. (THAT MEANS ME!)
        Founder of the Mafia Poly Series (THATS RIGHT I STARTED IT)
        Nesing, come and see what its about in the Stories and Diplomacy threads.


        • Update coming later today, so be on the lookout.


          • To: United States
            From: Germany
            Trying to get the CSA to agree to peace now is a foolish thing to do. We sugest that the only way is to defeat them first. We urge to try and reunite your nation. It will give Britain and other European powers that are hostile to you less influence in the Americas.

            To: France
            From: Germany
            Surrender now before the more powerfull German armies or face destruction.

            To: Britain
            From: Germany
            We sugest that you stop your foolish support of the French. THey are only weeks away from destruction.
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            • To: Germany
              From: Great Britain

              That's what we want you to think.


              • Update started.


                • APRIL 1882 Update

                  (This summary appears at the beginning of every year i.e. every 4 turns.)
                  For people around the world, it has not been much of a Happy New Year. In fact, in Washington, Cincinnati, and Paris, "happy" is probably the worst description of the year.

                  The Great War, which started out as a minor border dispute between the United and Confederate States of America, has erupted into the world's first war on a global scale. From the plains of the Mississippi, to the hills and forests of Europe, to the jungles of Africa, to the sands of the Arabian Peninsula, to the mountains of Manchuria, there is hardly a place that the war hasn't touched.

                  1881 thus closes on a somewhat bad note in the history of the world. There are hopes that the next year will be better, but few actually believe it.

                  THE GREAT WAR

                  American Front
                  The Union blockade of the Confederacy has begun to tighten. Already blockade runners are beginning to have a harder time than usual slipping through.

                  Using river monitors, the Union has been able to destroy 2 of the 4 bridges leading from Covington, Kentucky, into Cincinnati. This raid has helped to disrupt the Confederates' supply lines and, combined with the pressure applied by Federal forces on the northern side, is causing major morale problems for the Confederate Army of Kentucky.

                  CSA forces have been driven out of Maryland and West Virginia, but the Federals are having difficulty trying to crack the Confederate lines of fortification on the south side of the Potomac River, which were erected under the personal supervision of Gen. Jackson.

                  The Federals have resumed activity around the Memphis area in another attempt to take the city. The Confederates continue to hold them at bay, but many believe that this city is not the main target of the operations.

                  Union troops march into Little Rock! In a maneuver that surprised much of the Confederate High Command, Federal troops took the capital of Arkansas. Though facing stiff resistance, the US troops easily brushed it aside.

                  A Union attempt to take New Orleans has been repulsed. Facing heavier resistance than usual from the city's coastal defenses, were forced to retreat to the south, onto the peninsula formed by the Mississippi River delta.

                  Strange floating bombs have disrupted large amounts of traffic on the Mississippi River.

                  Britain invades United States through Canada! British troops, under the command of Gen. "Chinese" Gordon, have made major progress in the Dakota Territory, despite American preparations. The Union Commander-in-Chief, Gen. Rosecrans, has dispatched Gen. Gordon's counterpart, Gen. George Armstrong Custer, to meet this threat.

                  Meanwhile, a Mexican declaration of war on the Confederates came at the same time as a Union raid on the town of El Paso. The decision by Emperor Maximillian was mostly influenced by the words his brother, Emperor Francis Joseph of Austro-Hungary. Gen. Stuart and his forces in Texas and Chihuahua-Sonora will be hard-pressed to fend off an attack from two fronts.

                  European Front
                  The situation in France is essentially deadlocked. German forces have made some small gains, but few are reaching the double digits in mileage, and all are coming at great price. However, due to the effectiveness of heavy guns the Germans brought up, the British and French haven't fared too well either.

                  On the Eastern Front, Russia has continued hammering at German lines. The Germans are making fighting withdrawals to better positions, making the Czar's troops pay dearly for every inch of ground they take.

                  Still no news worth reporting in the Balkans.

