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Simcity 4 Released?!!

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  • Exactly, I think the large population of the tower block is the bug that gwas being referred too.
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    • Well, since there is the same bug with some commercial towers, I didn't even consider it one. Yes, of course, you are right, 3k is a bit much for a res building though the one I lived in in Moscow had ~2000 people in it.
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      • Is there some sort of time limit you have to wait before remaking a deal after it is broken due to low funds? I have a bit habit of spending money as I get it, and I keep breaking my power deal, and am not able to resign it even after saving up a couple thousand dollars. ( the deal only cost me about 200 a month) Which is kind of stupid really, since I was making a profit on the budget, I don't see why it would be a problem. I even tried saving it and switching to the city with the power plant to offer the deal again, but no luck.

        I guess I'll have to take a loan and build some more power plants before the power shortage hurts my city too much.
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        • We don't see the size of the associated building but I imagine it is the largest scale of tower construction. SimCity scale is not 1:1 so this is just representative of a high rise housing area. Can you imagine how many houses they'd have to draw otherwise?
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