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  • curtsibling
    I would be honoured to have your help, techumseh!
    The map relations boggle my mind, and you are a seasoned ToT ace!

    Tanelorn has hit the nail on the head. I want to give the Colonists, Undead and Ancients their own worlds.

    But techumseh has also made a very relevant point.

    With 4 more maps, the accursed city limit will stretch to maximal very quickly.

    I have two solutions for this:

    1. To make each world a host for one mega city, where a civ can draw troops and help from.

    2. Or make the maps a good deal smaller, and then have them fertile...

    What do you think?

    I fancy option one, personally.

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  • tanelorn
    What about
    1 A level of the Bitterfrost map, as is
    2 A level of the Imperion map, with the three vassal domains (Crusade, Coven & Bursar) well established- albeit with more earth-like terrains & horse native units insdead of lizards, and a barb city containing a 0 movement ultra unit (the Imperion Emperor) representing the imperion capital, out for grabs. And a teleporter to bitterfrost
    3 An ultimately alien ancient homeworld, as you suggested, with a link (teleporter) to bitterfrost
    4? The plane of Hades, where the undead hail from?

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  • techumseh
    I'd be glad to help. How many layers do you want? And what do you want them to be? Underground works well, and you can have up to three levels. Underwater is easy to do also. Cloud worlds are kinda dumb, IMHO.

    Space and/or another world altogether etc. is dooable, as is another dimension. It depends on what you want.

    One thing to consider is whether you want the extra levels to be available for: 1) active civs at the start,
    2) colonization, and/or 3) places to discover later primarily to perform quests.

    You need to be cautious about 4 fertile maps, I think. It gets up to the limit of cities and units (not to mention patience) pretty quick.

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  • curtsibling
    started a topic BITTERFROST - Test of Time Version

    BITTERFROST - Test of Time Version

    This thread is for the Test of Time version of Bitterfrost.

    The story background and MGE version is available here:

    Bitterfrost MGE thread...

    I am busy manually converting units and essential files to ToT format, and have decided to make a development thread.

    My quest:
    I am looking for some pointers on what extra stuff to put into the ToT version.
    I have 17 spare unit slots, a ton of events space and also the potential for multi map mayhem too.
    Not to mention the funky 24-bit graphics of ToT...

    My plea for help:
    Would a brave warrior be up for helping me do the technical aspects of a multi-map set?
    I can make the maps, but I need a co-worker to make the relations between them...

    So if you can, please post your feedback/suggestions/ideas here and help me make a definitive fantasy scenario for ToT!