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New Scenario: "Atomic Eagle"

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    Cities are 50% done. Easy does it.....


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      It's looking well funky, Harry!


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        Arghhhh, it's still coming along. The cities are about 70% done and all I have to work on graphics wise after that is a quick fly through the icons and people and then onto the units.


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          Harry, I have your title done!

          Email me at:

          And I will send it to you!!!


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            Oil field looks awesome. What kind of production does it yield?
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              @ Curt

              Check your email, I just sent you an address.


              I haven't decided yet. One thing is for sure the bonus will be huge so that the fields will remain strategic.


              I managed to have a weekend off last week, so I had some time to create some units, even if it was abbreviated by the blackout. I'm not going to post them as of yet, just for the sole reason that I want to release the new units all at once. You'll like the infantry...

              I also thought up a really incredible timeline for the Nazi version of the scenario which I'm sure will knock everyones collective socks off. I'm using all the tricks for this one. If this scenario isn't one of the most entertaining and challenging scenarios you've ever played, then my uncle is a low-land technicolor gorilla.

              So be patient. Good things come to those who wait.


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                Screenshot #1

                "Everything was dandy in Atomicville. Although the residents couldn't say the same for their neighbors across the river..."
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                  Screenshot #2

                  "Say again Charley One... You can see flying what?!?"
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                    It looks incredible Harry. I love the B-36 and the Dora.
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                      Awesome work!!!


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                        Wow! Great!


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                          Realy nice.

                          btw, have you played "Battlefield: 1942 Secret Weapons of WWII"
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                              Thanks guys! There's more where this came from too. Gerry, I haven't played it, in fact as far as I know it's still in development, but I have seen some screenshots and the attention to detail is amazing. Hopefully I can get a computer that will run it...

                              I should get another crack at designing this weekend, so be prepared for some more updates!


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                                The DEMO is out. What I ment was that there are the same Jetpacks in that game.
                                "You should count all humans as your kinfolk and the whole world as your foster country."
                                - Queen Kristina