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  • Originally posted by Urban Ranger

    Does the "no need to pay salary" exploit works here?
    Unfortunately (or fortunately) no. In Apoc, the game doesn't care where your people are, it just totals them at the end of each week and charges you accordingly.

    Two tips today.
    The first is if you are hostile with Transtellar (who transport your new people to your base and items between bases). Normally your new agents/scientists/engineers will take a taxi from whatever building they spawn from and travel to your base. If Transtellar is hostile with you, your new people will travel on foot, and therein lies the problem. If the person can not get to your base, they will just sit in whatever building they got to before giving up. This can be a big problem if they are a scientist/engineer, as they will sit in that building forever, never working but charging you their full pay each week.
    To get around this little problem:
    Hire the people you want. Then before your new people have moved too far, set the time to the highest setting for an hour or so, in which case the game just assumes that the people made it to your base. Go to your base and set them to work. If they complain about not being able to reach your base, then you were too slow. Your only choice are to load, fire the person, or if they are an agent, to send a vehicle to pick them up.

    While I'm talking about Transtellar, how to transfer items between bases when Transtellar refuses to do so:
    This is simply an exploit of the stock market system. Sell the items you want to transfer, then go to the target base and buy those items back again. If they are alien or XCom built items, they will appear in the base instantly. If they are built by other corporations, they will be sent by that corporation as if you had just bought them.

    You can't buy (nor transfer, using this method) items from an organisation that is hostile to you. The good thing is you will rarely need to do so.
    I'm building a wagon! On some other part of the internets, obviously (but not that other site).


    • Advanced Internal Building destruction:
      Don't you hate it when you are halfway through destroying the enemy building in a tactical map, and the silly enemy guards decide to engage in a suicidal assault on your agents? Or perhaps even knock themselves out by running through debris clouds, or being crushed by falling buildings? Well not any more!

      The gist of this tactic is to get one of the enemy guards alive but out of the way, so the mission doesn't end until you want it to. Required: Some psionic talented agents with psiamps.

      What you want to do is capture one of the enemy guards as soon as possible. Even with rookie mutant agents, you can get a large % chance to capture an enemy guard. This must be done while there are still other enemy guards alive. Once you have captured a guard, get him to drop everything he is carrying.

      The next turn, get your psionic agent to panic the target guard. Hopefully he will enter a continuous panic state, not moving for the rest of the mission. This will allow you to destroy every square in the map without interruption, and to even kill all the other pesky guards.

      Note: "Pitting" enemy guards works just as well. (As explained by Ozz above. However, it is more difficult to pit the weaker guards than aliens.
      I'm building a wagon! On some other part of the internets, obviously (but not that other site).


      • Wish I had more time, but later I will!


        • From the back of the manual.

          CityScape Display:
          General: (Keys on Keyboard)
          Pause on/off Spacebar
          Time Controls 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
          Switch Map View Tab
          Options O
          UFOpaedia F1
          Scroll Arrow keys(Up, Down, Left, Right)
          Quit Game Esc (key)

          Vehicle Orders:
          Go To Building Shift + LMB (Left Mouse Button)
          Attack Vehicle Alt + LMB

          Setting Destinations:
          Cancel ESC (key)
          Add Waypoint Ctrl + LMB

          Manual Control (vehicles):
          Activate Manual Control M
          Cancel Esc (key)
          Increase Speed Page Up (key)
          Decrease Speed Page Down
          Increase Altitude(flying) Home (key)
          Decrease Altitude(flying) End (key)
          Overtake(road vehicles) End (key)
          U-Turn (road vehicles) Home (key)
          Set Direction RMB (Right Mouse Button)
          Fire Weapon LMB (Left Mouse Button)

          Message Panel:
          Continue ESC (key)
          Center On ENTER (key)
          Toggle Message on/off Spacebar (key)

          Tactical Game:
          Switch Map View Tab (key)
          Up Level Arrow Page Up (key)
          Down Level Arrow Page Down
          Toggle map Level Display V (key)
          Switch Camera Mode C (key)
          Set Safe Mode F9
          Set Cautious Mode F10
          Set Aggressive Mode F11
          Crawling F2
          Walking F3
          Running F4
          Don't fire F5
          Aimed-Shot F6
          Snap-Shot F7
          Auto-Shot F8
          Kneel Backspace (key)
          Message History M
          Center on Message Home (key)
          Select Squad 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
          Assign Selected Units to Squad
          Ctrl + 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
          Abort Mission Esc (key)

          'Hand' Area:
          Equip Unit Screen Enter (key)
          Throw(left hand) [ (key)
          Throw(right hand) ] (key)
          Drop(left hand) ' (key)
          Drop(right hand) \ (key)

          Primary Grenade Window:
          Accept Settings Y (key)
          Cancel N (key)

          Real-time Only:
          Pause on/off Spacebar

          Turn-based only:
          End Turn E (key)

          Loading and Saving:
          Saving a game S (key)
          Loading a game L (key)

          Game Screens:
          Ok/Cancel Enter/Esc (keys)
          Scroll Bars Arrow keys(Up, left, etc).

          And in the book:
          The "J" key For jumping an agent.

          I have not really tried it, since it did not really seem to work to jump an agent, although I think it can be used to jump down perhaps.

          That's all the keyboard commands that I know of!


          • Jumping is sometimes useful when you want to force an agent to jump across a 1-tile gap rather than walking around the long way, or to force them to jump down to a lower level. Of course, it doesn't always work.
            I'm building a wagon! On some other part of the internets, obviously (but not that other site).


            • Didn't think it did always work!


              • Gees, I started doing terrible in this game.

                I think the game is cheating.


                Gangs with air interceptor's and phoneix cars that destroyed two tanks already knocking down the building. (well, one of them!)
                No cars to buy except the ground ones, which I do not use. I think I am going to have to put the big missiles and level Orsiran (spelling?).
                Of course, Diablo now is friendly.
                Well, some other raids to boost the economy!