                  Italy enters the war on the side of the Entente! Immediately following this, Austro-Hungary began throwing its forces into Lombardy, pushing back the Italians by sheer weight of numbers. Already Trieste has been taken, and Venice is threatened by Alliance troops. (Just a reminder--Austro-Hungary is an ally of Germany and the US.)

                  Other Fronts
                  The fighting in southern Africa has taken on more of a headhunter-style combat, with Germans encouraging natives to kill British civilians and the British enlisting the help of the Zulus, who are themselves not exactly noted for fair conduct by European standards. More deaths have been caused by native attacks on farms and towns than in actual military confrontations.

                  The Persians have constructed a line of fortifacations that seem to have a few weak spots in them. The Ottomans, however, have gotten a little smarter, and are sitting tight. Meanwhile, the Ottomans have put British forces from Egypt into their lines, pulling out an equal number of their own troops to campaign in the Arabian Peninsula and crush anti-Ottoman resistance.

                  In Manchuria, Russia and Japan have fought themselves to a standstill. Though Japan has an edge in technology (due to shipments of German weapons), the Russians more than make up for this in numbers. The Chinese emperor continues to resent the fact that both are fighting for control of his land.

                  At Sea
                  Under orders from the Crown, the British Royal Navy has been sent out to make a decisive engagement with the Kaiser's German High Seas Fleet. Though some German patrols have been turned back, the High Seas Fleet has yet to tip its hand.

                  There have been several minor ship-to-ship engagements between the Americans and the British in the North Atlantic, with mixed results.



                  OTHER NEWS

                  North America
                  The Quebec Problem has been partially settled by the increased presence of British troops, though very few Quebecois like the decision.

                  Europe/Asia Minor
                  Tied up in the war.

                  Middle East/North Africa
                  Tied up in the war.

                  East Asia/Orient
                  China is demanding the return of Hong Kong. Taken as concessions after the Opium Wars, the Chinese-British port has grown into a major part of Britain's presence in the Orient. The Chinese Emperor has troops poised and ready to strike.

                  Central/South Africa
                  Mostly tied up in the war.

                  South America
                  Peru and Chile have taken advantage of the Great War to return to their border dispute unnoticed. As in the last 6 wars, neither side has made any gains.

                  Brazil invades Argentina! The Emperor's troops poured over the broad plains of Patagonia with the intent of annexing the nation to themselves. Argentina has fought back, repelling initial Brazillian advances but not driving them out completely. The Argentinian government has called upon its allies, Great Britain and France, for help. Venezuela, another Argentine ally, has responded by invading northern Brazil.

                  I don't know why I even keep track of this section...


                  NPC Diplomacy

                  From: Ireland
                  To: Home gov't.

                  Yes, that would be nice.

                  From: Quebec rebels
                  To: USA

                  Will you help us establish an independent state?

                  From: China
                  To: Great Britain

                  Return Hong Kong to us... or else!


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                  • Maps

                    WORLD MAP

                    MAPS OF THE FRONTS
                    Gray- Country borders
                    Black (or red in Japanese front)- Front lines



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                    • To: Spain
                      From: Germany
                      The King himself sends his greatings to your leader. We have urget topic to disscuss about the war in Europe. We would like to disscuss this issue futher with you and what your feelings about the war are.

                      I thought he was done, sorry.
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                      • Originally posted by Specialist290
                        APRIL 1882 Update

                        Update In Progress; Do Not Post Until This Line Has Been Removed.

                        Jack what are you doing?


                        • You guys can post now. I just need to get the maps of the fronts up. (I see Jack has already jumped the gun, though. )


                          • ooc:
                            Sorry I made a misstake!
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                            • Don't worry about it. Happens to the best of us.


                              • Is it just me, or is the apparent silence in this NES since the update quite disturbing?

                                I need you guys to show that you're still interested, otherwise I'll have to do the unthinkable--closing this NES.